´╗┐<County: Essex>
<Code: L9250>
<MS reference: Glasgow University Library, Hunter 74, Hand B>
<Text: Prose Brut>

<fol. 18rb>how Vortiger that was the sonne
of vortiger was made kyng and Engist
dreven owt of this land and how kyng
vortiger was quelled thourgh Bodewynne

And this Engist went
þoo in to kent and sessed al þe
countre in to his hand for hym and
for his men and he be come in a litil
terme a+man of so houge pouere þat
wondir hit was to witte and so men
wiste+ner in litil terme which wer~ the
knyghtes men ne which wer hys &
þerfor al Brutayne hade drede of hym
and seide amonges heme but thei
ordeynede and toke amonges hem
better counsel the land scholde bee
distroied þorugh Engist and his
folke and kyng vortiger hade gette
of his ferst wyf iij sonnes the ferst
men called vortiger the seconde catagren
and th þridde passent thee
Brettons þoo euerichon be on assent
<fol. 18va>nome & chosen vortiger to ben her kyng
and her souereyn in alle battailles and
crowned and made hym kyng and wolde
soffre vortiger his fadir no lenger to be kyng
for enchesoun of the aliaunce be twen hym
and Engist the Brettons wente and assem
blede an howge hooste to putte out of þe
lande Engist and his companye and come
and 3afe hym iij batailles the first was
in kent ther that he was lorde the seconde
was att Tettforth and the iij was in a
schir a this halfe Cool in a more and in
this bataill mette to-gyderes Catagren
and horun that was Engistes brothir soo
eyther of heme quelled other for euchesoun
that the countre was longe tyme be-forun
3even to horne þoruh kyng vortiger~ whann
he spousede his cosyn And this hornn hade
made ther a+ffeir Castell that was called
horn castell aftir his owne name Ande
vortinner <sic> was ther-fore so sorwfull and
so wroth for catagren his brothers deth
þat in swech a+maner that he was quelled
and an nonn he lette caste downe the
grounde And afterwarde he was ne lefte be
nyghte nor day til that Engist and his
pepple clenlich was dreven owt of þis
lande and whann Engist was driven a
wey owt of this londe Rouwyn his douh
te was sorwfulle ynowgh and qweyntly
and soteilly spake with heme þt were
nexte the kyng vortiger & with hyme
most priuee and sweche 3eftes to heme 3af
til ate laste he was empoisonde and ded
at londonn in the iiij 3er of his regne and
þere he lieth how the Bryttones chosen
a-nother tyme vortiger to be her kyng and
Engist come a 3ein in to his land and þo
Fouhten thei in fere Capitulo lixo

<fol. 18vb>And whane vortiger was thus enpoi
sonde and deed the brutouns a-3en
by her councel and grauntyd & made vor
tiger eftsones kyng vp-on this couenaunt
that he scholde nevir suffre that tyme no
non of his eftsonis to come in to this land
and whan@ al was donn ronvyn the quen
privilich sent to Engist her fadir byle that
sche hade en-poisonde vrtymer the kyng
and how vrtiger her lorde was made kyng
a3ein and that he scholde come a-3en in
to this londe wel arrayed wt his peple to
venge hym vp on the Brittons and man
lich gette his lande a-3ene And whan@
Engist herde this tyding he was glad and
made ioye y-nowh and a-non ordeyned
hym in al that he myghte to come in to
this lande with xv ml men dowhti ande
bolde to abide in everi battayle And whan@
vrtiger wiste that Engist was comen a
3ene wt a strong pouer he sembled alle
his Brittones and manlich come to 3ife
battaille to Engist and to his folke but
the brittons for en-cheson@ that they
hade disconfitede hym be-fore and dre
ven heme owt of the lond wt strength
And tho prayde Engist kynge vrtiger of
loueday and saide that he was nought
come in to this lande for to fighte but
for to have a-3ein his londe of kente if
thei myghte accorde with the Brittones
and have grace and the kyng tho by coun
cel of his brittones graunted a+loueday
thus hit was ordeyned amonges heme
that the loueday thus hit was ordeyned
amonges heme that the loueday scholde
be holden by sides Salesburi vp-on an
hille And Engist scholde come wt CCCC
knyghtes with-owt no mo and kyngee
<fol. 19ra>vrtiger with as mony of the wiseste knygh
tes of the land and at the same day that
was sette and ordeyned the kyng come wt
his councell But Engist hade warned &
comaundid priuylich that eche of hem sch
olde putte a longe knyf in his hose so that
no man hit scholde parceyve but heme self
and whan@ Engist seide feir sires nowe
hit es tyme to speke of loue day And of
a-corde anon scholde eche of his mene
draw owte his knyfe and quelle a bri
tton and so thei deede an quelled þere
iij ml and lx kyghtes and with moche
payne summe aschapide in her wey and
kyng vortiger was taken there and lede
to Thwong castel and put in to prisone
and somme of Engistes men wolde þat
the kynge hade be brent and vortiger graunt
hym so that muste have his lyf as moch
as thei wolde axen and 3af vp to hyme
townes & Chastelles Burghes and Cittes
to Engist & made his men and þoo flehy
allle the Brittones in to wales and þere
helde heme and Engist wente þo þourh
the land and seised þoo al the land in his
hande and þoo lett caste a-downe cherche
and alle the howses of religioun and
distroiede cristendome thourgh the land
in al that he myghte And lett chaunge
the name of the lande So than no man
after was soo hardy to calle hit brettaig
ne but Engistes londe and he departed
alle the londe to his men and made kny
ghtes vij . for to mayntene & kepe thee
londe for en-chesoun that the britaynes
scholde nevir aftir come to dwelle in þs
londe The firste kyngdome þt was kent
ther that Engist hyme selfe was kyng
and lorde a-boue alle othir knyghtes
<fol. 19rb>the seconde knyght he hade Southsex þer
þat now es chestr the iij knyght hadde
westsex the iiij hade Estsex the v est
angylle that now es Called Northfolke

<Tranche 2>

<fol. 27va>How kyng Arthur
ouer-toke Guillomer that was kyng of
jrland & ouer-come hym And how the
Scottes be-cam his menn and dede to hym
Feautee and homage

Whanne Guillomer that was kyng
of jrland herde telle that kynge
Arthure was at Glastenbury anoun hee
assembled an howge power~ of jreschmen
an wente to the See and come in to Scott
land and so come and asspiede where þt
kyng Arthur lay with his men . And whane
kyng Arthur herde that he was come in
to that Countr~ anonn he come and 3afe
hym bataile and a-non ouer come hym
and whenne Guilomer saw that he was
discounfited he Fley For drede and wen
te in to jrland and his menn wt hym þt
were lefte a-lyue that tyme whann this
bataille was done kyng Arthur tournede
a-3ein to his ooste that he hade ordeyn
ede to kepe the Scottes and kyng Arthur
thowghte to haue quellede the Scottes
euerich on@ that he myghte have takee
and distroied al the lond for euer more
But Bisschops Abattes and men of re
ligiiune come to hym barefot and hopen
hedded and many other men of Religi
ounne and al so many ladies of thee
lande comen discheuolde be fore [þe] kyng
Arthur and prayde hym of mercy and gra
ce And sayde to hym sire gentil kyng
myghty and gracious have vp vs mercy
and grace as 3e be holdenn to mayntene
þe lawe and al so cristen dome And
<fol. 27vb>And sire gentyl kyng hit were dishonoure
to 3ow to quelle hem or distroie that leue
vp on god as 3e don@ and sire gentil kyng
have pitte and mercy vp-on ws And graunt
ws oure lyvis for the Saxsouns ofte tymes
have doonn ws moche sorwe and woo For
ofte tymes they haue goonn þoruh owree
londe with-owten owre deserwynge &
have donn ws moch sorwe For they haue
takenn owre Tounnes and Castell ande
take owre bestes and quelled heme and
eten heme and taken owr~ goodes ande
lede hem a-way and if 3e wille nowe
slee ws ther to hit wer no worchip to swe
che a gracious kyng as 3e beenn and ther~
fore for the loue of god have vp-on vs
mercy and petee and lette vs lyve For
hit es nowght to 3ow that 3e have vs
y-ouercome whann kyng Arthur saw þe
sorwe that they made he hade of hem
pitte and graunted hem bothe lyf an leme
and a-nonn alle thei fil a-downn and be
come his lige men and kyng Arthuree
nome of heme feaute and homage And
whan@ this was don@ kyng Artur nome
and torned hoome a3ein with ooste to
3orke and dwelled ther~ duryng that
viage and Arthure 3af al that Contr~
to loth þat hade spowsed hys Sisterr~
and many other~ grette 3efftes and in
that tyme Gaweyn that was his ne
vewe but of agee þo was þer~ Ande
kyng Arthur nobly auaunsede alle his
mon that hade helped hym in his viage
and in his were and thanked heme mo
che of here grett travaille and of her
service how kyng Arthure spowsede
Gonnore that was Cosyn to Cador þt
was Erle of Cornwayle And howe
kyng Arthure afterward ordeynede
an howge pouere and thowght to goon@
<fol. 28ra>in to jrland to conquere the lande of Guillomere
that was kyng of the land and
ouercome Guillomer and hade al þe land
capo lxxvijjo
Whane kyng Arthur hade
brouht al his land in reste and in
pees in Eche Contre abowte hym Thoo he
wente and spowsed a wife that men ca
llede Gonnore that was Cosyn to Cador
erle of Cornwayele and made here qwen@
of the lande And sche was a faire ladye
bothe gentil and Corteys and Cador þe
erle hade donne Norisshed here in his
Chambr among other gentil damysell
for enchesoun that sche was Cosyn to hym
and kyng Arthur and sche hade neuer
Childe to-gideres And natheles kynge
Arthur louede here moche And sette be her
grett pris and whann the tyme of winter
was gon@ he lette assemble alle his Er
les and Barounes and moch of othir pe
plee and sayde to heme that he wolde
goo in-to jrland to werre vp-on kynge
Guillomer and gette the land and he
dwelled nouht longe there after~ that
he ne wente ouer the see And come in
to jrland whanne Guillomer the kyng
herde telle that kyng Arthur was come
in to his land at werre vp-on hym he
assembled an howge peple of his men@
and come and 3afe battaille to kyng
Arthure and was a nonn discounfited
and alle his menn and thoo come kynng
Guillomer and 3oolde hym to kyng Ar
thur and be-come his man and dede
to hym feavte and homage and helde
the lande euermore afterward of kyng
Arthur and kyng Arthur wente þens
to conquere Gutland and jke lande
and toke feaute and homage of alle
<fol. 28rb>men And þoo come he a-3ene and dwelled
in his awne lond xij 3ere in reeste and
in pees and werred vp-on no man ne no
man vp-on hym and afterward kyng Ar
thur be cam so gentyl and so curteys to
alle maner of men And helde so grette
an howsolde so that men saide that þer
nas the Emperour of Roome no no man@
lyvinge in the worlde þat helde so how
ge a retenew as ded kyng Arthur Ande
for enchesoun of his hardynesse and of
his goodnesse the beste knyghtes of þe
worlde come and dwelled with kyng
Arthur And alle maner of men that co
me to hym were vndirfonged wt moch
honour And alle the kyghtes that he ha
de with hym were al so goode and har
dy so that no men kowth hym distroie
which of hem were beest and for enche
soun ther-offe kyng Arthur lette make
for heme the round table For enchesoun
whann they schulle sitte at mete euery
man scholde sitte like heyghie and alle
been served lyke wel so that no man
of hem scholde make his boost that
euerich of hem was heygher~ þann o
þer And at that table satte knyghtes
Brutounns Frenche men normannnes
Flemynges Burganers Mauncers jo
beruz and of alle the landes of this
halfe the Mount of Gorth And al so
þer wer~ of his owne lande that es
to saye of mechel Brittaygne And al
so of Cornwaille and of walles and
of jrland of Scottland and of alle lan
des he hade knyghtes with hym þat
wolde abide and assaie aduentures
and honour of Chivalrie come to kyng

<Tranche 3>

<fol. 51ra>the lande and the werre endured be-twen
hem ij 3ere and so at the last they nome
a day of Bataille so they comen to-gider~
and sore foughte and that day the kyng
of fraunce and his men wer discoun
fited and the kyng vnneth schaped awey
and the most part of his men were ta
ken and brought to henr~ the kyng to
don@ with heme what he wolde and somm
of heme he let gonne and some he dede
to deth afterward tho ij kynnges were
accorded and whanne kyng henr~ hade
al the londe of Normandie in his han
de and hade ouercome his enemyes
of Fraunce he tourned a-3ein in to Enge
londe with moch honour and his ij son@
es willam and Richard wolde folwen@
after here fader the kynng and ordey
nede heme and wente to the see wt
a grett companye of men@ and ar þat
they myght come to londe ther come so
houge a+tempest of weder that thei were
dreven@ a-3ens a Roch of Stonne and
here Schip al to brast in too pecis And
so alle there they were y-drenched
but o man was saved of the same schip
And this vp-on a Seynt katerynes
day And these were the lordes & ladies
that were drenched and loste in the sa
me schip Ferst william and Richard that
were the kynges sones the Erle of
Chestr~ And Ottonel his brothir~ godfray
Rydel walter Sumrty Geffray Archede
ken@ and the kynges doughtour the Count
esse of perches that was the kynges nece
the Countesse of Chester and many oþer
worthi folkes . And whane kyng harry
and many other~ lordes wer~ comen@
in to Engelond and herde these tydyngns
he made moch sorwe and than@ was al
here merth and solas tourned in to care
and sorwe howe Maude the Empresse
come afterwarde a-3ene in to Engelon
de and howe sche was afterwarde
spoused to Geffray Erle of Agoun

<fol. 51rb>and after whenne ij 3ere was gon@
for as moche as the Erle Melett
hade dwelled with the kyng by-fore So
vp-on a+tyme the Erle wente fro the
kynng and by-ganne to werr~ vp-on hym
and dede him moch sorwe and his land
al so of Normandie and whenne kyng
henr~ herde this tyding he was wondir
wroth with the Erle Molete and in al
the haste that he myghte he wente o
ver the see and come in to Normandie
and toke the Castel and so kyng henr~
dwelled ther al that 3ere and than@ to
him come tyding how that henr~ emperour
of almaigne that hade spoused Maude
his doughter~ was ded and that sche
nolde dwelle no lenger in almaigne
and sente him worde that sche wolde
come homme a-3ene in to Nomandie
And whenne sche was come he wente
a-3ene in to Engelonde and toke wt
him Maude his doughter~ and whenne
they were bothe come he made Engly
sche+men to doo maude his doughter~
the empresse of almaigne feaute & oth
and willam the Erchbischop of kaunter
bury made the firste oth to the emper
esse and thane nexte him dauid þat
was kyng of scotlond and afterward
alle the Ereles and barons of Enge
londe and so hit fille . afterward that
the good Erle of Algoyn . a good knyght
and a worthy that sente to kynge .
henr~ and prayde him that he muste ha
ue Maude his doughter~ to his wif
that was emperesse of Almaigne and .
the kyng graunted him for cause that
he was a+goode man@ and a worthy &
so the Erle come and spowsed here .
and hade here in to normandye and .
this Erle afterward henr~ the Emperesses
sone . and after~ al this kyng henry .
dwelled xij month in Normandye .
and anon@ ther~ after~ ther~ come vpon@
him a+stong maladye wher-þoruh he
<fol. 51va>deyde . And thus kyng henr~ regnede
xxxv 3ere and iiij monethis and deide .
in Normandye and his herte was take
owte of his body and beried in the mu
chel Cherch of oure lady at Reen . and
his body taken . and brought in to En
geland and beried at Redyng in the
abbey with moch solempnite . of the .
which abbay he . was the first foundour
howe Stephene that was kyng henr~s
susteres sone was made kyng of Enge
londe Capo vjxx decimo Octauo & c~

And after this kyng henr~ the fyrste
regned his Neveu his sistres so
ne stephene that was Erle of boloynn
For anonn as he herde of his vncles deþ
he come ouer see in to Engelond þoru
counceil and help of many grett lordes .
of Engelonde . a3ens here oth that þei
hade made to Maude the . emperesse of al
maigne and toke to him al the lande .
and lete croune him kyng of Engelond .
and willam the Erchebyschop of kaunter
buri made the froste oothe and feaute