<County: Essex>
<Code: L9360>
<MS reference: Glasgow University Library, Hunter 74, Hand A>
<Text: Prose Brut>

<fol. 2va>And after þis myschefe
whas doonn; þe pepel of þe
londe were wondere sory and euele
payed and a-none dryuen Bruyte
<fol. 2vb>out of þe londe and wold not suffre
hym a-monges hem . And Brute went
fro þennes and come in-to Greke and
there he fownde vij . ml men of þe ly
nage of troye þat were comyn of
grete kynne and of grete blode as þe
story telleþ bothe of wymmen and of
children . þe wiche weren kepte in
thraldome and bondage . vnder kynge
pandras of Greke for eucheson of achil
les þat whas betrayede & queleed atte
Troye ¶ This Brute whas a wonder
stronge man and an huge as of his
age and amyable to alle men and a
wise man and worthy of body and
whas by-louede welle of alle folke .
This kynge pandras herde speke of
Brutus goodnes & of his condicyones
and made brute to dwelle wiþ hym
so þat brute by-come wiþ þe kynge
wel by-loued and wondere pryuye . //
¶ so at þe laste þo men of Troye &
Brute speken to-geders of lynage
and of a-queyntaunce and made her~
mone and her compleynte vnto
Brute of here sorowe and her~ bonda
ge þat þei hadde and suffred vnder
kynge pandras and alle seiden vn
to Brute . 3e beth a lorde of oure na
cyon and of lynage . and a stronge man
and a my3ty ; be 3e oure lorde & man
teyne vs . and we wil by-come alle
3our men and doonn 3our wille &
3our commaundementz in alle manere
þynges . and brynge 3e vs out of þis
sorowe & mischiefe þat we hauene
and suffryn . and late vs goonn and
fight wiþ þe kynge and þorogh þe
grace of god . we schulle ouercome hym
and make yow kynge of þis lande
& doon to 3ou homage & schullene
<fol. 3ra>halde of you for eueremore ¶ Bruyte had
de gret pyte of her sorowe . þat þei hade
de and suffred and priueliche wente
fro þe kynges Courte and al they þat
weren of Troye folewed hym . and
wente & putte hem in woodes and
in hilles . & þere hydde hem . and sent
to kynge Pandras þt he woolde 3eue
hem leve to weende sauelich out of
his lande for þei wold no lenger a
bide ne dwelle in his bondage // The
kynge whas soore a-noyed of þis ty
dyng & swore þt he wold kylle hem
euerychone . and ordeyned hym a strong
power & come for to fyght wiþ hem
and Bruyte & his companye . so man
liche hem defended; þt þei killed alle
kynge pandras men þat none of hem
escaped and token kynge . Pandras
and putte hym in pryson . and ordey
ned so a-monges hem to vndoonn kyng
Pandras ¶ And som seiden he schuld
be doonn to þe dethe . and Bruyte schuld
haue þe lande . And somme seiden he schu
ld be exiled of þe lande for-euermore .
and seid he schuld be brente ¶ And þo
spake a wise kny3th . þat men callede
Menpris . and seid vn to Bruyte &
to alle hem of Troye . if þt kynge pan
dras wold 3eld hym and haue his
lyfe . j counseile þat he 3efe vn-to bru
te our duke ; Geimogen his doghter
to wife and in mariage wiþ here an
hundrede shippes wel aparaylled &
al his tresoure . of golde Seluir wt
Corne & wyne . and as muche as hym
nedeth . of oon þyng & of othir & late
vs goonn þan out of his lande and or
deyne vs . lande . elles wer~ For after
this tyme þer schalle neuere none of
our lynage haue reste ne pees . in þis
<fol. 3rb>lande . a-monges hem of Greke for enche
sonn þat we haue killed so muche of her
peple . of Barons & of othir folke For
werre and debate schuld euermore bien
a-monges vs & hem ¶ Brute & alle
his peple þo consentede vn-to þt counseil .
and þo told hit vn-to þe kyng pandras
¶ And þe kynge for to haue hys lyfe
graunted hem as muche as þei wolde
axen . & 3if Geimogen his doghter to
wife vn-to bruyte & to hundrede ship
pes with alle apparayle þt hem neded
Brute name þo his wife and alle his
men and forsokenn þe londe of Greke &
wenten hem forthe vn to þe see & had
de wynde & weder at wille & comen
the thridde day . in to an jle þt hight
loegers . ¶ Bruyte sent to lande somme
of his men for to spye þe manere of þe
contre & þei commen & fonden an old Cite
alle wasted . & þer in whas neiþer man
womman ne childe . dwelling . And a
myddes þe cite þei fownnde an old tempyll
and þer-in a fayre ymage . þat hight Dy
ane a Goddes & þei comen a-3en vn-to
Bruyte and told hym wate þei hadde
seene & founden & counseile . hym to goon
& doon sacrifice to dame Dyane for sche
whas woned to 3eue answere of what
thynge þat men preide her & principally
hem þat hire honoured þorgh sacrifice .
¶ Bruyte wente to þe ymage &
seide Dyane noble goddes lady þat alle
þinges hast in þi power . wyndes wa
ters . wodes . feldes . and alle þe world
and alle maner beestes . þat þer-in+be
ne And to yow y make nowe my mo
ne & prayer þat 3e me telle . and coun
seil were & in whate place j schal ha
ue a conable dwellynge for me &
for my peple & in þat place y schalle
<fol. 3va>make in honure of the a noble temple
wher yn 3e schulle euermore [be] honoured
Whan Bruyte hadde done his prayer
Dyane the goddes ansuered to Bruyte
yn this maneere . Bruyte wende forth
thy way ouere the see toward Fraunce
to þe west and þere 3e schulle fynde
an yle þat is Called Albyonn & þe see
gooth a-boute hit and no man may
come in-to þat lande . but it be by shipn
and in þat londe were wonte to be
Geauntes but nowe it is alle wil
dernesse and þat londe is distroied
and ordeyned vn-to 3ow and to
3our peple . how Coryn by-came
brutus man and how kynge Gof
far whas discomfited in Bataile

Whan Brute hadde herde þis an
swere he vnankeryd hys shipn
pes and sayled in-to þe hye see . And
whan he and hys folke . hadde sayled
xxti dayes & more ; þei fonde fast by a
coost of þe see iij .c . men of þe lyna
ge of troye and her lorde & souereynn
men Callyd Corynn ¶ And whanne
Bruyte herd þis tydyng & wiste of
whenes þei weren; he name hem in to
hys shippes . & made wiþ hem moche
joye . and ledde hem forthe . wyþ hym .
¶ This Coryn þo by-come Bruytes
man . and to hym he dede fewte and
homage . And so longe þei sailed forth
yn the see to þt þei comen in to Gas
quoyne & a-ryved in þe hauen off
loogers . and þer þei abidenn viij dayes .
to rest hem . and to a mende her sailes .
þer þat it whas nede . ¶ Tydynges
come þo vn-to kynge Goffar þt was
kynge of þat londe howe þat moche
straunge folke . were a-ryved and come
in to his lande . and weren in þe hauen~
<fol. 3vb> of loegers . wer-for he whas sore anoyed
of her Aryuyng in his lande . wiþ-out
leve . And a-none lete gader & ordeynn
an huge power to dryve bruyt out
of þe lond and al his companye & went
hym selfe in-to fraunce to haue socour &
help of hem . And þt tyme þer were
in fraunce xij . kyngges and þe xi kyng
ges assemblid a gret power & a stronge
for to helpe kynge Goffar a-3ens
Bruyte ¶ And kyng Goffar dwellid
with hem of ffraunce halfe a 3ere &
more . And Bruyte in þe mene tyme
and his companye destroyed alle the
londe of Gasquoynn . and lete take
alle kyng Goffar-is tresoure . and
lete brynge hit in to his schippes
And brute fonde in þt contre a+fair
place & a conable & þer he made
a fayre Castell & a good & a stronge
And . And whan þis whas done ; þe
xj kyngges comen fro fraunce &
kynge Goffar wiþ hem . and brogh
ten wt hem . xx . Ml men for to fyght
wiþ Brute and his Companye .
And bruyte hadde but . vij . Ml . men
and . iij . C ¶ And whan þes . to . hos
tes metten & fowten y-fere ; brutus
men þorogh helpe of hym selfe &
of Turyn his Cosynn and of Coryn
al so þt whas a nobil body in lytil
tyme þei killed of þe Frenschmenn
ij Ml & mo . & þt othir parte fledde .
And in þis batayle Turyn þat
whas . Brutus Cosyn@ whas killed
And brute noblich lete hym intere
whan he hadde space in þe noble
Castell þt he hadde made & þo lete
calle þe Castell Tours for enche
son of Turyn þt þer in whas ente
red . & 3it is þer a noble Cite þat is
<fol. 4ra>Callid Tous . ¶ whan kynge Goffar
wiste that Turynn whas dede ; he came
a3en with his peple and 3af a stronge
Batayle vn-to Bruyte . And Brute and
his men weren so wery of fyghtinge þt
þei myght no lenger endure . A mau
gre alle his enemyes . he fley in to his
owne Castell þt he hadde made & alle
hys men . and faste shettonn þe 3ates to
kepe hem selfe . And þt same nyght þei
tokyn counseil . a-monges hem Bruyte
and Corynn [took consell] þt Coryn schuldyn go oute
by nyght at a Posterne of þe Castelle
wiþ halfe hys men and schuld busch
hym In a wode tyl vpon þe mornn . so
þat on þe morowe . whan Bruyte schu
ld fyght wiþ hys enemyes ; Coryne
schuld þan come out of þe buschmet~
in þat oon halfe . to kylle of her ene
myes . and done alle þat þei myghte
¶ And on þe morowe in þe dawnynge
Bruyte wente oute of þe Castelle
and come & fawte with hys enemyes
and manliche hym defendede and wt
ynne a lytell stownde ; Bruyte and
hys peple hadde kylled . vij . C . of his
enemyes . And þo come Coryn out of
the buschment & smote to grownde
he & hys companye as many as thei
myght take . ¶ And so whas kynge
Goffar~ dyscomfited and putte to fli3t
And Bruyte & Corynn . wiþ her compa
ny hem pursued manly and killed of
her enemyse . mo yn the fleynge þan
þei deden in batayle . ¶ And þus hadde
Bruyte þe victory . and Bruyte made
moche sorowe for Turyn his nevewe
that whas slayn@ and al-so for other men~
þt he hadde loste þt is to say . vijC . & xv . &
alle he lete noblissh entere in þe Castel
of Tours . wher-in he hadde enteered
<fol. 4rb>hys nevewe Turyn . how Bruyt come
and a-ryved at Cottonesse in þe jle of
Albyon and of þe Bataille þt whas by
twene Choryn and Gogmagog Cao vto

And whan þis whas doonn ; brute
wolde no lenger a-byde . þere no
more to fyght ne lese no mo of his men
For kynge Goffarus men þt whas hys ene
mye myght euery day encrese mo & mo ; &
hys men lesse . And þer for he tooke alle
hys men & wente to þe see and hadde
wynde & weder at wille And þe firste
day þei arryued & commen in-to þe hauene
of Cottonesse & so þei comen in-to jle
of Albyonn And þer þei fonden man neiþer
womman ne child as þe story telleth but
Geauntes þat were dwellyng in
hilles . ¶ Bruyte sawe þt þe lande
whas fayr and profytable for hym and
for his peple as dyane þe Goddes hadde
by hyght hym ; Tho whas Bruyte won
der glade and assembled vppon a day
alle his peple to make a solempne sa
crifice and a feste in reuerence of Dyane
þe Goddes . þt counseiled hym to dwelle &
wende in to suche a londe ¶ And vp
on a day whan þei hadde made her sa
crifice and wenton and seetyn at her
mete; þere came vppon hem sodayne
liche . xxx Geauntes and killed of brutus
meyne xxx ¶ And Bruyte and his
men . seen þis & anone sterte vp fro þe
mete . and faught wiþ þe Geauntes &
kylled alle þe Geauntes . but oon þat
whas maister of hem alle þat men cal
lyd Gogmagog and he whas lenger
gretter and more strenger . þan eny of
alle þe oþer Geauntes . And þerfor Bru
te kepte hym a-lyue . for he schuld wrastel
wiþ Corynn For as myche as Corynn was
strenger and lenger al so þan eny of
<fol. 4va>Brutes men from þe gyrdyl ˆ [place] vpwarde
¶ and so Gogmagog and Coryn comen
and wrastled to-geders longe tyme .
but at þe laste Gogmagog helde Coryn
so faste and so sore ; þt he brast two ryb
bys of his side . & þer-of whas Coryn~ euel
a-payde . an angery and a-none toke gog
magog in his Armes and caste hym downe
vp-on a roche so þt he brake alle to pecys
and so he deide in euel dethe And þer
for þt place þat þei wrasteled jnne is
called in-to þis day þe sarte of Gogma
And þo Brute 3afe alle þe cuntr~
to Coryn~ . And Coryn called þe cuntre
after his owne name . Cornewaile . &
his men he called Cornwales & so+schal
þe peple of þe contre be called for
euermore . And Coryn dwelled þo in
þt cuntre . and his folke and made many
fayre places . and townes & þus þei
enhabite þe lande at her owne wille .
¶ how brute made londonn & callid þis
lande Brutayne after his owne name
And Scotlond Albynn . & wales kam
Bruyt and his peple wente forth
in þe lande and soghten wer~
that they mytht fynde to make a co
uenable place and a Cite to set . þer on
for hym and for his peple . So at þe last
þei comen bi a fayre Ryuere þat is cal
lid Tamise . And Bruyte by-gan þer a
fayr Cite that is called newe Troye
in remenbrance of þe Cite of grete
Troye from wiche place al her lynage
whas comen . And lete caste downe
wodes and ery landes and dongen hem
and afterwardes saawe hem & mowdyn
medewes to sustynance of hym and
of his peple and departed þe londe a
monges hem . so þt eueryche of hem hade
<fol. 4vb>a certeynn place for to dwelle vppon . &
Brute lete calle þis londe bruyteynn
after his name & lete calle his men Bri
tones And this Brute hadde gete vp
on his wife Geimogen thre sones þt
wer~ noble bodies . and worthy ¶ þe
first hight lotryne . þe second Albanacke
and þe þrid kamber . And brute was
kynge and bare þe crowne in þe Cite
of newe Troy . xxti 3er after þe cite . ws
made . And þere bien ordeyned þe lawes
þat þe Brutones . schuld halde . And
þus Brute whas wel byloued a
monges alle men . And al so brutus
sonnes loueden to-geders wondre
wele . And whan þis Brute had soght
þorgh-oute alle þe lande in length
& brede . he fond a land joyned vn-to
Brutaigne . in þe north & þat lande
he 3afe vn to his sone Albanake &
he lete þt be callyd Albany . after his
owne name . þt now is called scotlond
¶ And Brute fonde a nother cuntr~
toward þe west & þt londe he 3afe
to kamber~ his oþer sone . and he called
þe lande kamber~ after his name þt
now is callid walys . ¶ And whan
Brute hadde regned xxti 3ere . as by
fore is seide ; he deide in þe Cite of
newe troye . and his sones with
mochel honour þer enteerde hym . And
þo whas lotrine his sone Crownyd
kynge wiþ much solempnite of
alle þe lande of Brutayne . And
whan þis whas doon~ . Albanac
and kamber his two brethryn~
wenten a-3en in to her owne con
nd lyuede wt muchel honoure
and lotryne her brother whas kyng
and lyued wiþ muche joy . and
wel and nobliche gouerned his lande .
<fol. 5ra>for he whas a good man . & a welbeloued
of his lande . ¶ And so it felle þat Alba
nacke dwelled in his lande . wiþ muchel
honure and afterward come kynge humbar
of jrland wiþ a grete strengh . & a grete
power . of folke and aryved in Albanye
and wolde haue conquered þe lande &
by-ganne for to werre vppon . Albanake
and kylled hym in bataille . And whan
Albanake whas slaynn þe peple of þe
lande fledde and comyn to lotryne þat
whas kyng of Bretaigne and preyden
hym of socour and of helpe & to a-venge
his brothers deth . ¶ lotryne anone
lete assemble alle þe Bretaignes of
kent from Dover vnto Darwent of
Northfolke . & southfolke and kistonen
of lyndeseye and whan þei weren al
assembled þei spedde hem fast toward
her enemyes to yeue hem batayle ¶ And
lotryn hadde sente to kamber his brothe
þat he schuld come al-so to hym . wiþ
alle þe power~ þat he myght to helpe
hym and a venge his brother dethe .
And he come to hym wiþ good wil so þt
þei come alle to-geders and token her~
way priueilich . for to sech þis humbar
wher euere þei myght hym fynde . And
so it felle . þt tyme þat humbar . whas by
sydes a water . a grete ryver . wiþ his
men to playe . and disporte . And þo come
lotryn . and kamber . his broþer sodaynlich
wiþ alle her power or any of humbar
ys men it wist . And whan humbar sawe
hym come he whas sore a-dradde for
as muche . as hym selfe & his men
weren vnwar~ and vnarmed and hym
sylfe þere for drede lepte in to þe watere
and shamelich drenchit hym selfe and
so deide he þere / and al his men þer
were slayne so þt none of hem . asca
ped and þer-for is þat water called hu~
<fol. 5rb> and schal for euermore for encheson þt
humbar whas þer-in dreynte ¶ And after
wardes . wente lotryne in to humbar
is shippe and toke out þer of gold and sel
uere to hym and as muche þyng of valewe
as he fonde þer jnne . And alle þt oþer pi
lage . he yafe to his men . of þe ooste . And
þei fowndon in a-nother shippe a fayr
Damysell þat whas kynge humbar-is
doghter and men called her Estrilde .
¶ And whan lotryn saugh her~ he whas
soor anamered and toke for loue in herte
for her fairenes and so he toke and ladde
her~ wiþ hym and wold haue spoused
here This tydyng come þo to Coryn his
broþer . and Coryn thought haue be venged
vppon lotrine for as muche as lotryne