<County: Herefordshire>
<Code: L7420>
<MS reference: Cambridge University Library Kk.I.12>
<Text: Prose Brut>

<Tranche 1>

<fol. 25r>brother that was yn walis with his oste of Brittons saw the sterre the grete lyght
that it yaf he wondred þerof gretly what it myght be-tokene and let calle Merlyn and
prayed hym for to telle what it myght be-tokene Of the betokenyng of the sterre
<space for initial, with m indicated>Erlyn saw þe sterre and behilde hym longe tyme & sythens he qwooke and
and wept tendirly & sayde alas alas so noble a king & worthi is ded and y
do you to vnderstonde þat Aurel Ambrose youre brothir is ded & enpoisonde & þat+y
see welle yn this sterre and youre-self betokenyth the hed of the dagon þt is to
sayn at the bou3t of the beem þat is youre-self þat schal+be king & regne be the
beeme þat stoode towarde the est is to vnderstonde þat ye+schalle geete a sone þt
schalle conquere alle Fraunce & alle þe londe3 þat beth longyng to the croune of
Fraunce þat schal+be a worthier king & more honore þan evir was eny of his
auncetrie3 ¶ And by the beem þat strchethe towarde Irelande is þat it beto
kenythe þat ye schalle be-gete a dou3tyr þat schal+be quene of Irelonde and þe
vii [bem<?>] betokenyth þat sche schalle haue vii sone3 & euerych of ham schal+be king &
schalle regne with mych honoure and a-byde ye no lengir but goth & 3euythe
bataile to youre enymys & fi3t wt ham booldely & 3e schalle ouer-come hem & have
þe victorye . ¶ Vter þankid hertyly Merlyn and nome his men and wende towarde his
enymys & þei fou3tyn to-gadir mortally & so he+discumfitid his enymys alle & destroyede &
hem-self quellyd Passent þat was Vortigeris sone & his Brittons quellyd Guillomer
þat was king of Jrelonde & alle his men ¶ And Vter anon aftir þat batayle toke his way
towarde wynchestir forto do entere Aurel Ambrose king þat was his brother but tho
was þe body borne to þe stonhynge with mochil honoure þat he had do made yn re
membrans of the britons þat þere were slayne þrou3 treson of Engist þat same dai
þat thei schulde be a-corded And yn þe same place þai entered Aurel Ambrose yn the
secunde yere of his regne with alle þe worschep þat my3t belongon to such a kinge
of whose soule god haue mercy Of Vter Pendragon & wherfore he was callid so aftir ye schalle here & he was ouyr-take for the grete loue of ygerne þat was þe Erle of Cornewaile-is wiff
<space for initial, with a indicated>Aftir the deth of Aurel Ambrose Vter his brother
was crounde & regned welle & worthily and yn remembraunce of
þe dragon þat he was lyned to he leet make ii dragons þrou3 councell of his britons
þe ton to+be born before hym whenne he went to bataile and þat oþer to a-byde at wynchester
yn the bischopis churche and for þat encheson he was callid euyrmore aftir Vter Pen
dragon ¶ And Octa þat was Engistis sone commendid litil Vter that was maade
new king and ayenst hymm began to meve warre & ordeynede a greet company of his
freendys & of his kyn & of Ossa his brothir and had take alle the lande fro humbir vn
to yorke but þay of york hilde strongly ayenste ham & nolde suffre ham to come yn-to þe
toune nothir yelde the cite to ham and besegid the toune a-non-ryght and yaf ther-to
a strong assaute but thei of the cite þem kepte of welle and strongely ¶ And vter herde
<fol. 25v>There-of he come thedir with a grete Pouer for to help rescu the toune and put a
way the sege and yaf a+strong bataile and Octa and his company ham defended as wel
as thei my3t but at þe last þei were discumfitid & þe most parte of ham killyd & Octa And
Ossa were take & put yn-to prison and london ¶ And Vter hym-self dwellyd a+while
at yorke & aftir he went to Londonn and at estir Estir sewyng he wolde beere croune &
holde a solempne feest & summe alle his Erlis & Barons þat þay schulde come to þt feste &
tho þat hadde wives schulde bryng ham also to þat feest and alle came at the kingys
commaundement as þei were commaunded ¶ The Feest was richly holdon and alle wor
thily set to þe meete aftir þat þei were of a state so þat Gorlois the Erle of Cornewaile
and Igerne his wiff setyn alther next þe king and þe king saw þe fairenesse of that
lady þat sche had and was ravasched of hir beaute and oft he made towarde hir nyce
semblaunt yn lokinge & lawghynge so at the last þe Erle perceyvyd þe priuy loking & laugh
yng & the love betwene hem & a-roos <ill><smudge, 3-4 words></ill> wrath & toke his wiff cal
led to hym his kny3tis & went thennes alle in wreth wtout taking leeve of the king
The king anon sent aftir hym þat he scholde come ayen & go not thenne3 in dispit of hym
and the Erle wolde not come ayan yn no+maner wyse wherfore þe king was full wroþ
and yn wroth hym defied as his dedely enymy & the Erle went þenne3 in-to Cornewaile
with his wiff in-to þe castelle of Tintogel & the king leet ordeyne a gret oste and cam
yn-to Cornewaile for to destroy þe Erle yf he my3t but he had put hym yn such a castelle
þat was strong and welle a-rayede of Tintogel and wolde not yelde hym to the kinge
The king anon besegid þe castelle & þere dwellyd xv dayes þat+neuyr my3t spede
& evir þou3t so mych vpon Igerne & vp-on hir laide so mych love þat he nuste what
to do ¶ So atte þe last he callyd to hym a kny3t þat me callyd Vlfyn þat was privye wt
with hym & tolde hym alle his consayle and axed of hym whas best to do ¶ Syre
qd he doth sende aftir Merlyn for he can telle you the best councel of eny man lyvyng
Merlyon anon was sent fore & cam to the king & tolde hym alle his wille Sir qd
Merlyn y+schalle don so mych þrou3 craft þat y can þat y schalle make you come þs
ny3t to þe Castell of Tyntagel and ye schalle haue alle youre wille of that lady
Vter begat on Igerne þat was þe Erle-ys Wiff of Cornewaile Arthour þe kyng
MErlyon þrou3 craft þat he couthe chaunged þe kinges figure yn-to the lik
nes of Gorloyes so that ych of ham was transfigured yn-to odires likenus
And whanne Merlyn had so do he saide to the king Sire seide he now mow 3e goo so
denli of the castelle of Tyntagel and axe entre þeere & haue alle your~ wylle ¶ The
king tooke priuili alle þe ost to gouerne and leede to a kny3t þat he mych lovede and
nom his way towarde þe castell & with hym Vlfin & Merlyn and whanne þay
came þidir þe Porter wende it had ben hys owne lorde and whanne tyme came
for to go to bedde þe king went to bedde with Igerne þe Erles wiff and did with
hyr alle his wille & þo begate on hir a sone þat me called Arture ¶ Apon the mo//
<fol. 26r>Row the noble and myghti Prince & king nome his leve of the ladi and went ayen
to his Oste and þe same ny3t þat þe king lay be þe lady Igerne þe Erles wiff the kinge3
me yevyn a gret saute to the Castell & the Erle & hys men manly hem defended but at
þe last hit befille so þat at assaut þe Erle was slayn and the castil takyn & the kinge
a-non turned ayen to Tyntogel and spoused Igerne with mych honoure & made hir que
ne & sone aftir came tyme þat sche schulde be delyuerd and bare a chylde a sone þat
callyd was Arture And aftir he gat on hir a dou3ter þat me callid Amya and whanne
sche came to age nobli was maryed to a+nobule Baron þat me callyd Alloth that was
lorde of leones ¶ Whanne Vter longe tyme had regned þer come vp-on hym a+grete
syknes as hit were a sorow & in the mene time þo þat had to kepe Octa that was Engistis
sone & Ossa his brother þat þo were yn prison leet hem go for grete yftis þat þai <ill><smudge></ill>
þaf & went with ham ¶ And when þo ij brethryn were ascapyd & comyn a<ill><smudge></ill>
her owne contre þey ordeyned hem a greet ost & a greet Power and be-gon ayen efte
sones vpon þe king how kyng Vter ches a-loth tho kepe the lande of bryttayne while3 þat he was seek for as mych as he myght not for sykenesse
And for as mych as king Vter was seke
and my3t not help hym-self he ordayned a-loth his sone
þat þo was wardeyne and cheueteyne of his folke & he a-non and his Brittons assem
bled a grete ost and yaf batayle to Octa & to hys folke but Octa at last was discom
fided ¶ Hit befille þis aftirwarde þat þese bryttons had Dedignaconn of Aloth and
wolde not to hym be+entendaunt wherfore þe king was a-noyed wondyr sore & leet
put hym yn a litter yn þe est amonge his folke and þa ladde hym to wirolayne that
þo was a faire cite there as seint Albon was martryd and aftir was þat cite destro
yede by paynymes & throu3 werre and thidir þei hed sent Octa & ossa & her peple and
entryd yn-to þe toune & leet make fast þe 3atis & there þay hilde ham & þe king come
& hem besegyd & made a strong assaut but tho þat were with-ynne manli hem defen
did The king leet ordeyne his Gunnes & engynes for to breke þe wallis & the
walles were so strong þat noþing my3t ham mysdo . ¶ Octa & his peple had gret
dispite þat a+king lyggyng in a liter had ham besegid and thei tokyn consell a-monge3
ham for to stonde vp in the morow & come out & yeve batayle to the kyng & so they
dede & yn þat batayle were Octa & Ossa slayn and alle þo þat scapyd alyve fledde
yn-to Scotlande and made Collegyrne hir cheueteyne and þe Saxons þat were alyve
and a-scapyd fro the batayle brought ayen a+grete streyth and a-monge ham þei sayde
þat yf þe king Vter were ded þei schulde well conquere þe lande & a-monge ham
þought to enpoysonn the king & ordeynede men for to do þis dede & yeve ham yeftys
gret plente þis þing to do and þei ordeyned ham þedyr-warde þere þat þe kinge
was dwellyng and clothed hem yn pover wede þe bettir alle for to spede her liþer
purpose but nathelesse for alle her falsnesse & queyntise þei my3t nevir negh the
king come ¶ But so at þe last þei aspied þat þe king dranke nevir oþer licour but only

<Tranche 2>

<fol. 112r>to yolde hym with-ynne þe listis and anon þis Craton was dispoyled of his
harne3 and drawe out of þe lystis and so forth to Tyborne and þere he was han
gyd for his falsnesse ¶ And yn the viij yere of his Regne ser Edmunde of langele
erle of Cawmebrygge þe kinge3 vncle wente vn-to Portingale with a
Fayre mayne of men of Arme3 and Archers yn helpyng & streyngthyng of
þe king of Portyngale ayens þe king of Spayngne and his Power And
þere þe king of Portyngale hadde þe victory of his Enymye3 þrou3 help and
comfort of our Englysch men and whanne þat iornay was y-do The erle
of Cawmbrige com hom ayen with his peple yn to Engelond yn haste
blessid be gode and his gracious yeft Amen ¶ And þis same yere kinge
Richarde hylde his Cristismesse yn þe Maner of Estham And þe same tyme
þe king of Ermonye fledde out of his owne londe and come yn-to Enge
lond for to haue socour and help of our king ayens his enymye3 þat hadde
dreve hym of his Reme and so he was brou3t vn-to þe king to Eltham þere
as þe king hylde his realle feist of Cristismasse and þere oure king welco
med hym and dede hym reuerence & worschip And commawnded alle his lor
de3 to make hym alle þe chere þat þay cowthe and þanne he besou3t the
king of grace and help and of his comfort yn his nede and þt he my3t be bro3t
ayen yn-to his owne kingedom and londe for þe turke3 hadde deuowred
& destroyed moch parte of his londe and for drede he fledde & come hider
for socoure <minim above u?> and helpe ¶ And than þe king hauyng compassion of his gret
myschiffe and greuos dese3e and anon he toke his counsel and axed what
was best to do and þai answered and sayde yef it likyd hym to yeue hym
eny gode it were welle y-do and as towchyng his peple to Trauayle so
fer yn-to out-londe3 it were a+grete ieparde and so þe king yaf hym goolde
and seluyr and meny riche3 and iewellis and be-tau3t hym to god and so
he passed ayen out of Engelond . ¶ And yn þis same yere king Richarde wt
a ryall Power went yn-to Scotland for to war a-yen þe scottis for hir
Falsnesse and destrocconn þat þay hadde do ayens þe Englisch men yn þe
Marchis and þe Scottis come doun for to trete ˆ [hym &] with his lorde3 for trewes
as for certeyn yeres vn-to her axyng and oure king turned hym hom ayen
yn-to Engelonde ¶ And whanne he was come vn-to yorke þere he a-boode and
restyd hym And þere ser john helond þe Erle of kent is broþer slow þe erlis sone
of Staffarde and his heyre with a daggar yn þe cite of yorke wherfore the
king was sore amoued and grevid & remevyd fro þenne3 and come to Londonn
And þe Meire and þe Aldermen and þe commyns with alle þe Solempnite þt þay
<fol. 112v>myghte do rydyn ayens þe king and brou3t hym ryally throu3 the cite & so forth
vn-to Westmynstre vn-to his owne palis ¶ And yn þe ix yere of his regne he
hadde a parlement at Westminster & þere he made ij duke3 and a Markques & . v . erle3 þe
first þat was made duk was þe kinge3 vncle ser Edmunde of langeley and erle
of Caumbrigge and hym he made duk of yorke and his oþer vncle ser Thomas
of Wodestoke þat was Erle of bokingham he made duke of Gloucestre And sir
levez þat was erle of Oxynforde he made Marques of Deuelyn and henry
of Bolyngbroke þe Duke3 sone of Lancastre he made erle of Derby And ser Ed
warde þe dukes sone of york he made erle of Ruthlond ser John holande þat
was þe Erle of kentis brother he made erle of hyntyngtonn ser Thomas Mom
braye erle of Notyngham & Erle Marchall of Engelond And for Michell of
Pole kny3t he made Erle of Suffolke and chaunceler of Engelond ¶ And the
Erle of the March at þat same parlement holdon at westemynstre yn playne
parlement a-mong al þe lorde3 and Comyns was proclaymed erle of the March
and heyre parant vn-to þe croune of Engelon<?>e <g corrected to d?> aftir king Richarde ¶ The
which Erle of þe Marche went ouyr see yn-to Jrelond vn-to his lordeschippe3
and londe3 for þe Erle of Marche is erle of vlcestre yn Jrelonde and by ry3t
lyne and Heritage and at a Castill of his he lay þat tyme and þere come apon
hym a grete multitude yn buschmentis of wilde Jryschmen hym for to take
and distroye and he come out Fersly of his Castell with his peple and man
ly Fau3t wt ham and þere he was take and hew al+to pecis and þere he deied on
whose soule god haue mercy Amen ¶ And yn the . x . yere of king Richarde3
regne þe Erle of Arundell went to þe see with a+grete Maneye of Schippe3
enarmed with men of Arme3 and gode Archers And þai come yn-to þe brode see
þei mette with þe hole flytte þat come lade with wyne from Rochell and the
wyne3 were Enymye3 gode3 and þeron Maneye sette apom ham and toke ham
alle and brou3t hym yn-to diuers porti3 and hauons of Engelond & sum to london~
and þere ye my3te haue hedde a ton of Rochel wyne of þe beste for xx c~ of ster
lynges and so we hadde gret chep of wyne þrou3-out þe Reme at þat tyme
þankyd be god almy3ty How þe .v. lorde3 a-rysen at Ratcot brydge ye schul here
<space for initial, with a indicated>nd yn þe a xj yere of king Richarde3 regne þe .v. lorde3 reson at Ratcote
brygge yn destroccyon of the Rebell þat weryn þat tyme yn alle this
Reme ¶ The first of the .v. lorde3 was ser Thomas of wodestoke þe kingis vncle
and Duk of Gloucestre þe ij was ser Richarde Erle of Arundell þe iij was sir
Richard Erle of warwic þe iiij was ser harri Bolyngbroke erle of Derby
an þe .v. was ser Thomas Mounbray Erle of Notyngham ¶ And þe3e .v. lorde3
sawe þe myschif and mysgouernaunce and þe Falsnesse of the kinge3 counsell
wherfor þai þat were of þe kinge3 kounsol chef Fleddyn out of þis londe ouer
þe see þat is to say ser Alisaunder Neuyle Archebischop of york ser Robert le were
<fol. 113r>Marquis of Develyn And Erle of Oxynforde ser Michel de la pole Erle of
Suffolke and Chaunceler of Engelond and þese iij lorde3 went ouyr see and
cam nevir ayen for there þay deied And þan þe3e .v. lorde3 forsaide maden a+parlement
at westmystre and þere thay tokyn ser Robert Tresilian þe justi3e And ser Nicholl Brem
bre kny3t an cite3ein of londonn and ser john Salesbury kny3t of the kingis hous
holde & <gap, no hole in ms> vske sergeaunt of Arme3 and mony moo of oþer peple were take
and juged vnto deth be þe counsel of þese .v. lorde3 yn hir parlement at westminster
for treson þat þai put apon ham to be draw fro þo tour of londonn þrou3 þe cite
and so forth to Tyburne and þere to be hangyd and þere her þrotis to be kut and
þus þei were serued and deiden And aftir þat yn þis same parlement was sir
Symond of Beverlay þat was a kny3t of þe garter and ser john Beauchamp
kny3t þat was Steward of the kingis+housholde and ser Jame3 Berners were
for juged vn-to deth and þay wer ladd on fote vn-to þe tour hille and þere we
re her hedis smytyn of and mony oþer mo be þe3e .v. lorde3 ¶ Jn þis forsaide
parlement and in þe xij 3ere of king Richarde3 regne he let crye and ordeyne ge
neralle Justi3e þat is called a turnement of Lorde3 kny3tis and skquiers ¶ And
þese Justes & turnement were holden at Londonn in Smthfelde for alle maner
of Strayngers of what londe & cumtre þei were and þidir þei were ri3t wel
come and to hem and to alle oþer was holden opon housholde and grete Festis
and also grete yftis were yeue to alle maner of Straungers And þay of the kinges
syde were alle of on sute her cotis her Armyour schelde3 & her hors & trapure alle
was white hertis with crowne3 about her nekkis and cheyne3 of golde hangyng
þere vp-on and þe croune hangyng lowe before þe hertis body þe which hert
was þe kinge3 lyveray þat he yaf to lorde3 & ladie3 kny3tis and skquiers for to
know his housholde from oþer peple ¶ And at þis first comyng to her Justes
xxiiij ladie3 ladde þese xxiiij lorde3 of þe garther with cheynys of goolde and
alle yn þe same sute of hertis as is afore sayde from þe tour on hors bak þrou3
the cite of londonn yn-to Smythfelde þere þe justes schulde be do And þis fest and
justes was holde general and to alle þo þt wolde come of what land or nacion þt
euyr he were and þis was holde duryng xxiiij daye3 of þe kinge3 owne cost
and þese xxiiij lorde3 to answere to alle maner of pepil þat wolde come þidir
And þedir come þe Erle of seint Poule of Fraunce and mony oþer worthi kny3tes
with hym of diuers parteys Ful welle a-rayed ¶ And þes fest &justes was endid
þe king thankyd þese And out of Holand & Henande come þe lorde Ostrenaunde þt
was þe Duke3 sone of holande & mony oþer worthi kny3tes with hym bothe of
holand henande fulle welle arayede And whenne þese feste and justes was
do and endid þe king þanked þese stayngers and yaf ham mony grete yeftis and
þanne þei token hir leue of þe king & of oþer lorde3 and ladye3 and went hom a
yen yn-to her owne cuntre with grete loue & moche þanke ¶ And yn þe xiij yere