<County: Hertfordshire>
<Code: L6540>
<MS reference: London, British Library, Egerton 876>
<Text: Golden Legend>

<Tranche 1>

<fol. 123vb><line 8>UJcte was a noble childe
and a true and he hadde
but xij yere of age and
he suffered marterdom
in Secile This blessed childe was oftetymes
sore bete of his fader / for he despised
the ydoles and wolde not worship
hem / And whanne valerian the
prouost herde that he was in suche
plite / he sent hym that he shulde do
sacrifice / and he wolde not do it in
no wise / and thanne he comaunded
that he shulde be alto bete with staues
/ And anone the prouostes hondes
and his armes dried vp / And also the <?>
that beten hym / Thanne cried the
prouost alas J haue loste bothe armes
and hondes Thanne saide the blessed
childe victe Now make thi goddes come
and helpe the yef they mowe But
mayest thou helpe me saide the prouost
J maye helpe the in the name of
my lorde and my god / And anone he
praied for hym and he was hole forthwithe
// ¶ Thanne saide the prouost
to his fader chastise thi sone that he
perishe not wickedly / And thanne the
fader ledde hym to his hous and entermeted
hym to remedye the corage
of the childe by diuerse songes of musyk
and be playes and delites of maydenes
/ And whanne he hadde closed
hym in a chaumbre there come oute
mervailous sauour of Suetnesse the
whiche fulfelled the fader and the
moder and al her meyni with right
suete sauour / And thanne the fader loked
Jnne atte the dore and seighe . vij .
<fol. 124ra>aungels going aboute the childe and
thanne he saide the goddes bene come
to myn hous and anone he was blynde
and he beganne to crye so+loude þat
alle the Citee of luke was meued therwithe
/ And whanne valerian herde
it he come rennynge to hym to wete
what hym ayled and he ansuered &
saide J seigh the goddes that were so
clere that J myght not susteyne her
brightnesse / and thorugh that J haue
loste my sight And thanne was he
brought to the temple of Jouis and
behight hym a bole withe hornes of
golde so that he myght recouer his
sight / And whanne this profited hym
not he requered his sone to hele hym
and thanne he recouered his sight by
the praier of the blessid childe And
whanne the fader wolde not leue
this errour for alle these benefices
but thought to sle his sone The aungel
of god appered to Modeste that
was maister to that blessed childe &
comaunded hym to entre into a shipp
and that he shulde lede the childe into
an-other contrey / And whanne thei
hadde so done eueri day an Aungelle
brought hem her mete and ther thei
dede gret myracles / And aboute this
same tyme the sone of the Emperoure
dioclician was rauisshed withe
a fende and the fende spake in hym
and saide that he wolde not go oute
of hym but yef victe of luke came to
putte hym oute And thanne was he
sought and founde and brought to
the Emperour To whom dyoclician
saide mayst thou hele my sone And
thanne he ansuered and saide J note
J . but oure lorde ihesu crist / and as he
sette his honde vpon hym the deuel
vanisshed a-way / And thanne saide
dyoclician childe take good counsell
to the / and sacrifice to oure goddes that
<fol. 124rb>thou perisshe not of euell dethe And
whanne he refused to do it he was
sette in a stronge prison withe modest
and sodenly the whightes of Jren
that were sette vpon hem fell a-way
and the prison was lightened with
gret lyght ¶ And whanne this was
saide to the Emperour he was lete
oute and putte in an ovene brenning
hote . but he went oute and none harme
hadde / And thanne a wode lyon
was made renne to hym forto deuoure
hym but he was sone pesible
bi the vertue of his faithe and than
it was comaunded that he shulde
be hangged in the turment that is
called Eculee withe modeste and
Crescence his norice that folued hym .
oueral wher he went / but the eyre
was sodenly troubled and thundres
come and the temples of ydoles
fell doune and slowe moche peple
And the Emperour fledde foule afraied
sayenge alas J am ouercome wt
a childe Thanne the seintes were
anone vnbounde bi an aungell and
founde hem-selff besyde a flode / &
there thei rested and praied and yald
up her soules to god and her bodies
were kepte withe aungeles / And
thanne the holy childe sheued hym
to a lady of florence whiche fonde
hem and toke hem up and beryed
hem worshipfully thei suffered dethe
vnder dioclician that was aboute
the yere of oure lorde CC
iiijxx vij here endithe the lyff of <ill></ill>
victe and his Felawshipp And nexste
<ill><1 word, perhaps foluithe></ill> the lyff of seint <ill><1 word></ill>
<lat>Capitulum ¶ xxv</lat>

QUiryni was sone of
a noble lady of yconye
the whiche lady wold
flee the persecucion &
went withe Quirice her sone which
<fol. 124va>was but thre yere olde into Tarce
a Citee of Cesile and not withestonding
she was presented to the
prouost Alisaundre and bere their
childe in her armes and her two
chaumbreres seigh this thinge thei
fledde anone and lefte her allone
and thanne the Juge toke the child
in his armes / and constreined Julit
to do sacrifice / and she refused
it atte alle / And thanne he graunted
that she shulde be bete withe
rawe synnes / And whanne the
childe seigh his moder bete he wepte
bitterly and cried pitously The
prouost toke the childe in his armes
and vpon hys knees and wolde haue
pleased the childe withe cussingges
and with faire wordes and þe
childe behelde his moder and hadd
abhominacion of the prouostes cussinge
and turned awaye his hede
by gret despite and scratte hym in
the visage and gaue a+voys acordinge
to his moder / as though he
saide J am cristen and continuelly
he faught withe the prouost and
atte the laste he bote hym by the
ere and raced it fro his hede and
thanne the prouost was cursidly
meued withe anger and withe
payne that he drewe the childe Doune
degrees that the tender brayne
was shedde // ¶ And whanne that
Julit seigh that her sone was goo
before her to the kingdom of heuene
she was glad and gaue thankyngges
to god / And thanne it was
comaunded that Julyt were slayne
and thanne her body wasshe with
boylinge piche / And after that to
haue her hede smyte of ¶ Jt is
founde in an other legende that
Quirice disposed the tyraunt as
wel whanne he glosed hym as
<fol. 124vb>whanne he blamed hym and confessid
that he was cristen / And after þe
tyme that he was a childe and witheoute
speche yet the holy goste was
in hym ¶ And whanne the prouost
asked hym who hadde taught hym
so he saide O thou prouost J meruaile
of thi folye sithe thou seest me so
yonge a childe whi enquerest thou
of me who hathe taught me ner thi
blinde malice thou myght clerely see
that the devine wisdom of god techithe
me and whanne he was bete
he cried J am cristen and euer as he
cried so he recouered more strength
and more amonge his tormentes
And the Juge made dismembre the
moder and the childe membre fro
membre / and comaunded that thei
shulde be caste here and there to yt
ende that thei shulde not be beried
of cristen men / But for al that the
aungel of oure lorde god gadered
hem to-gedre and thei were beried
bi nyght of cristen men in the tyme
of Constantine the gret whanne pes
was yolde to the chirche thei were
shewed by one of the chaumbreres
that lyued and ther beholde in gret
deuocion of al peple and they suffered
dethe in the yere of oure lorde ije
and xxxti vnder Alisaundre <ill></ill>

<Tranche 2>

<fol. 139ra>John seigh hym he knewe hym and
withe gret reuerence and drede &
saide to hym / A my lorde J shulde
be baptised of the and thou comest
to me ¶ Thanne oure lorde mekely
ansuered and saide suffre a while
and discouer me not . for my tyme
is not yet come Thus me behouith
to fulfell al rightwisnesse and therfor
baptise me . for now is tyme of
humilite and <ill><1 word></ill> of mageste / And
whanne seint John seigh the will
of his lorde he obeied to hym and
baptised hym ¶ Now takithe good
hede how the lorde of mageste dispoiled
hym-selff as he were an-other
simple man of the peple stondinge
in the colde water in tyme of gret
colde for oure loue werchinge oure
hele ordeninge the sacrement of
bapteme in wasshinge oure synnes
he hathe wedded to hym alle holy
chirche and singulerye he hathe wedded
to hym alle trwe soules Forwhi
in the faithe of bapteme we
be wedded to oure lorde ihesu crist as
the prophete saieth in the persone
of crist <lat>desponsatio te in fide michi</lat>
That is to saie J shall wedde the
in faithe to me / And also the chirch
singithe <lat></lat> this day the heuenly
spouse is Joyned to the chirche
For crist hathe wassh his synnes
in the flode of Jordan ¶ Of
this mervailous werke alle the
trinite beren witnesse in shewinge
hem for the holy goste light downe
on the sone and rest on hym in likenesse
of a dovue / And the voys of
the fader was herde sayenge This
is my beloued sone ; in whom J am
well plesed ¶ whanne oure blessed
lorde was baptised of seint iohn
seint John withe gret reuerence
shewed hym to the peple withe
<fol. 139rb>his fingre and saide <lat>Ecce agnus dei
qui tollit peccata mundi</lat>
Thanne he
went into the hille where he fasted
xlti dayes and seint iohn abidinge
still prechinge and baptysinge
the peple whos lyff and gouernaunce
appered so holy and so
perfite that sum of the peple said
that he was crist sum sayde he was
hely / And sum saide he was a prophete
The Jues heringe the mervailes
of oure lyff and gouernaunce
sent to hym prestes and levites
of her lawe / And whanne
they come to hym thei asked hym
what art thou that takest vpon
the suche maner governaunce / art
thou crist / he ansuered J am not
crist Art thou thanne Ely he saide
nay Art thou thanne a prophete
nay he saide / what ansuer saide
thei thanne shull we yeue to hem
that sent vs what saiest thou of
thi-selff / thanne saide John ¶ J
am a voys in desert crienge to alle
makethe redy the wayes of oure
lorde as J saie the prophete saide than
saide they that were sent why
baptisiste thou sethe thou art not
criste nother Ely ne prophete / than
ansuered seint John J baptise in
water in the middes of you Ther
is one that ye knowe not he it is
that shall come after me that was
made before me / the whiche J am
not worthi to vndo the lace of his
shoue And whanne they hadde
herde this thei parted fro hym wonderinge
gretly on his wordes //
¶ Jn this mene tyme seint John herd
how that kynge herodes helde
his brotheres wyff wrongfully
and anone for zele of rightwisnesse
he come to hym and argued
hym and blamyd hym gretly saieng
<fol. 139va>to hym / that it was not liefull to hym
to holde his brother is wyff and for
this cause herodes hated hym gretly
but specially his cursed wyff seking
al the menys that she coude to destroie
this blessed forgoer of oure lorde Jhesu
seint John And atte the laste they said
he was a deceiuour of the peple and
thei putte hym in prisoun And whan
this holy man was in prisoun he
desired that his disciples shulde go
to oure lorde ihesu crist and see the
mervailous werkes of hym and so
to be drawe to his loue And so he
called two of his disciples to hym
and saide to hem Gothe to ihesu crist
and askethe hym yef it be he that
is to come or that we shull abide
any other / And whanne the disciples
come to oure lorde ihesu he hadde a
gret multitude of peple tofore hym
and they seinge hym deden her message
mekely And whanne oure lord
hadde herde hem he ansuered hem
gladly and saide Gothe and saieth
to John that ye haue herde and sene
¶ The blinde haue sight / the lame
gone / lepres ben clensed the deef
heren / the dede arisen / the pore men
and symple prechen And he ys blessed
that hathe not be sclaundred in
me ¶ Whanne thei hadde herde this
thei turned ayein to report to her
maister these tydingges / And whan
they were parted oure lorde ihesu turned
hym and saide to the tourbe of
peple in praysinge of seint John what
trowe ye that ye see in desert A rede
that wawithe withe eueri wynde
But what trowe ye to see a man
clothed in solf clothinge ; lo suche
men that vsen softe clothes ; bene
in kyngges houses but what wene
ye that ye see a prophite ye J tell
you pleinly and more thanne a pro<fol. 139vb>phete for truly it is he of whom it is
wrete wher he saiethe J shall sende
myn Aungell before the wherfor J tell
you in trouthe that amonge alle the
children that bene bornn of women
shall not arise a gretter of vertue and
of dignite than iohn the baptist ¶ Now
turne we to the blessed seint John þt
liethe in sore prison whanne his disciples
come to hym fro oure lorde ihesu
withe the massage before-sayd he was
fulfelled withe gret Joye not withestondinge
that he knewe full well
before what he was but thus he dede
for the prophete of his disciples
forto make hem knowe the might &
the goodnesse of oure lorde ihesu crist
that they myght turne to hym and
duelle withe hym ¶ Jn this mene
tyme this wreched kynge herodes
helde a gret feste of his natiuite and
the whiles he satte atte his mete the
cursed quenes doughter come before
hym and daunsed and lepte tumbeled
and dede hym so gret plesaunce therJn that he bade her aske of hym what
she wolde haue ye though she asked
halff his Reawme ¶ The cursed quene
her moder heringe this bade her
that she shulde aske the hede of seint
iohn the baptist And whanne she
dede so the kynge feyned hym as though
he hadde be sori of her askynge but þt
he sayde he must nedys fulfell his
othe and graunted / And so he comaunded
that he schulde be byheded ande
marter for loue of Rightwisnesse /
Of whom Crisostome saiethe O thou
blessed martir seint iohn the sole of
vertues maister of lyff the renome
of holynesse / the rule of Rightwisnesse
Mirrour of virginite cure of chastite
ensaumple of Clennesse waye of penaunce
pardoun of synnes disciplaine
of faithe John is gretter thanne man
<fol. 140ra>euene withe aungels souerayne of
the gospels light of the worlde message
of the Juge mene of al the trinite
sawer of faithe wey of the aposteles
stintinge of the prophetis
Thus worthi and thus gret a man
was putte to marterdom and his
blessed hede was yeue to the doughter
and acursed auouuterere herodes
was not punisshed for this gilte ;
but he was dampned to an other
after and bothe he and his wiff deuoured
withe wilde bestis / as the
maister of the stories tellithe //
¶ whanne this blessed prophete had
ended his holy lyff bi glorious marterdom
his disciples toke his body
that was so holy and bare it into
the Citee of Sebaste in palastine
and beried hym betwene helser
and abdias / And for there were
many a glorious miracle done atte
his sepulture . Julian the apostata
that was acursed tyraunt made to
parte his bones to be gadered and
yet the miracles cessed not Ande
whanne he seigh that he made the
bones to be gadered to-gedre / and
brent hem / And whanne thei were
turned to asshen . he lete wenw þe
pouudre in the wynde ¶ But as
bede tellithe in his cronicles that
whiles men gadered to-gedre these
blessed bones to brenne ther come
of auenture amonge hem monkes
that come fro Jerusalem and
priuely thei gadered amonge hem
a gret parti of the holy bones and
bare hem to Phelip that was bisshopp
of Jerusalem / and he sent hem
after to Athanasie bisshopp~ of Alisaundre
and longe tyme after Thophile
bisshopp~ of that Citee fonde
hem in the temple of Sarapis whan
he purged it from filthe & dedi[fi]ed
<fol. 140rb>it / And thanne he sacred there a chirche
of Seint John the baptist / thus
is that the maister of Stories tellithe
and now thei be worshipped deuoutely
and arraied withe precious
stonis so as Alisaundre the fourthe
and Jnnocent the fourthe that knewe
the trouthe proue it bi her priuileges
And right as herodes that
made hym to be byheded was punisshed
for his cursed dede Right
so Julian the apostata that made
this bonis to be brent was smiten
withe the devine vengeaunce &
that persecusion is conteyned in þe
storie of seint Julian that is after
the conuersion of Seint paule //
And of the findinge of the blessed
hede of this holy marter it is wretin
in the storie of Ecclesiast that
saiethe in this wise Seint John
was bounde and his hede smite
of in a castell of Arabie that hight
mathe rouche herodyen made þe
hede be bore into Jerusalem And
lete brenne it priuely besydes the
habitacion of herode for she dredde
her leste the profit wolde haue
risen ayein if the hede hadde bene
beried withe the bodye / And as
it is wretin in the maister of Stories
in the tyme of marce prince
that beganne the yere CCCliij .
John releued his hede to iij monkes
that were come into Jerusalem
And thanne they went to the paleys
that was herodes / and founde
the hede of Seint John wrapped
in an olde sacke of here and as J
trowe it was the vestement that
he wered in deserte / and thanne
thei toke the blessed hede withe
hem and thei turned ayein to her
owne propre places And as they went
by the waye a pore man that was
<fol. 140va>a maker of erthin pottis and bere
one withe hym to sell mette with
these monkes a+litell from the Citee
of misse and fill in felawshipp~ with
hem / And thanne anone they toke
hym the skrippe to bere withe this
holy hede //