<County: Hertfordshire>
<Code: L6580>
<MS reference: London, BL Harley 1785>
<Text: Treatises on trees>

<Tranche 1>

<fol. 22v><line 20><space for initial with i indicated>f you wil þat a peretre bere
full of fruyt . or ell as my
chil as he hath wone to bere bifor~ .
Do as þe for-seide maister r~ techeth .
Distempre Scamony wt water . and
<fol. 23r>put it in-to an hole þat is persed to þe
pith of þe tre . & stoppe þe hole wt a
pyn þat is mad of þe same tre .
or ell of a-noþer . and it shal bere as
it was wone . or mychil more . /
And wyte wel þat J haue seen
a tre þat maister R~ made so as it
is seid bifor~ / / And whan J asked
of him wheþer~ a man myght make
a tre to bere fruyt stiptyk / þt is
byndyng ageyns þe flux of þe
wombe ; he answered & seid . J . ha
ue not proued it / but reson~ wt
seith not . þat stiptyk / medicyn
yoten in a tre in þe maner as it is
bifore-seid . it shal availe in a con
trarie cause after myn opynyon~ ;
þis science may ben drawe a-brood
to þe effect of alle maner medicynes
as in fruyt it sheweth hym-selue .
Alo for-sothe it is prouable . þt alle
maner of spices of riche odour in þe
same wise yoten in a tre as baw
me . musk . ambre . & lignum alo es
<fol. 23v>þat fruyt as wel in sauour . as in smel
lyng shal represente þe same effect
þat þe þing hath þat is yoten so
in-to þe tre / And wyte þu wel vp
on oon stok / J haue seen boþe apples
& perys growynge . but yit þei
were in diuerse braunches . And whan
J . had asked of þe gardener of þis ma
tier~ ; he seide þat shal no ben seen
in an old tre . but in a yonge .
<space for initial with i indicated>f an old tre bigynnynge to waxe
drye þus quyketh ageyn As
Aristotle . seith . <lat>In libro . de plantis</lat> . That þe
erthe þat is aboute þe rotes be doon
awey . & clyf . ij . or iij . of þe grettest
rotes wt an ax . & put a wegge of
tre in þe clifyng / . & hyle þe rotes
agayn wt þe same erthe / Also J haue
herd of oþere gardyners þat if swiche
a tre be persed þorugh wt a mychil
knyf or wt a wymbil acroswise . þt
yanne þe strengthe of þe tre bigynneþ
<space for initial with i indicated>f þu wilt þat / to waxe þung
Pomgarnets þat ben soure as
<fol. 24r>ony aysel be made swete as Aristotle seith
in þe same book of plantes . þat tre
shal ben dolue al aboute & dunged
wt piggis turdis . & so þe pomgar
net shal be swete . & if any man af
ferme þat þis is sothe of pomgar
net3 ; it is liklych þat alle soure <ill><1 word></ill>
may ben made swete if thei ben þus
dunged wt piggis dunge / / Also wite
þu wel þat J haue lerned of a clerk
an-oþer remedie . yat is þis / Make an
hole in the sour~ tre with a wymbil .
and in-to þat hole shal ben put water
þat is medled wt hony & þe hole stop
ped ageyn wt a pyn of þe same tre .
And note wel þat þe same hole shal
not passe þe myddis of þe tre .
<space for initial with t indicated>hat in an appil or a pere be+founde
a gemme as a precious ston or a
perle . or ell clowe . or greyn . or oþer þing
lyk Take ony thyng lyk as J haue
seid and whan þe appil or þe pere
is floured & somwhat growen ;
threst Jnne harde at þe bude+ende
<fol. 24v>. i . per anum . of þe fruyt whiche þou
wilt of þise þinges . and let it growe .
& marke wel þe braunche & þe fruyt
by some notable signe
<space for initial with i indicated>f þu wilt plaunte an almaunde
tre . or a walsh-not tre or a
chiryetre . or a peche tre . Put þe
kirnels of which þu wilt in water
. iij . daies . and þanne put many of
þe kirnels in þe erthe togidre / or
ell seuerably . and whan þe sprigge
is growen out & hath stonde so al
þe hool yere ; þanne tak hem oute
of þe erthe . and set hem wher~ þat
þou wilt / And note wel þat in euery
tre þe braunches ben to be cutt of
in settyng tyme . saaf the peche
tre . Jn which þu shal al oonly cutte
awey þe drye braunches . <ill>....</ill>
<space for initial with t indicated>elsus . i . <lat>arbor mororum</lat> þat is
a moortre . shal þus ben
plannted . Put a stok of wilugh
in a furgh of erthe maad for þe
nones and let hym growe . þanne
<fol. 25r>aboue in side make holes euelong
as many as þu wilt . Jn whiche
cliftes put smale braunches of þe
moortre þe whiche muste ben
cutt in maner of a wegge at þe plan
tyng eende mete to stonde Just in
þe cliftes . and þanne stoppe þe ho<?>
les of þe cliftes . and þanne put
al þe stok of þe wilugh vnder þe
erthe þat it be hyd in þe furgh .
And a plantere of trees seide to
me þat no tre shal pershe þat is
plaunted in þis maner . þe whiche
if þu wilt after þe first yeer is pas
sed or þe seconde deperte hem assun
der þu may wel cutte hem wt a sawe
bytwen þe yonge braunches . & so
transplaunte hem in diuerse pla
ces þat be apt þerfore /
<space for initial with i indicated>f þe pecher bigynne to drow
kne . let him be wel moysted
wt dunge . And as Paladie seith
his beste dungyng is wt drastys
of wyn . And also þe same dun
<fol. 25v>gyng kepith hym fro shedyng . And
summe oþere seyn þat best dungyng
for hym is that he be moysted wt
water of þe decoccioun of benes Also
if þe pithe apples bigynne to fall
clif ye rotes wt an ax and in þe clif
tes dryf a wagge maad of a pyne-
tre Or ell make holes wt a wym
bil . & make pynnes of wilugh &
smyt hem Jnne faste and þe fruyt
shal abide on ye tre faste ynough .
<space for initial with i indicated>f an appiltre bigynne to rotten .
or if þe applis þer-of waxe rusty .
þanne þe barke of hym is syk . kitte
it þerfore wt a knyf and let it be
opened . & whan þe humour þer-of
is somwhat flowen out . let dunge
him wel & stoppe ayen diligently
his wounde with cley
<space for initial with i indicated>f þu wilt þat in þe ston of a .
peche appil be founde not ker
nels . graffe a graffe of a peche
tre on a . stok of a not-tre . Also a
peche tre shal brynge+forth pomgar
net3 . if it be watred wt gotis mylk
. iij . dayes whan it bigynneth to flour .
<space for initial with a indicated>lso þe apples of a pecher~ shul
waxe reede if his syoun be graf
fed on a plane tre / And after myn
opynyoun all þat is seid of þe peche
tre . may ben vndirstonde to ben
seid of þe trisomellis . þt is better~
þanne pecher . /
<space for initial with t indicated>hat in all þe peches þt growen
vp on oon tre in þe kernels
þer-of be writen or coloured what þe
þe list . as þe name of þe same tree .
persicus . may be writen in þe ker
nels . Put þe kernels wt þe scalis
in þe erthe . and after . vij . daies or
moo . whan þe scalis bigynne to o
pene ; þanne opene þe scalis & in
þe kernele wt cynopr~ writ or peint
a woord or a marke what þu wilt
and anon bynd hem to-gidr~ ageyn
wt her~ scalis . & diligently birye
hem in þe erthe ageyn . and let hem
abide þere til þei ben trees . Jn which
<fol. 26v>trees alle þe kernels þat come þer
of shul haue þe same signe .
<space for initial with i indicated>f wormes growe in a tre
Askes þat ben medled with
oyle de olyue or mirr~ shal sle hem .
And þer-to is also good to strike þe
tre wt medlure maad wt . ij . partes
of oxe pisse . & þe þridde of cley
Aristotle seith þat for to distroye þo
wermes is good ; pouder maad of
calamynte dryed & stamped wt
sulphur þer-to ;
<space for initial>he queynce tre al the tyme
þat he is able to ben transplan
ted he wolde ben remoued euery
fourte yere þat shal make hym
to bere greet plente of fruyt afterwar<ill><1 letter></ill>
<space for initial with i indicated>f þou wilt þat þe cos
tard or queynce appil waxe
grete . Tak a competent pot . &
set it in þe erthe . & bowe oon of
his braunches wt an appil þer-on
doun to þe erthe . & put þe appil in
þe pot . & bynde þe braunche to
<fol. 27r>þe pot . & let it abide so as long as
it waxeth . and it shal waxe a
greet appil in þe pot . /
<space for initial with a indicated>nd note wel þat grekis tau
ght me a wondirful+thyng
whan J was Athene of melouns þt
we calle pepouns . Take a pot mad
þer-fore . or a ston . or a tre þat is al
graue wt-jnne so þat it haue al
þe maner of a seel . a mannys heued
graued . or sumer figure what it
be þat it be graued wt-jnne / And
whan þe flour is falle of þe pe
poun . bynd þat yonge pepoun &
þe seel to-gidre wt-jnne þe forseid
vessel . as it is bifore-seid . and it
shal growe after þe fourme bifore-
seid . The same you may do wt ci
trullis & gourdes & cucumbres .
And happily who so wil assaye
he may fynde þe same in diuerse
fruytis .
<space for initial with t indicated>he chiryetre loueth cold eyr~
& moyste ground . But somme

<Tranche 2>

<fol. 46v>Of þe tyme of soweng or setting of trees .
Of disposynge of place & amendynge of
the erthe
Of þe maner of settyng of sedis pe[pyns & stones]
Of þe maner of setting / of Rotis of shottis or spires
Of chaungynge or reme
vynge of trees fro place to place .
Of þe gouernynge of trees & of plantes .
<space for initial> seygh in þe secree3 of Aristotle . þat in
þe equinoccijs of Regiouns þe erth
is more disposed to make putrefacci
ouns þan in oþer tymes of þe yeer . as it
sheweth by Ptolome in oon of his
prattyks þat is <lat></lat>
<lat></lat> Of þe elecciouns of þe
cours or stedes of þe sunne in somer . &
in wynter . That oon for his excesse
in-to cold . þat oþer for his excesse in-to
hete maketh putrefaccyouns impossi
ble to be shewed . þerfore sithen þis tyme
is moost couenable to rype & expoile
of al . And also for . Aristotle seith . Jn <lat>libro de
generacone & corruptone</lat> . þat putrefac
cion~ of oon þing . is gendryng of an-
<fol. 47r>oþer þing~ . in all maner generacion~ of trees
out of pepyns or kernels . þerfore it
bihoueth putrefaccion~ to go bifore .
And to putrefieng corruptynge for
cause þat hete wercheth in moystnesse
þer-fore he ne is not suffred in þe sol
stice of somer . for excesse in-to hete &
dryenesse . Ne in þe Solstice of wynter ;
For þe excesse in-to cold & moystenesse
Therfore putrefaccion~ must nedys
haue place in euer eiþer equinoccio . specifi
ed . but yit þat must be in þis manere
Pepyns & greynes of colde trees muste
ben sett in þe equinoccioun of wynter of
hote trees in þe equinoccioun of somer /
And þat borell clerkes may vnderstonde
þise Auctoures woordes . let hem vnder
stonde hem þus . þat is to wyten . For
þe equinoccion~ of somer ; let hem take
ver ; And for þe equinoccion~ of wynter ;
This chapitle asketh þe place of þe
mone & his age But for þer ben but
fewe þat knowe þe place of þe mone
in þe zodiac . þerfore vs byhoueth to
<fol. 47v>passe forth by oþere þinges more comon~
Therfore wyte þu þat art expert þat
whan þe mone is in Tauro . it is good
tyme to plante trees of greynes and
pepyns / Whan it is in Cancro or leo
n . or libra . it is good to werche in
trees þat ben newe sprunge whan
þe mone is in virgine . it is good tyme
to sowe alle maner þing To borell
folk J . seye þat fro þe myddes of Sep
tembr~ . vn-to þe myddis of Decembr~
is open tyme of plantynge And
right so fro þe myddes of Janeuere
vn-to þe myddis of March . But yit
in þise tymes is good to chese whan
þe mone is of . v . or vi . or . vij . or viij .
or ix . dayes old. bifore þe plein lume
. i . bifore þe fulle mone . Also after þe
fulle whan it is . xxj . or . xxij . or . xxiij .
or . xxiiij . or . xxv . daies old / For in
þise quarters þe commixtyon~ is moost
temporat .
Of disposicioun of þe place and
Arayeng of the erthe :

<fol. 48r><space for initial with i indicated>N euery plantynge it is to dispose
it so þat þe sunne-bemes mowe
come to þe rote . or to þe erthe fro
þe houre of terce vn-to none . And
þanne ben þei planted in þe best ma
ner / / And þat þe trees þat ben be
rynge & of grete highte . þat partie
þat stood toward þe North be sett
ageyns þe north wynd . & þe north
west wynd . but þe hygh north wynd
& west haue kynde to kele & drye
to mychil trees þat ben new sett
for her~ vnmesurable gretnesse /
The erthe muste ben ordeyned so þt
it be neiþer to fatt . ne to grauelly
& þt proporcionally . For if þu wile br
ynge forth trees declynynge wheþer
it be more to hete or to coldnesse / to
moystenesse or to dryenesse þu must
consider~ þe regyon~ . & þe eir in þe
best wise þu myght And apten þe
place after þe eyr þer-aboute & after þt
þe kynd of þat tre is / And ordeyne to
euery þing it þt acordeth þer-to for þe
<fol. 48v>disposicioun of ye eyr is of diuerse maner
after diuerse affluence of þe heigher~
body in diuerse partyes of þe clymatis .
For it were but ydil to sette olyue
trees in Flaundres sithen þei may neiþer
brynge forth þere tre-berynge ne not
berynge . & þerfore summe of hem wene
þat oile doliue be fatnesse of fyssh
/ / And oþere wenen . þat wyn may ben
drawen of water & spices soden : for
þei may haue neiþer vyne-berynge
ne vnberynge amonges hem . And
þerfore it were but veyn to shewe
hem þis counseil / but to swich puple
as haue þe eyre more subtil & tem
porat for þere þe erthe may ben ma
ad fatter~ . or amended as a+man lyk
& as nature asketh of þat shal ben
planted .
Of þe maner~ of settynge of grey
nes sedys & pepyns of trees :

<space for initial with c indicated>hes as J . haue wryten tyme
place & erthe / & set þo kernels
greynes / & pepyns vnder swiche
<fol. 49r>erthe . iiij . or . v . fynger brede . so þt eche
be fro oþere half a fote alwey kepynge
þis special rewle þat þe eende of þe
greyn or pepyn þat stood next þe
rote be netherest in þe settynge / &
þat oþere eende vp toward heuene /
þanne þu must moyste hem twyes or
þries in þe day not yettynge . but
dewenge . or sprenklynge This is
a priuyte amonges cunnynge men þat
in ver is moost couenable tyme for
sedys greynes & pepyns / & in au
tumpne of sprynges and plantes / /
The manere of plantenge of
Rotes and setlynges /

<space for initial with w indicated>han þu comest to take a setling
þat spryngeth out of an-oþere
trees rote ; make a litil delf þer-aboute
after þe quantite þer-of is descendynge doun
ward til þu come to þe eende of þe
smale rootes & þat þu fynde þe grete
rote / of whom þat spryng / groweth
þanne þu must cutte it / holdynge þe
egge of þe knyf to-ward þe tre / or
<fol. 49v>toward þe ground and kyt it so wt
a sloop draught & lef as mychil as
þu myght of þe erthe a-boute þe rote
& stok / of þe setlyng & set it in good
ground ordeyned þerfore & maad redy
& in couenable tyme As is seyd bifore
And so of ony spryng groweng out
of ony tre ches þat goth right out
þat be not ouerlong but euene wtout
smale braunches þat biholdeth to
ward þe mydday holdynge þe knyf
in cuttyng of of þe rote þt þe egge
be toward þe rote Set it in place &
tyme couenable þerfore / as it is bifore
seyd .
Of Remevynge of trees fro place to Place
<space for initial with l indicated>oke þat tre þat shal
be remeved . if it be greet or ell
berynge fruyt Ches þe a ful mone fro
þe myddes of Ottobr~ to þe myddes of
Decembr~ hauynge vp þe Rotes as ho
ol as þu best may / leuynge as mychil of
his owen erthe aboute þe rote as þou
myght hold þe maner & þe ordr~ þt is bifore
<fol. 50r>seyd in þe chapitle of smale trees . or
setlynges / Jt is no greet fors þough
þe mone be not euene in þe fulle so
it be in þe seconde . or in þe þridde quarter
The gouernaill of þise plantes is doub
lyng of þe beryng of fruyt /
Of þe gouernayll of trees & plantes
<space for initial with i indicated>f þu wilt kepe late sett plantes
kep hem fro vespertyn reynes
& fro wyndes namely in heruest For
it is not so greet difficulte in ver .
Ageyns þe comynge of wynter . stike
aboute þe setlyng many bowes þt
þe northene wynd or gretnesse of
er wyndes distroye it not . Do dunge
medled wt stree aboute þe stok toward
þe rote of a good thiknesse þat frost
ne snow congele not on þe rote / And
make a deep valey þer-aboute þe space
of . vj . or . vij . feet þat water abyde not
& frese about þe rote / / But in large
trees þat bere fruyt3 on oþer maner mak
a pyt al aboute þe rote in Autumpne
. s . heruest . þat is bytwen somer and