<County: Lancashire>
<Code: L0113>
<MS reference: Preston, Lancashire County Record Office, DDIb Culcheth 1381>
<Text: Memorandum of evidences>

These arne yo euiden<ill><2 chars></ill>s shewed before Elys of Entwysell by comaundement of my lord of Dureme for Richard of Radclif agaynes
Nicholas of Risley of certeyn lond betwene hom in debate ; yat is for to say of a certeyn More & Mosse & J . Mese & xv . acre of lond yt
was sumtyme parcell of ye forsaid More & Mosse
¶ Richard wylkynson@ the wryght sworne & examynt sais on his othe yt he was . xl yere olde at yo forme deth & born wt-in ye tou@ of
Culchith and dwellet there . lx . yere and sais yat he was by qwen Richard of Radclif & Robart of Risley acordet yt yo forsaide
xv acre parcell of yo forsaide More & other xv acre ye wheche Robart of Risley had & yis Nicholas has nowe of ye queche ye ton
ende lys to ye Redyshagh shuld be departe <ill><c.1 word></ill> of yat wast yat was in comyn bytwene homme ; and thor-vpon he sais he sagh
homme cast cawle & loot so yt ye . xv . acre yt arne now in debate fellen to Richard of Radclif and yis was done by-fore the grete deth
and he sais all yat More & Mosse was in comyn bytwene ye forsaid Richard of Radclif & Robart and he herd neuer say ye contrary therof
er this debate fell and the forsaid Robart sayd he wold noght for his . x . oxyn yat ye cauell had fallen other was then hit
did for hit legh so negh his tenauntes
¶ John atkynson@ sworne & examynt says he was . xvj yere old at ye forme deth and acordes in all thynges to the forsaid Ric~ wylkynson@
saue yt he sais he was born in Neuton@ wt-in . ij . Myle to the forsaid lond and has dwellet in Culchith . xxviij . yere saue yt he
was noght by at the departeson@
¶ Atkyn Jakson@ sworne & examynt says he was . xvj . yere in the forme deth borne & alway dwelland in Culchith acordes to
the sayng of Richard wylkynson@ in all thynges and awre yt sais yat he was by when Margery Richardes Moder of Radclif
made to take certayn cappulles of tenauntes of Sotheworth vp-on the forsaid mene Mosse and send hym to Robart of Risley
to bid hym come & help to penyssh for pasturyng on hor mene Mosse And he said ther was More & Mosse enogh for hir & all
hir kyn and hym and his kyn for euer-more & he wold penyssh no pore folke ther-fore
¶ Adam of longshagh sworne & examynt sais he was . iiij . yere olde in the forme deth and sais he was seruaunt to Robart wyf
of Risley sone after the forme deth and sais yat he herd neuer say before this debate but yt this More & Mosse werne in comyn
bytwene the hayres of Radclif & Risley ; and yt the lond was departyt in the maner as Richard wylkynson@ sayde
¶ Ric~ the hunt borne in Culchith and dwelland . lx . yere sworne & examynt sais he was . iiij . yere old in the forme deth
acordes in all thynges to Adam of longshagh saue yt he was not seruant to Robartes wyf of Risley
Rog~ atkynson@ of . l . yere olde borne & dwelland in Culchith sworne & examynt sais yt atkyn his fader told [hym] yt he was by
at the departeson@ of the lond before-said & mete & mesuret hit wt his hond and of the remenant acordes to Richard the hunt
And all these byfore-said sayn vp-on hor oth yt Richardes tenauntes of Radclif & James tenant~ of Radclif hauen doluen
turves contynule fro yere to yere and yt the forsaid Richard & James han sold turves contynuely fro yere to yere to hor vse