<County: Lancashire>
<Code: L0121>
<MS reference: Preston, Lancashire County Record Office, DDSc 439/162>
<Text: Affidavit>

Be hit knawyn to all trew crystyn pepill that on the sonday next after the fest of ye translacon@ of Saynt Thomas the martyre
the yere of the Regne of kyng~ henr~ the Sext~ the xxiijith in the parich kyrk of Ormeskyrk . the tyme of ye hegh masse in presence & Audience
of all the parochiens of the same parich & of vs Robert wodward . priour~ . of the house of saynt Nicholas of Bursohogh . all his cothanens<?> <ill><1 word></ill>
person@ of the kyrk . of halsall henr~ halsall henr~ Atherton@ Thomas lathum . henr~ Byron@ Ewan Standissh . hugh Agton@ John@
Atherton@ & Thomas Fox . oon@ Roger Naden@ at yt tyme ther beyng~ of his awne free will & noght <ill><1 word></ill> sware opon@ the holy
evangeliste that he neuer~ made Fefment Alienacon@ . dede nor relece . nor bargan . of sale to Jame3 of the holt Fader vn-to henr~ of the
holt nor to the saide henr~ nor to noon@ other persone outaken@ to henr~ of Scaresbrek . of certayne lond liyng~ wt-in the said parich of Ormoskyrk
called huyton@ Feld and the said Roger at yt tyme desiritt the sentence of cuˆ[r]syng~ to be gyuyn opon@ hym if his othe were noght trew
the whech was Fulfillid by the viker . of the said kirk and then forthwyth . the yere day & place ˆ [in] presence & audience oboue-said
in affermance of the said othe . on@ Thomas Crofte of the said towne of Ormeskyrk yoman A+man of credence gode name & Fame & of
lxxx yere of Age & more Sware opon@ a boke that to his knawlege & supposyng~ that othe the whech the said Roger hade Swer-yn
was trew . For & any such fefmente3 or alienacoun3 shuld haue bien made to Any persone the said Thomas shuld haue had knawlege
therof by reson@ by-cause he had the said feld in ferme x yere contynually next be-fore the said Roger Naden@ had any thyng~ ther-in & also
all the while the said Roger had ther-jn vn-to the tyme he made feffement vn-to the said henr~ of Scaresbrek . of the whech fefment
the said Thomas Croft had knawle3e . & attourned vn-to the said henr~ of Scaresbrek . & neuer~ vn-to ˆ [any] other persone by force or vertue of Any
Alienacon@ or Fefment of the said lond by the said Roger vn-to Any other persone or persone3 made nor of non@ such Alienacoun3 or feffmente3
to Any other persone or persone3 by the said Rog~ ˆ [of the said lond] mad the said Thomas Croft Sware in fourme <ill><1 word></ill> yt he had neuer~ notice nor knawlege
nor credeble informacon@ Jn wytnes of the whech thyng~ we whos name3 bien@ oboue writyn vn-to this owre lettur test<ill><3-4 chars></ill>all
haue sett owre selys Gyuyn . the day & yere oboue-said .