<County: Lancashire>
<Code: L0293>
<MS reference: Durham, Prior's Kitchen, Dean and Chapter Muniments, Locellus IX.35>
<Text: Complaint>

¶ Prior of lythum ˆ [playntes] on sir John~ Botiller and sayd <last letter unclear, corrected?> sir John~ manast the prior to dowke hym in the see ˆ [& draw don@ his ˆ [horsses] &<?> his closes] querfore the sayd prior
durst not be at hom~ bot went his way fro lythu@ in grete costes of the sayd prior And hyndryng~ of his housbandry in the
valu of <ill><sum></ill>
¶ Also the sayd sir John his seruant3 & his tenaunt3 that is to say Gerrard Thomas Mercer~ & other~ letted the sayd prior his seruant3 &
his tenant3 to Fisshe in kelgre Meles North<?> Hewes & sette thair~ nettes [lynes] in the see before the sayd prior seruant3 & tenant so
that thai myght gete [no] profet and toke the lynes & lade hom to laton@ & wit holden@ hom yet to his harmes of <ill><sum></ill>
¶ Also the sayd sir John~ his seruant3 & his tenant3 wt thair~ catell distryet a flat feld of otes of xxx acr~ & neuer made amendes
ne J durst not for drede of sir Johnn before-sayd mote hom to harmes of the sayd prior of xx<ill><rest of sum></ill>
¶ Also the sayd sir John~ his seruant3 & his tennt3 haue distriet his quete his barle & other corne wit thair~ catell in a feld cald
Crokyns Dernefeld Northe feld and the Medos of the sayd priours in the old hey [& oþer places] in so myche quere the prior was wont
to hafe xxiiij fothers of hay yerly he had now bot .iij. fothers & so has he trespast continuelly sen he come to laton~
to harmes of the seid prior of <ill><sum, ?xxl></ill>
¶ Also the sayd sir John~ his seruant And his tenants haue distryet his seuerall pastur~ fro the Crosse in hawes to lythu~ toun@ wit
thar~ catell & if thay were pyndet the sayd sir John~ bade his seruant & his tenants thay suld fynd no boros ne fro then Both<?or Bath> he durst
nother~ pynd thaym ne mote thaym to harme of <ill><sum></ill>
¶ Also the sayd sir John~ send forthe xvj heruest men & caried away gress that grew on seynt Cutbert ground as hit is contenet
wit in the Charter of sir Richard fil3 Rog~ founder~ of lithu@ to harmes of the sayd priour to <ill><sum></ill>
¶ Also the sayd sir John~ James of Cotou@ & Richard of Jrlond seruant of the sayd sir John~ be in a+day at Couburn@ to olde Richard
of plumpton~ my [seruant of the said prior] seruant & hym bete & woundet & wit an arro strot hym & wondet & a staff this cald a+padell toke and
bere away & Jsabell the doght~ of the sayd Richard thay bete & wonded & ill [<ill><1 word></ill>] quer-thurgh the said priour lost the serues of his seruant
be longes tyme to his harmes of <ill><sum></ill>
¶ Also the sayd priour playntes on william of hole Miln~ & seruant of the said sir John~ [that he] le in await at latou@ Milne & ther~ made
affr~ on the sayd priour & persuet [hym] wit gret Clob & manast hym wit gret wordes & hym wold hafe betyn bot at he rode away
in grete harme & shame & vylanye<?> to the sayd priour
¶ Also the sayd priour playntes on Thomas Macer~ of laton@ John~ Mercer of laton@ Richard Mercer~ of laton@ & Thom~ of hole of laton@
tenantz & seruant3 of the sayd sir John@ come on thursday last [of ye <ill><1 word></ill>] past vnder daying~ wit a Cart thurgh his seuerall & his medos
& distriet his gres fellet his wode in Galgres Carre & cariet hit away maystrefully and brak the arest of his baly & cariet hit
away wit a Cart agayn the will of said priour to his harmes to a hundret <ill><sum></ill>