<County: Lancashire>
<Code: L0296>
<MS reference: London, Public Record Office E40/8559>
<Text: Award>

To all maner of men yt yis present writeng indentit shall se or her~ Thomas lord Egremount sendes gretyng in our~ lord euer-lastyng wher~ yer
hase ben debait variaunce & discord betwix Thomas Proctour of Vlpho Richard Postiltwait & Richard Charnok opon~ ye ton@ parte & Willam Sadeler~
hugh Sadeler~ Thomas Daudson & willam Daudson on~ yt tothir parte of ye welk ye seid partis hase submyt yam~ & athir~ of ye seid partis is
bondon to me ye seid lord in an obligacion~ of a C li to obey & fulfell myn ordinans & award of all ye seid variauns3 ther~ J at Cartmel
ye xviij day of februarij ye yer of ye Ren of kyng henr~ sext aft~ ye conquest xxviijo ordeinys & deme3 & awardis ye seid Thomaus Proctour
to com~ to ye hall of Broghton & yer lawly besek John of Broghton qwier~ to be his gode master knawleghyng yt he hase <ill><1 word></ill> to hym
& offendit his god mastership Also J award ye seid Thomas to sew be a frend of his to ye sam John to haue knowleges at what tym~
resonabl it may plese hym to com to his submision forseid Jn semblabill vise J orden & award ye seid Thomas Proctour to com
ye hall of Thaytis & yer to submit hym~ & sew to willam of Twaytis lik as it is bifor specefid yt he shall do to ye seid John
Broghton Also <ill><c. 3-4 words, stain></ill> willam Sadeler~ opon~ gode friday next comeng at millum kyrk to excuse hym opon a bok be-for
John <ill><c. 3-4 words, stain> if he be yan yer . And if he be absent . at yt tym~ yan ye seid willam to excuse hym@
be-for ye vicar~ & ye pressyng yt he vse <ill><1 word, stain></ill> gelty of sleyng of ye do wilk wase said he shulde haue slan in Vlpho Also J orden & award
ye sam Thomas to pay or mak to be paid to ye seid willam Sadeler~ for harme3 hurt fo maym@ yt he haid of ye seid Thomas
& othir of his feloship~ x li at ye fest <lacuna> Also J award ye sem<?> Thomas to pay or mak to be paid to ye seid hugh
Sadeler~ for harme3 hurt & maym~ yt he haid of ye sam~ Thomas & othir~ of his felaship~ x li at ye seid fest Also J orden@
& award ye sam willam & hugh to pay or mak to be paid to ye said Thomas Proctour for harme3 & hurtis yt haid
of yam & othir~ of yar~ feloship x mark at ye seid fest Jn witnes of whilk thyng to yis present writeng indentit
J haue set to my sell Gifen ye yer~ day & plase aforseid