<County: Lancashire>
<Code: L0416>
<MS reference: London, Public Record Office E40/10386>
<Text: Award>

To all cristyn~ pepyll whilk this present writyng~ sall see or here John Hodeleston@ Thomas Broghton@ & John kirkeby
squyers sendes gretyng~ in god euerlastyng~ ; and for als mekyll as of lang~ tym@ yer has ben~ contrauercy variaunce & debate
betwix Roland kirkeby squyer~ apon~ ye ton@ partie . and Roland Thorneburgh squyer~ apon~ ye toyer partie ; of ye whilk the said
parties & ayther~ of thaym@ arr~ fully compromyt assentit & agreit and also aither~ off thaym@ bodely sworn@ apon~ a boke to
abide & fulfyll the ordynance dome & awarde of vs the said John Thomas & John of all ye contrauercy variaunce & debate
abouesaid ; there we the said John Thomas & John all thair~ compleyntes answeres & replicacouns be vs herd conceyuet
& wele vnderstanden~ ; the mononday next after~ ye feste of ye Natiuite of seint John Baptist the yere of ye reigne
of kyng~ Henry ye vjth after~ ye conquest xxxvj orden~ deme & awarde the said Roland Thorneburgh to pay to the said
Roland kirkeby xx marc~ ; that is to say v marc~ at ye feste of seint wolfray callet the fair~ of dalton~ next comyng~
v marc~ at ye feste of ye purificacon@ of our~ lady then~ next folowyng~ v marc~ at ye feste of whissonday then@ next
folowyng~ & othir~ v marc~ residue of ye said xx marc~ at ye feste of seint wolfray callet ye fayre of dalton~ then~
next folowyng~ ; Also we orden~ deme & awarde the said parties to stand sad trew & feythfull frendes fro this day
forward of & for all man~ maters had . don~ . or mevet betwix thaym@ fro ye begynnyng~ of ye word vnto ye day of ye
makyng~ of thees indentures in saueyng & kepyng thair~ wirship~ & thair~ othes abouesaid Jn witnes whereof to this
our~ awarde we haue set our~ seles Geuen@ the day & yere abouesaid