<County: Lancashire>
<Code: L0420>
<MS reference: London, Public Record Office DL 25/399>
<Text: Agreement>

Thys indenture made betwix willam lorde of haryngton@ A-pon the ta partie And Robert þe Abbot & couent of Fourneys aponn
þe tother partie beres witnes . þt where certan variaunce hase bene be-twene þe sayde partyes for þe closyng be-twene
þe deuyses & þe boundes of þe landes & tenementes of þe saide Abbott & Couent wtin þe towne of Dalton . And þe
lande & tenementes of þe sayde lordes wtin þe towne of Lese . there þe sayde partyes arre Agreet in þe manere & fourme
þt folowes . þt is to say . that þe saide Abbot & conuent for thayme & thayre successours for euermore . sall make A wall & A
dyke at thaire will be-twyx all þe bowndes & þe deuyses of þe sayde townes . Also ferre als þe boundes of thayre
sayde lande & tenementes stretches wt-owtynn any clayme of comenn of pasture . to be made be þe saide willam hys
heyres or assignes or be any other in thayre ryghtes . And þt þe saide Abbot & Couent at thaire awne coste sall be made
also suer þerof to thayme & þaire successours for euermore als thay may be made be lawe & concience be þe avyse of
thayre councell . And also þe saide Abbot & couent sall make þe saide lorde hys heres & assignes als suer of A way
ouer þe landes & tenementes of þe saide Abbottes & couentes for all man~ of cariages to be made fro hys castell
& maner of Aldyngham to Harray heued & agayne þt may be necessarie for his housalde his heires & assignes for
euermore als þe sayde lorde may be made be lawe & concience be þe avise of hys counsell . So þt hys tenauntes
nor the tenauntes of hys heires nor assignes take non@ avayle þerby And what acton@ be suet by ayther of
the saide partyes agayns other & damage þerby recoueret . þe partye þt any suche damage recoueres sall relese
thayme . And yf þe saide Abbot & Couent will noght close in þe fourme aboue rehercet þt than it be lefull to
the saide lorde & hys heires & assignes to wall & dyke at thayre will aponn hys awen grounde & boundes
be all þe deuyses aboue saide yf thayme like if lawe & concience will . Alway prouyditt þt if þer be any mat~
touchyng þe maters abouesayde þt nedes to be addit or Amynuset after þe trew entent of þe conclusion@
betwyx þe sayde partyes þt thane it sall be refourmede be þe avise of hugh Sawelde & John of wrswyke as
men indiferent chosen be þe saide partyes alse thay sall fynde in thayre conyng & concience Jn witnes
of whilke thynge . to þe to partye of thys endenture þe saide lorde setes þe seall of hys Armes Ande
to þe tother partye of þe sayme endenture the saide Abbot & Couent hase sett þer comun seall . Geuen@
the viij day of marche þe 3ere of the Regne of kynges herr~ þe sext aftyr þe conquestes nyent .