<County: Lancashire>
<Code: L0441>
<MS reference: Preston, Lancashire County Record Office, DDSL 1/132>
<Text: Attestation>

This endentur~ beres wyttenes yat Ric~ of the Crosse on of the . executores of Maykyn of kenyan has delyueret
to willam the son@ of Maykyn of kenyan the . hernes yat was of the . forsaid Maykynnes the whech was in
kepyng of the forsaid Ric~ in precence of Sir John@ of Stanley . knyght James of Strangwais & othir at
loncastr~ the Thursday next be-fore the fest of the annu@ciacon@ of oure lady in the 3ere of kyng henr~
the son@ of kyng henr~ the seuent Yat is to wete a Muche maser haftet . baslard hernesshet wyth
siluer a girdell of Siluer barret . wyth lokkes . and Racches of siluer and a-nothir girdell of
siluer barret thurgh-oute a . Coler all of siluer sex . bosses for a . Jak of siluer wyth faure
poyntes of silke and siluer a tabull enewmolte of siluer in~ a purse of veluet and a payre of
bedes . of whyt aumbr~ Jn the wyttenes of the whech thyng the forsaid sir John@ James of
Strangwais & willam of kenyan hauen set to hor sealles wretyn . at . loncastr~ the day and
the 3ere . be-fore . said