<County: Lancashire>
<Code: L0450>
<MS reference: Preston, Lancashire County Record Office, DDF 1017>
<Text: Marriage settlement>

This endentur~ made be-twene Edmond of Anderton@ and Cristofer of Faryngton@ opon@ that on@ partie And Persiuell of Faryngton@ opon@ that other partie beris wittnesse
that the saide Persiuell shald take to wyfe Eli3ab3 the doghter of Thomas Banastrer be-for the fest of the Purificacion@ of our~ lady next svyng the dat~
of this endentur~ For the whech espousall to be done The said Edmond and Cristofer shall pay to the said Persiuell xx markes That is to wete at the
day of the espousall of the said Persiuell and Eli3ab3 v . markes . And v . markes at the fest of Sant Martin in~ winter then next suyng And v . markes at the
fest of Sant Martin in winter then next suyng And v . markes at the fest of Sant Martin in winter then@ next svyng soo tyl the sam of the said -
xx markes be fulle payed Allso the forsaide Persiuell wil & grauntes be this endentur~ that he shall make non@ astate alienacion@ encombrance be no .
maner of terme ne anuite ne non@ maner of charge of all the londes ne of non@ percell of thaim the whech werun Nicholas of Faryngton@ grauncer
to the saide perciuell bot at thai may holle after his decesse fall and reman@ after the forme of the olde taile the whech wos made be Willam of Fafyngton@
to John@ his sone and to the heires maile of his body lefully getten@ and so furth as the saide taile makes mencion@ in hit selfe more
pleynle . Allso the saide Persiuell wil & grauntes be this endentur~ that if the saide Eli3ab3 die with-in~ two 3er~ next after the Dat~ of this endentur~
wit-othen heir~ enheritable then beyng an lyfe getten@ be-twene hym and the said El3abet that then@ he shall pay to the saide Edmond & Cristofer
x markes be like porciouns as the saide Persiuell hase resavet be-fore Allso the saide Persiuell wil & grauntes that iff Thomas Banastr~ brother to the saide
El3ab3 die . lyfing El3ab3 Blundell wife of willam Blundell that then the saide Persiuell shall suffer~ the saide Edmond of Anderton@ and James
his sone to ocupie and take the profettes of all the londes the whech wern@ the saide El3abethes Blundell to terme of lyfe of the saide El3ab3 -
Blundell And to all these couenantes wele and trvle to be performet opon@ ather partie the saide parties shall be boundon@ ichon@ to other wt sufficient
suerte wt thaim in xx li@ of lefull monay Jn wittnesse of the whech thinges to these present endentur~ the parties be-forn@ saide ather to other
han@ put thair seals the Dat~ on the wednessday next after the Epyphani of our~ lorde the 3er~ of the reign@e of kyng henr~ the sext after
the conquest~ of ynglond the faurtend . -