<County: Lancashire>
<Code: L0586a>
<MS reference: Oxford, Bodleian Library, Rawlinson B 460, fols 91r.9-93v.11>
<Text: Memorandum of evidences>

<fol. 91r><line 9>A record and evidens of drylesdenn mosse made be old men in ye
presence of yies men vnder-Writen@
<followed by a blank line>
Knawenn be hit to al men yt we Willam of Athirton@ knyght John of Radcliff of
Ordesall Thurstan of holond Thomlyn of ye Bothe Robyn of ye holt Raulyn@
of prestwich Robert of longley and Robert of ye Bothe haue herd & examynt
ye recorde of Jenkyn of Barlowe ye alder lord of Barlowe on of ye enquest yt
passid betwene old sir Johnn of Assheton@ and old sir John ye Biron@ ye queche
John of Barlowe sais yt he & Dycon of heton@ & Adam of leuer and oyer yt were sworn@
ye quech old men weren sworne apon a boke before ye enquest & enfourmet ye
enquest yt ye meire betwene Assheton@ and Mamchest~ began@ at oselache folowyng
vp Oselach to Osell birche yt stode abofe ye hede of ye same lache
and so fro Osell birche to a blak stake yat stode in ye mosse and fro yt stake to
a lache yt rennes out of ye mosse in-to a Cloght yt was yen cald hareden@ hirne
ye queche Clogh departes Drylesden@ in ye Tovne of Mamchester and assheton@
And yen Dycon of heton@ toke oute Adam of leuer & ye said Jenkyn@ of Barlowe
and betwene hym and hom in previte said yt sir John of Asshetonn hade
weddet Willam do3ter of Radclyff ye queche was yaire iij neghe cosynn
<fol. 91v>And yerfore he said to yaim yt he wold ˆ [yt] sir John of assheton@ hade preuely word
yat & yan made ˆ [a<ill><3-5 letters></ill>] lyuere yai wolden delyuer after ye same mere3 as ye old
men hade enfourmet yaim be yaire othes And so be yt cause was ye liuere
pitte ouer~ and neuer sithen liuere made yt euer was knawen@ to ye said John
of Barlowe and yt old Chorley Clerke to ye shirref was yer to haue taken
ye recorde if any liuere hade ben made and yis we ye said Willam of Athirton@
knyght John of Radclyff Thurstan@ Thomas Robyn Raulyn@ Robert &
Robert certifien@ and beren@ wittenes yat ye said Jenkyn@ of Barlowe in
yis fourme recordet and said & swere apon@ a+boke in Manchestr~ kirke
apon ye monenday next after Martynmas day in ye thridde 3er~ of kynge
Henre . ye sext in presence of vs beforsaid and of Raulyn@ of longford
Edmund of Trafford and Raulyn@ of Radclyff of ye smethehilles &
to yis letter patent we haue set to our~ seales writen at ye place &
ye day abuf-said
A record of ye mere3 of Drylesdenn mosse be evidens of
old men
<followed by blank line>
Knawen be it to al men yt we John of Pylkyntonn kny3t Willam of
Athirtonn kny3t Thomas of Radclyff knght Johnn of Radclyff of Ordesall
Thomas of ye Bothe Thurst~ of holond Robyn of ye holt Robyn of worsley
Willam ye Mascy Roger of hilton@ John of Bradshagh Roger of leuer . henr~
of leuer Jame3 of hulme henr~ of Totehull Oliuer of parre Oliuer of
Andertonn Robyn of Bradshaghe gebon@<?> of Bradshagh Nicholas of
Worthinton@ hug~ of Adlington@ Jame3 of Prestcote James of AynesWorthe Jak of ye holt Oliuer of Barton@ houkyn@ of Barton@ Thurstan of
Hyton@ Edmond of prestwyche Bernard of Boterworth Robert of ye Bothe
<fol. 92r>Robertus of langley Ric~ of ye Bothe Roger of ye Bothe John@ of leuer Cistofre of kirshagh
& Thomas kilchith han herd & examynt ye record of Wilkyn@ of ye Birches a
man of iijxx & xvj 3er~ old and of Robyn@ ye Burdemon a+mon@ of iiijxx 3ere
old and jake of Gorton@ a+mon@ a+mon of iiijxx & iiij 3er~ old and of John
By the brok amon of [xx]iiij 3ere old ye queche Wyllyn@ of ye Birches sais
yt he knawes yt al ye tennte3 of Drylesden@ yat yer nowe duellen@ and yt
han ben duelland yis iijxx 3ere haue dolfen hor turues 3erely opon Drylesden@
mosse in same pitte3 of ye said mosse yer as ye tennte3 yt nowe
duellenn in Drylesden@ dalfen hor turues nowe yis 3ere and yt ye said
tennte3 dalfen in ye said pittes before ye passage of Assise yt was betwene
old sir John of Assheton@ and old sir John Byron@ ; and ay syn yt tyme
yai haue dolfenn pesibuly in ye same pittes with-oute distourbance
of Any mon til nowe yis last 3ere . Also ye same Wilkynn of ye Birches
knawes yt al ye foles calues & lombur yt haue ben folet caluet or
eynet opon ye More betwene Assheton@ & Drylesden@ fro yer as fro
yer as
ye water falle3 toward Mamchester han ben tendet at ye kirke of Mamchester
and al yos yt were caluet folet or eynet fro yer as ye water falles toward
Assheton@ opon ye same More weren tendet at Assheton@ kirke witheouten
any distourbaunce troubull or debate of any monn And he sais
yt he thenkes opon yt one Thumlyn@ Gybson@ tenant in Drylesden@ hade
xiiij or xv kye opon ye same More and som of ye kye calueten@ opon ye
ton side of ye water fallyng of ye said more and som calueten opon
yat oyer side of ye water fall of ye same More and were tendet and
devidet after ye fall of ye water betwene Manchestr~ paresshe and
Assheton@ paresshe and yat wylkyn@ ye Coweherd and Jak of ye plat
and al oyer tennte3 of Drylesden@ tendet and devidet hor tend in ye
same fourme to ye forsaid kirkes of Manchestr~ and Assheton@ and ye
forsaid Robyn ye Burdmon@ knawes yt old sir john Byron@ gaf and
<fol. 92v>deliuert to Saunder of Tyldesley a pitt for to delue him turues in for terme
of his lif ye queche pitt lyes next ye merehed as ye water shedes opon@
ye More betwene Assheton@ and Drylesdenn and [yt] fro yt place at ye merehed
vnto ye blak gate yer as sir John Buron@ delfes nowe his turues
dalfe no mon turves but by leife & dyliuerance of ye said old sir John
Buron@ and fro yat blak gate vnto yo lome lache al ye tennte3 of Drylesden@
dalf hor turues 3erely before ye passage of ye assise betwene
ye said old sir Johnn Buron@ and old sir John of Assheton@ and
alway syn yat tyme and before ye forsaid tyme tenante3 of Drylesden@
han dolfenn yaire turve3 pesibully in ye same pittes as yai nowe
donn with-outen distourbance of any mon to yis last 3ere and
one Johnn By ye broke a+mon of iiijxx 3ere of age and duelland in 3orkeshire
sais yt he & his ij breyer & iiij oyer men of his negheburs were
send after be old sir John Buron@ to be with him yt day yt ye meres
shuld haue ben ladde and yt yai weren@ with sir John Buron@
opon ye mosse and yt yer fell suche wordes betwene ye ij kny3te3
yt at yat day ye enquest wold lede no mere but departeten and
3oden home . Also henry of leuer son of Adam of leuer was before vs and
sais yat he herd his fader say yt he was one yt passet opon ye enquest
& passege of ye assise beforsaid and was yer oponn ye mosse with his
feloghes to hafe made lyuere and yat yer was no meire ladde by ye
enquest because of grete debate yt was like to hafe fallen@ betwene
ye partie3 . Also we haue herd John of leuer ye queche sais yt
he asket Elys of Entwysell 3ister-day at Bolton kirke of ye lyuere of
ye assise beforesaid And yt Elys told to John yt he neuer herd of no
lyuere ne of no mere leding donn be ye enquest and ye same John of leuer sais yt ye same day yt ye leuere shuld haue ben made yat
<fol. 93r>Dycon of hultonn of halywall hogekyn@ of Bolton@ and he were in gate yiderward
at Mostonn for to loke hugynn of Moston@ yt lay seke and so for soth to haue ben
at ye leuere and ye mere ledyng of ye mosse and or yai come to ye mosse yai
mett of ye enquest ye queche told yaim yt yer was no mere ladde be-cause
of ye variaunce yat was like to haue ben betwene ye partie3 and we herd ye
forsaid Jak of Gorton@ say yt as+fer as he couth here tell yt as ye water rennes
donn Osellache fro ye hed to ye fote was cald ye mere and yt ye tennte3 of Aldewynshagh ˆ [and al oyer] be leife and sale of sir John of Assheton@ dolfen opon yt
side Osellache nerre Aldewynshagh And yt Saunder of Tyldusley was ye
first mon yt euer dalfe any turues opon yt oyer side Osel-lache be gift & leif
of old sir John Buron@ and yt he dalfe in a pytt be ye merehed of Osellach
ye queche pit is 3et knawen@ wele and ye same Jak sais yt henre of
ye Ege henr~ hancoksonn & oyer old men tolden him yt ye comyn@ voice was
yt ye mere on yt oyer side ye mosse begann at harden@ hyrne and so vp ye
lome-lache and fro ye lome-lach@ streght on ye mosse to ye Croket birche yt
stode toward ye Ewe wall and ye same Jak sais yt he knowe3 yt hit was
vset yt if any mare folet kowe caluet or ewe euet fro yt place of ye mosse
yt ye water fell toward Claytonn yt yen ye foele calf or lombe was tendet
to Manchester kirke And if yai weren folet calfet or euet opon yat oyer syde
ye water fallyng of ye mosse yt yen yai weren tendet to Assheton kirke And
yt ye same Jak hade diuerse tyme ben send to ye mosse to loke quer~ ye kye
hade calfet and to tell his graunsire yt he my3t yen tend his caluer yer after And
if he were opon ye mosse he couth tell hou ye mere was cald at yt tyme
And ye same Jak sais yt he was opon ye mosse yt day yt ye mere shuld
haue be lad betwene old sir John Buron@ & old sir Johnn of Assheton@ and quen ye enquest was opon ye mosse ye enquest varyet and so
departet and so 3ode home & lad no meire & yt it stode so in debate xx
3ere aft~ & more And yen 3ode sir John of Assheton@ & toke his awen@
<fol. 93v>mene and made meeres ye quech meere3 yai callen nowe ye mere3
and so yai ocupiet forth and yis we ye said John of pylkyntonn Willam
of Athirtonn Thomas of Radclyff kny3te3 John of Radclyff Thomas of
ye Bothe and al yose oyer abuf-said certifien@ and berenn wyttenes yt
ye forsaid Wilkynn of Birches Robyn Burdmon@ & Jak of Gortonn and
John Bythebrok in yis fourme saidenn & swerenn oponn a+boke in
Manchestre kirke ye monenday next after ye vij day of 3ole in ye
thrid 3ere of regnyng of kyng henr~ ye sext in ye presence of vs & of
mony oyer gentilmen and yemen Jn wittenes of ye queche thing
to yis letre patent we haue set oure seales writen at ye place ye
day and 3ere abuf-said