<County: Wales, Denbighshire>
<Code: L1289>
<MS reference: Aberystwyth, National Library of Wales, Trovarth Deeds and Documents, 793>
<Text: Memorandum>

Md that scho Margett ver3 Edward
was possessyd in hir place qwhen
scho made this endenter by my lyue
sufferance for J & 3e wer~ enfeffyd
þeryn afor~ as ˆ [þe] dede makyth mencion
<ill><2 words></ill>yed hur to take hir lyuyng
þerof qwy<ill><rest of the word></ill> scho lyued
<a gap; the last four lines at the end of the dorse>
John Mule hath a dosen places of the
gyft of myn~ vnkylles hochon~ sergeantes
by-syde thes þt J clayme and he is a
Bastard getyn and J a lawfull hayr~