<County: Westmorland>
<Code: L0332>
<MS reference: Manchester University, John Rylands Library, Rylands Charter 1945>
<Text: Enfeoffment>

This indenture made betwix Nicholas ofe layburn~ Esquier on þt o part and Johnn ofe wesshington~ Gentilman~ on þt other~ part
wettnisseth þt qwer certain~ composicions aggrements and accorde wer~ mouede and hade betwix þe saide partes þt is to say the saide John~ willis
and grauntes be þs dede indentide to e<ill><a crease; 1 char., prob. n></ill>feffe or ellis make to be enfeffide willam his son~ and heir apparant and Mary the deghter of the
saide Nicholas iointly in rent landes or tenements as mikill as amontes and commes to the verray value of V marc~ 3erli ouer all
reprises to haue and to holde to the saides willam and Mary and to the heirs ofe thar two bodys commynge and in defaut of heires ofe thar
two body commynge þe said rent landes and tenementes to remaign~ to the rigthe heir~ ofe the saide John~ Ande ferthermor the saide
John~ willis ande grauntis be his dede thatt ofe all þe landes and tenementes wt the appartenance in the qwilke he has enfeffede
any oder persons knawen~ or vnknawen~ t<ill><a crease; 1 char. prob. o></ill> his behofe thatt he sall take estate of theis feffes for terme ofe life ofe the said John~ remainder
therofe to the saids willam and Mary and to the heirs ofe thair bodys lawfully begetin~ And in defaut ofe heir ofe thair body commyng~
to remaigne to the rigthe heires ofe the saide John~ Ande ferthermor the said John~ willis and grauntes thatt all the landes rentes and
tenementes qwilke her-after sall discende or come to the said John~ be any maner of titill of discent purchas or enheritaunce that qwen~
ther come to his hande that is to say that he his fulli possesside therofe that he sall dismisse hym~ ofe the astat of ytt vn-to certane
persons and ther-to refeffe hym~ for terme ofe his life remainder therofe vnto the saids willam and Mary / and to the heires ofe
their body commynge And in defaut ofe heires ofe ther body . commynge to remaign~ as itt is ab<ill><a hole; 1 char.; prob. o></ill>vesaide Ande the forsaide Nicholas
for his part willis and grauntes be ys dede indentide that he sall fynde sufficiant seurte to the said John~ for payement ofe V marc~
3erli to be paied to the said John~ att the festes ofe seint Martyn~ in wynter And whitsonday be euen~ portions or wtin~ jx
daies after the saide festes vnto the tym~ þe said John~ or his assignes be fulli content And paiede ofe þe some ofe xl marc~ ofe
lawfull Money ofe ynglonde for the mariage ofe the said william And ferthermor the said Nicholas willis and grauntes
that he sall fynd sufficiant seurte for the paiement ofe ix s~ of rent 3erli to be paied to the said John~ att the festes abovesaide be
euen~ porcouns or wt-in~ xx daies after ayther~ ofe the said festes duringe the lyfe ofe dame katrin~ ofe layburn~ opon~ this
condicion~ that his to say gife the said willam son~ ofe the said John~ ouerlefe the said katrin~ And gif so be thatt the said willam
dy befor the said katrin~ then~ the said rent ofe ix s~ sall sesse for euermor Vnto All thes tennants well and trewly
to be perfourmede and Fullfillede on the parte ofe the said John~ the said John~ bindys hym~ to the said Nicholas in xl li
ofe sterling to be paied to the said Nicholas And the forsaid Nicholas to All thes connants on his parte well and
trewly to be perfourmede he byndys hym~ to the said John~ in xl li to be paied to the said John@ Jn@ Wittnes ofe
qwilke the partes abouesaide hafe seuerally putt to thar seals thes wittnes Thomas Dokwra willam Gylpyn~
John~ warener and many other gefin~ in the fest ofe seint Barthilmewe Appostell the 3er~ of the Regn~ of kynge
herr~ the sext after the conquest of ynglonde xxv