<County: Westmorland>
<Code: L1233>
<MS reference: Sizergh Castle, Kendal: album no 20 of Henry VI>
<Text: Agreement for subjection to award>

Yis indentur made be-twene Sir Thomas of Stirkeland knyghte on ye to party . & Richard Redmane ye sonne of sir Richard Redmane knyghte on ye tothir~ party . wittenes howe
certayne variaunce was mouyd & stered be-twene ye sayd Sir Thomas & ye sayde Ric~ . for a tenement ligand in Hencaster in kendale . ye whilke tenement ye sayde Sir thomas
& ye sayde Ric~ claymet . bothe to hafe be ryght of dyuers tytels / ye whilke variance . tytel . & ryghte yt ye sayd Sir Thomas & Ric~ claymed ye sayde tenement by ; be trety of
freendes . & at yair~ awne acorde & agrement . hase putt fully apon Nicolas of layborne . William of leuens . John Redmane . & Ric~ Duket . to be as euen men~ for bothe ye
partyse . / ye whilk Nicholas . William . John & Ric~ Doket ; hase made ful beheste to stand als euen men be-twene ye sayd Sir Thomas & ye sayd Ric~ Redmane in yt mater~ ; And ye
sayde Sir Thomas & ye sayd Ric~ Redmane er boune . ayhter~ to othir~ in a+band of xl li . Also sworne be ye trawthes of yayr~ bodyse ; to comme before ye sayde Nicholas
William . John & Ric~ doket . or yayr~ attornes wt yayr~ full power~ . what daye so yay assigne tham@ . on resonabill warnyng~ be-fore lammas daye neste folowyng~ efter ye date
of yise indentures ; And at yat daye ; ye sayd Sir Thomas & Ric~ Redmane . or yair~ attornes . sall schewe al ye titell & ye ryght whilk aythir~ of thayme claymes
ye sayde tenement by . & ye variance be-twene yayme ; And yar~ to abyde . kepe . & fulfill ye awarde & ye Jugement of ye sayd Nicholas william~ John@ & Ric~
Duket of al ye sayd variance be-twene yayme & of ye sayde titel & ryght yt yay bothe clayme ye sayde tenement by ; so yt ye sayde Nicholas William John & Ric~
Duket assigne yayme ye daye & giffe yayme awarde & Jugement be-fore ye sayde lammes daye . Jn-to wittenes of thys ; ye partyse before-sayde . Aythir~ ; to othir~ party of
yise indentures hase sett yayr~ Seell . / Gifne at Heuershame kyrke ye Wednesday nexte before Palmesondaye . in ye 3er~ of reigne of kynge Henry sexst eftir~
ye Conqueste of Jngland viij . /