<County: Westmorland>
<Code: L1234>
<MS reference: Sizergh Castle, Kendal: Album no 21 of Henry VI>
<Text: Will>

<lat>Jn dei nomine Amen~</lat> in ye 3er~ of ye Rynge of kyng Henry ye sext efter ye conquest of yngland ye nent J Thomas of Stirkland . knyght in gude prosperite
and hale mynde dispose my will in ye maner~ & forme yt folowys . Firste J be-take my saule to Almyghte god And to his modyr~ Mary Ande
All ye haly courte of heuen~ . Ande my Body to be beryit in quate haly kyrke or Sayntwary . quen almyghty gode sees beste tyme my saule
to pas fro . this warde . Allso it ys my will yt Mabyll my wyffe be my hale exectrix And haue hale minystracyon~ of All my gudys
wt ye helpe & ye Counsell of william Nyandser~ & John willson@ yf it lyke hyr . Ande yf oght come to me bot gude . J will yt my wiffe
haue All my landys tenementys rentes & seruys . wt thayr~ Appurtenaunce3 wt all my gudys mevabyll & inmevabyll duryng ye nonn-age of
water my son@ . to ye quytyng of my dettys . & Marying & helpyng of my two doghterys . And Fyndyng of A preste to syngge For me
and my Aunncestre3 att Saynt katerin Auter in kyrkby kendale thre 3er~ . Allso it is my will yt quen my sonn commys to full Agee yt hee
haue his landys diliuerytt & att hym Aw to haue excepit my wiffis Jontur & hir dower~ Als ye dedis yerof made makys mencyon@
Ande except ye landys & tenement3 yt J haue gevyn@ to Robert my son@ terme of his . lyue . in ye quylk Ric@ Broghton@ & Thomas Broghton
prestes standys inffeffitt praying 3ow euermor to thynke apon Robert & halde hym to . ye . scole . Allso it war~ my will yt 3e toke none
housbonde . to my two doghterys wer~ Maryit or holpyn@ And after my dettys quytt & my doghtterys Maryit ye surplus of ye
gudys demen yame att 3our~ awne will . Praying 3ow to haue me excusitt yff J write so schotly For it was wrytyn@
in grete hast att my schippyng in Sandwyghthe And this ˆ [J] pray 3ow be done Als my most interly trest is in . 3ow ouer all
other~ Creaturys . leuyng .