<County: Westmorland>
<Code: L1236>
<MS reference: Sizergh Castle, Kendal: album no 32 of Henry VI>
<Text: Condition of obligation>

Condicion~ of this obligacion~ is this þt is wtin writin~ William Stirkeland Thomas his son~ Thomas Stirkeland of helsefell Tho
mas levyns Jhon~ Barra Orm~ of Stell Jhon~ Williamson~ And Roger Dokwra And All vther þt has takyn~ or takys part wt thaym~
no+man~ excepte stande+fully to þe ordinance of Thomas Harryngton~ Thomas lumlay Thomas Par~ Thomas Stirkeland knyghtys Water
Stirkeland Nicholas layburn~ Willam Thorneburgh Thomas Middilton~ and William Lancaster~ esquiers And kepe And
fulfill þe dome and Awarde All And ylkon~ of tham~ in all poyntes gevyn~ be the saides Thomas haryngton~ Thomas lumlay Thomas
Par~ Thomas Stirkeland Water Stirkeland Nicholas layburn~ William Thornburgh Thomas Middilton~ And William Lancaster~
or be iij of be iiij of tham~ Juges chosyn~ betwyn~ þe said William Stirkelande Thomas his son~ And All vther wtin bun~ And All
þt has takyn~ or takis part wt tham~ no+man~ except opon~ the ta part And Robyn~ Garnett William hs son~ Robyn~ Walker William
Walker Jhon~ Godmond Thomas godmond Jhon~ Huberty William Bateman~ And all vther~ þt has takyn~ or takys part
wt tham~ no+man excepte opon~ the tother~ part ofe And ˆ [in] all man~ trespas Wherels contrauersies debates And batre mouede
and don~ betwen~ the said partes vnto the day of this obligacon~ selyde or any of tham~ for any mater or cause don~ þat langys
or aperteynes to the debate hyngand betwen~ the said parteys And that Award and dome to be gevyn~ And endytt
be the said Juges or be iij or iiij . of tham~ be the fest ofe Pasch wtin~ wretin~ And the saides William Stirkeland Thomas his
son~ Thomas Stirkelande Thomas levyns John Barra Orm~ of Stell John Williamson~ Roger Dokwra And all vther