<County: Yorkshire West Riding>
<Code: L0377b>
<MS reference: Huddersfield Central Library, WBM/2>
<Text: Affidavit>

Be hit opyn knawn~ to all cristen peple yat yis wrytyng sall se or here yat j john~ of ye hagh of ye Botham~ a<ill><end of line, 2 words></ill>
of ye tounship <ill><smudge></ill> Quernby yoman~ recorde3 certyfye3 & opynly <ill><1 word></ill> to 3our~ vniuersite & worship yat a byrelaw was
made be ye g<ill><one char. ?o></ill>d avice assent & consent of tenent3 of Goulcar~ At Michelmesse last past yat no man~ sulde put no <ill><smudge; end of line></ill>
into yar~ felde3 bot a certan~ be daytale ye wich ord<ill><?1 letter></ill>nance & byrlaw john~ wylson~ ye son~ of Richard wylson@ & john~
wylson~ ye son~ of ye sam~ john~ wylfully & reklesly brake puttand yar~ Catell into ye felde3 be+nyghtertale & wich
Catell <ill><1 char></ill>ytt <ill><1 word></ill> john wylson ye son of john wylson f<ill><?or><ill>-sayd turned out of ye felde3 forsayd at a morn~ and
yen ye sayd john@ wylson~ & john@ his son@ schot arewese at ye said Robert his wyfe & his men3e at his awn@ dures
ye wich arewes ye sayd Robert hase 3it to schewyn r<ill><? chars></ill>d of ye treuth jn wytnes of ye wich thynge j john
of ye hagh f<ill><?or></ill>-sayd <ill><? chars></ill>d writyng pute 3 my sell Geu<ill><2-3 chars></ill> at huddursfeld o ye xxi day april ye 3er~ of ye reign
of <ill><looks like our~ sufrian lord & kyng></ill> henr~ ye sext after ye conquest xxiiij