<County: Yorkshire West Riding>
<Code: L0415b>
<MS reference: Hull University Library, DDLO/21/27>
<Text: court roll>

<fol. 12v>memorandum yt yes er ye artecles yt ye whest yam grewid<?>
jn ye fyrste we say yt ye bruher yt bruhis <ill><1 word></ill> sall sell wt-jn his hus j galon all for <ill><2 letters?></ill>
& j quart for j halpeny be a+mesur seald & <ill><1 word></ill> Jd ob~ forthe at dore & also Jn casse be
yt ya sall ˆ [not] deny no por man@ nor woman@ <p?>eny worthe nor halpenny worthe galon@
nor halfe galon@ when@ yt ya com@ thar fe<ill><1-2 chars></ill> for yar may [mounn<? 6 minims>] & it may be prowyd yt scho
haue abowin@ viij [xij] galons wt-jn hyre h<ill></ill>s o+pan@ of forfetynge of iij c~ iiij d as oft
as schoy his sone defectyffe it ¶ jtem we d<ill><2 chars></ill>r <ill><1 word></ill> of owr~ buschers for sellynge
of thar flech for we thynke yt ya sell vn-to<?> pepyll der fleche yt ye pore pepyll
gruchis gretly thar-wyt whar-for we desyer be a-wyse of my lord & the stuerd
for-to ha<ill><1-2 chars></ill> serche wolly of the buschers & se yt ya sell a resonabyll pennyworth
after he byes <two symbols or abbreviations> jtem for owr fechers elykwys yt ya sell noy feche wt-owt yt
it be abyld be syche offesers as sall be asegnid be lord & stuerd & at ye fe
cher be sworne what yt it coste at see & he for ta haue a+compatent wennynge
& yt no man@ cute his feche bot yt at be fe<ill><3 chars?></ill>ed be ye debetes yt ar ordand for
fersynge jtem we say yt ya haue brght of late Jn ye markyge vnsesanabyll wety<d?>
yt is to say feche & herrynge bothe Thomm smythe & John@ clyffe we amersy tham
ather of tham@ xij d & yf thay brynge anny-more syche chafer yer-for to forfyte
thar feche jtem we dyer yt no bakster yt hus to <ill><1 word></ill> to sell by no corne Jn ye
markythe to a x j be strekenge to [y] comyne pepyll be seruid o+pane of vj c~ viij d
yt [to+be] forfyt ye ton@ halfe to ye lord ye toher half to ye kyrk3arke jtem gyffe anny man@
that comhis to ye markythe wt anny corne sall not set it vp fro markyth day
to markyde day bot yf it cane be prewyd yt he his bed no seluer thar-for bot
yt he sell it as markythe gos & that ye markythe of corne be endyd be <ill><ms repaired, 1 word></ill>
o+pan@ of forfetynge of his corne jtem we say that Rychard watkynson maid<ill><ms repaired, 3-4 chars></ill>
of the constabyll ye mercyment iiij d ¶ jtem we say that John@ [mecyment xijd] kokher maid afray
of John@ Barton@ ye mercyment iiij d . <lat></lat>