<County: Yorkshire West Riding>
<Code: L0415g>
<MS reference: Hull University Library, DDLO/21/32>
<Text: court roll>

<fol. 3v><line 1>Thes er the defawtes yt the gret jnwhest at mekyllmes fyndes defectyffe
jn the fyrst we say yt john@ studherd maid afray of wylliam@ vnderwod
wryght & john@ studherd had his hed brokynge jn awn@ defawt
jtem william@ panter ˆ [vij d maid a fray] of ij stranghis men@ [ader of tham@ xij d] & the panter had his hed brokyn@
jtem we say yt Rychard dyschforth & roth Robert smythe fecher toke & selle [ather of tham@iij s iiij d]
<ill><beginning of line></ill> stranges man@ herrreng for iiij a penny agan@s ordenans of the ton~
jtem we say yt Ryc~ dychforthe & robert [john@] hodd maid a fray of one barchaud
of Rekall bocher for brynghyng jn of wetell for the welfare of comhons