<County: Yorkshire West Riding>
<Code: L0415i>
<MS reference: Hull University Library, DDLO/21/35>
<Text: court roll>

<fol. 3r>Thys is the wardytte of xiij men & the constabylls the xiiij [xxo] day of aprill
the xix 3er of <reign> of K E iiijt
jn the fyrst we fynd a+gret defawt jn the Crosse jn the merkythe place
that it is jn pounte j to fall & lyke to doy gret hurt bot it be amendid

jtem we fynd yt Thomas K yt stewn@ harlynge maid a fray of [thomas] kyrlowe
jtem we fynd yt N<?> harwod maid a fray of Robert raner <rauer?> jn the merkythe
jtem we fynd yt Robert lynd William hadfeld maid afray of Robert lyndsay & drow
blod <?> of the same lyndsay
jtem we fynd yt William@ paynter [& blod drawn@ of the paynter] maid afray of john@ Emson of 3ork thorp
jtem Robyn belfeld maid afray of bakon@ man@ & of hym@ drowe blod