<County: Yorkshire West Riding>
<Code: L0605>
<MS reference: Lincoln Cathedral, Chapter Library 229 (B.6.7.)>
<Text: General Sentence of Excommunication in English>

<fol. 124v><line 9> Alle yo yt ye fraunchise of holy kirk brekon . or
yo right destorblen . or yerto assenten wt dede
word or counsell . All yo yt holy kirke priue of
yo right . or maken of holy kirkes layfe yer it is
halowed . Alle yo yo yt yo right of holy kirk destorblen
. or with-holden ty3es of wynnynges of
Marchaundyse . or wynnyng@ of Men of craft
or corn . or hay . wol . or lomp . Gos . or gryse . or of
any other thing@ yt han ben custumably don yerto .
lytel or mikel . lesse or more . in hows or in 3erd
in towne or in feld . in ley towne or in fen .
in wod or in watur . or in any other maner sted . in
whilkes tythes of holy kirkes han ben sesed be custu@
or be ryght . Alle yo yt any maner of offringes
or principales . tythes or any other godes yt fallen
to holy kirkes maken lesse or wt-drawen or enpayren
for wrath of person@ or of vicare . or of prest .
or of clerkes . or for any other malyce or yerto counselen
or assenten wt word or wt dede . Alle
yo yt blod drawen of man or of womman in wrathe
or in any other vilany don in kirk . or in kirk3erd
<fol. 125r>yt yo kirke or yo kirk-3erd entirdyd or suspende .
Alle yo yt yo kirke grithe bregen or destorblen yt
is to say if man or womman fle to kirkes or to
kirk3erd hem to let or owt-drawe . or yerto prokur
or assent . Alle yo yt do sacrilege . yat
is to say . ber~ holy thinges owt of holy stede .
vn-holy thinges owt of holy stede . holy thinge
owt of vn-holy stede . Alle yo yt false letteres
purchasen in ony lordes cowrt . wherthoroght
lettynges is made in Cristen cowrt yt no pertes
may rightfully be termined . Alle yo yt werres
in any other land mayntenen . or sustenen agayn
yo kynges pes wrongfully .Alle theues & manquellers
& robboures & reuers . hows-brekers
& hows-brenners . Alle yo yt ben agayn yo grret
chartur~ of our~ lord yo kynges yo wilk is confermed
at yo cowrt of rome . Alle yo yt fals
testimonie beren or procuren her~ wittande
namly in yo case of matrimoyne . Alle yo
yat fals testimonie forthe bringen matrimonie
for to destorblen . or man or womman
dishereten falsly of lande or of rentes of tenymentes
or of any maner of godes . Alle fals
avoketes yt for mede putten forthe fals querlelles
wherthorught right matrimonie is destorbled
. Alle yo yat for mede or for fauowr~
or for any maner encheson@ maliciousely man
or womman briggen owt of her gud fame in-to
<fol. 125v>wikked . or maken hem to lese hor wordly catell
wt wronges . Alle yo yat maliciosely destorblen yo
right presentement of holy kirk . whilk yat verray
patron@ suld present . or yerto assenten . or procuren
wt worde & with dede . or wt fals enquest . or
wt gret power~ . Alle yo yat mede on any half
take for to destorble pes yer~ luf suld be . Alle yo
yat maners . granges . howses . or any stede of
erssebisshop . or bisshop . or person@ . or vicar~ . or of
any man of holy kirke agayne yair~ pes . or of
her@ werdeynes . any maner of godes . Mubles .
or on-Mubles. a-way ber~ wt strenthe . or wrongwysely
a-way drawen . or waston@ . or destruccion@
maken . of <exp>wilk</exp> whilk cursynges yai may not
be assoyled ; til yai haue made satisfaction@
til whom yo wronge or owtrage . Alle yo yat
any mannes godes wt violence beren owt
of holy stede . kirke or abbey . or hows of religion@
. whilkes godes ar~ don yerin for socur~ & warant
. or yai yat do it owt for to be borne . or
yerto procuren or assenten . Alle yo yat herisye
mayntenen or sustinen . yat is for to wit
yat is agayne yo faythe of holy kirke . Alle
wicches ande yo yat on hom leuen . ande
yo yat wicched-craft don with holy thinges .
Alle yo yat hande layn on prest or clerkes wt
vilenye . but it be hem defendant . or yerto
assenten or procuren . Alle yo yat destroyen .
<fol. 126r>her childer . wt drinkes . or wt any other wicchecrafft
or yai ben delyuered . Alle yo yat herr~
childer at kirke dores . or in any other stedes layn
or a-way casten . or hor childer slen . Alle yo yat
herr~ childer wrongly faderen her~ wittande . all
yo yat her~ childeren forsaken maliciousely . alle
yo yat fals money maken . or yerto assenten . or
gud money scheren or clyppen hem to profett
Alle okerers yt yo more taken for yo lesse be
couenant in lone or in frayst . or yat corn lenen
as it gos derrest . ande no certayn sette3<?> of payment .
Alle yo yat falsen or cownturfeton@ yo popes bulles
. or yo kynges sel . Alle yo yt byen & sellen
wt fals mesures . or wt fals weghtes . yt is to
say . by wt on & sell wt a-nother . Alle yt falsen
yo kynges standard her~ wyttynges . Alle
yo yt any testament destorblen . or yerto procuren
wherthorugh yo dedes will may not be
Fulfilled in gud maner . Alle officeres yt ben
wt our~ lord yo kynges or wt any other lord
yt wrongfully pillen yo comynate to plese
her~ lord & maken her~ lord riche . Alle yo
yt forsweren hem falsly on yo holydome her~
wittynges for mede or for drede or for any maner
couetyse . Alle robboures & reuers . oponly .
or priuely by day or by night. yt any mannes
<fol. 126 v>godes stelen . for whilkes godes man wer~ worthy
to ber~ iugement Alle yo yat holden
wt wronge ony mannes gud lytel or mikel
whilk haue ben asked thries in holy kirk &
non amendes es made opunly ne priuely & c~ .
Alle yise gud men yat han ben made mencion@
of . be yo autorite of our~ lord ihesu crist
ande his moder Marie . & ande al yo cumpany
of heuen yai ben acursed fro yo hiest her~ of
her~ heued to yo sole of her~ fote Etande
& drinkand . Sittande & stondande . liande
& goande . slepande ande wakande . Ande
right as yo light of yis candel sal be fordon
be for 3our sight ; Right so al her~ godenesse
ande her~ sawles be departed fro goddes
face . & fro yo ioy yt euur sal last til yai
cum til amendement <lat></lat>