<County: Yorkshire West Riding>
<Code: L0611a>
<MS reference: London, BL Cotton Nero A.iii, Hand A>
<Text: Carthusian ritual>

<fol. 130r>The fyrst petyconn in the colloquium
Syr J besyche yow and alle the Convent
for the luffe of god / owr lady sanct~ marye / sant
Johnn of baptiste / And alle ye hoyle cowrte of
hevyne / That 3e wolde resaue me / to lyve and
dye here emonges yow / Jn ye state of a monke /
os prebendarye and seruant vnto alle / to ye ho
nour of god / solace to ye company / prouffet to
the place / And helth vnto my sawle
The answer vnto ye examinacyon .
Syr J tryste thrugh ye helpe of god and your
good prayeres to kepe all thes thynges / whiche
3e haue now heyr~ rehersede
The fyrst peticyon be-fore ye profession .
Syr J haue beyn heyr now yis twell
month nere hand / and lovyde be god / me
lykes ryght well / both ye order and ye compa
ny / Wher-apon J be-syche yow / and all
the company / for ye luffe of god / owr lady
sanct marye / sanct Johnn of baptyst / and
all ye hoyle company of hevyn / yt 3e wyll
resaue me / vnto my professyon / at my
twellmonth day / accordyng to my pety
conn whych J made / when J was fyrst
resaved heyr emonges yow . &cter .