<County: Cumberland>
<Code: L1105>
<MS reference: Gosforth, Northumberland Record Office, ZHW-1-085>
<Text: Lease>

This indentur made at Carleton the ix day of Januar~ the yher~ of kyng henr~ sexte seth the conquest xxvjti berys wyttnes at Robert Garrard hase graunt and
to ferme lattyn~ Thom~ holme his place at Carleton@ in the lordeschipp of Penreth with the landes and Medewys and all the purtenans langeyng thar~-to
for the terme of vj . yher~ fro the fest of Saynt Martyn@ next foloyng efter the dat~ of this indentur~ fully+fulfild payng yher~ly to the
forsaide Robert and to his Ayres & to his assign@ . iiij . nobill at wyssunday and Martynmesse by evyn~ porcions And J the forsaide Robert Garrard
and myn ayres the forsaide place with all a-purtenans to the forsaide Thom~ holme and to his assign@ durand the saide terme in maner and
fourme be-fore-saide warrandes Jn wittnes her~-of ayther~ party enterchange-it to vther~ hase putt to thayr~ Seillys This wytt-nes Th~ Carleton~
Richard dekwra william Crosby william Robynson@ Taillour John~ Smythson@ and many vther gevyn~ place day and yher be-foresaide