<County: Cumberland>
<Code: L1111>
<MS reference: Gosforth, Northumberland Record Office, ZHW 1/76>
<Text: Lease>

yis endentour made by-twix Thomas of Carleton@ of a parte & sir willaam Joy prest of ye toyir parte beres wytnes yat
ye forsaide Thoas has grantede & to ferm latyn~ vn-to ye forsaid sir willaam a clos of Midew wt a hous bygged yar~
a-pon~ als it lyes by-twix ye Milne cald ye new Milne of Penreth of a parte<?> & ye chapell of our lady of Amotbrygg~
enlange ye water of Amott~ of ye toyer parte ; To haue & to halde ye forsaid clos wt ye hous wit all profites commodites yerto falland
als lange als ye forsaid sir willaam has gouernance of ye forsaid Chapell & yar es dwelland enhabitande or reseande . 3el
dand yer-for 3erly to ye forsaid Thoas his heyres & his assignes iij s~ iiij d of lele mone of Jnglande at twa termes of ye 3er~
yat es to say at ye fest of Mertynmes in wynnter & Qwissonday by euen porcouns And ye forsaid Thomas grantes for
hym & for his heyres to pay agayn~ vn-to ye forsaid sir willaam at ilk terme x d of his almous So yt ye forsaid Thoas
& his wyfe & his childer~ both qwike & dede be full partiners<?> to haue full parte of all ye gud dedes yat ye forsaid sir will~
sal do or say wit-in ye forsaid place or wit-out yt es to say of Mes Matyns owres euensange wakyng fastyng pray
ing abstinence ˆ [suffrage] & in all oyir gud dedes yt er~ plesand to god & tyl his der~ modyr~ & tyll [all] ye halo-is in heuen So yt ye forsaid
sir willaam fel no wode nor make no wast wit-in ye forsaide clos wit-outen lefe of ye forsaide Thomas And ye forsaid sir
willaam tyll vphalde ye forsaide clos & ye hous als in dykynges Jn+lasynge garthyng thekyng & walkynge als suffi
ciandly als he rescayues it / / And to leue it in ye same fourme qwat tyme als god wyll he le<hole>e it And yise
conandes to be kepede halden & fulfylled on both ye partes als wele ye forsaide sir willaam als Thomas has sett
yar~ seles ayyir~ tyll oyer befor wytnes yt es to say Maister willaam Jakes Johnn Bost sir Robert Thomson@ prest & oyer
ye date at Penreth ye sonday next efter ye fest of ye exaltacon@ of ye holy cros ye yer~ of kyng henr~ ye vj ye xj . .