<County: Durham>
<Code: L1305>
<MS reference: Durham, Prior's Kitchen, Dean and Chapter Muniments 2.3. Spec.63>
<Text: Lease>

yis indenturs mad betwys Robert Robsonn of Gateshd Johnet es wyf & John bron potter~ on ye ta parti And Will
ablatsonn John Robynsonn coliher~ of Gateshd stephan Walker~ & John Smyth potter of ye sam ton on ye toder~
parti wytneshand [yt ye said] Robert Robsonn Johnet es wyf & John Bron potter~ hawes latin to ferm to ye for-saied Willam
ablatsonn Johin<one minim missing> Robynsonn . Stephwen Walker~ & John smyth potter~ a+clos called strudermedu in ye feld of Gateshd
to hawe & to hold yt forsaed clos wyt ye purtenans to ye forsaed Willian John Robynsonn stephen & John Smyth
and to yer~ assign for ye term of ix yer~ efter ye dat of yis present writyng Be fully complet & fulfilled
Paiand to ye saed Robert Robsonn Johnet es wyf & John Bron & to yar~ her~ & yar assignn xl s of lel mone
of Jngland at ye festes of saint Cudberd in lenten & at ye fest of ye Natiuite of hour~ lord Jhesu crist
be euenly porciouns And gif so be-fal yt ye forsad rent of xl s be behynd at any term vn-paied
our<?> xl daies efter any term in parti or in al yan it es leful to ye forsad Robert Robsonn Johnet es wyf & John
bron on ye forsad clos of strudermedu to distren ye distris tak & hald & led away to ye tym[y] satisfactioun
be mad for ye rent & for ye arerrag~ And ye forsad will ablatson@ john Robynsonn stephnn walker~ & John
Smyth potter sal vphald & mak ye hegges Abut ye sad clos on y<?> awen costas durand yar termes
alsso yai sal kep ye sad clos for gruwyng of hunderwod wyt-in ye clos durand yar~term and at ye hend
of yar term & at ye hend of yar term yai sal lef it als clen wit on als it was at yar begining
alsso yai sal ald & kep ye watergat yt Rynnes be-twys henr~ Ranesworth & hus so yt it sal du no harm
wyt-in ye saed clos alsso ye saied will Ablatsonn Johnn Robynsonn Stephenn walker~ & john Smyth wyl And
grantes for yam & yar assignn to Robert Robsonn yt he sal hawe fre entre & iss<?>i wyt es hay & es gris of
<ill><?></ill> archal Medo thoru-vt ye [clos] of strudermedo & gif so befal yt yar be gris grehan<?> when he sal care
ye saied Robert Robson@ sal tak & maw a+resonable wa<?> gat for es carias & yt gris sal he . mak in hay
on es cost & yan he sal warn [yam] to lod it a+way alsso ye saied Robert Robson@ John@ es wyf & John Bron wyl
& grantes for yam & yer her~ & yar assignn to ye saed tenandes yt yai sal hawe a+plas of grond of ye
hend of ye hors clos Newlyngs closed in-to ye stroder~+medo to yam & to yar assignn last and yar ferme
paiand to ye saied Robert & John es wyf & John Bronn yar~ her~ & yer assignn iiij d at ye termes be-for-saied
Jn ye wytnes of yis endentours ye partes befor-saied puttes to yar~ selles & yis wytnes Robert hilt<?>
John bladsmyth will hosteler~ & alijs dat~ at Gateshd ye xviij day of Mars in ye Rene of kyng
henr~ ye sext efter ye conquest of Jngland xxvj