<County: Yorkshire East Riding>
<Code: L1132a>
<MS reference: Durham, Prior's Kitchen, Dean and Chapter Muniments, 2.2. Ebor. 19.a>
<Text: Declaration of gifts of land>

<recto>Syr my Lorde os 3e knawe well yis is ye ald Custom~ . yt euer+ilka+man~ yt schall make ony gift . sall com~
in-to the kynges strete or els in-to ye courte . & euer+ilka woman@ yt is couerde . schall com~ in-to courte
& be examynd be-for ye steward on~ a bok . and be-for . v . sworn~ men .<1 blank line>
Ric~ of babethorpe com~ in-to ye kynges strete & gaf alyson~ his doghter viij akar~ of land
Thomlyn~ of Menthorpe com~ in-to ye kynges strete & gaf Jelot his wyf landes & tenementes
Henr~ Rudekuth com~ in-to ye kynges strete & gaf Dyot his wife landys and tenamentes
John@ Alcoke com~ in-to ye strete and gaf his wif landys and tenementes
Willam Cowyn~ com~ in-to ye kynges strete & gaf Sissote his wyf landes & tenamentes
Thomlyn~ Walkar~ com~ in-to ye strete & gaf his sonnys landes
John~ Rase com~ in-to ye kynges strete & gaf his doghter landes
Willam Proudefote com~ in-to ye kynges strete & gaf Syssot his doghter v akar~ of land
Thomlyn~ Bonde com~ in-to ye kynges strete & gaf Jsabell his doghter land and tenement
Pers proudefote com~ in-to ye gate & gaf Willam Elison~ halfe an+akar~ of lande
Sir Thomas of Newhaw com~ in-to ye kynges stret & gaf John@ Pultar~ & his wif landes
Robyn~ of Menthorpe com~ in-to ye kynges strete & gaf Ric~ his brother~ land & tenamentes
Thomlyn~ Pulleyn~ com~ in-to ye kynges strete and gaf his sonnys landes
Wilkyn~ in ye willous & anas his wif com~ in-to ye court and gaf certan~ land to Willam
Hudson~ and Willam Helyson & scho examynd on~ a boke be-for ye stewarde & v sworn~
men~ yt it was wt his will & noght a-gaynes hir~ will And also ye sam~ annot
Blaunchard com~ in-to ye gate & gaf certane land to syr ˆ [John] powke & Annot Dykonn
doghter & in als mekill os scho com~ noght to Court & was noght examynde
on@ a boke . ye gifte fonde vode and yan~ com~ Adam blaunchard & wan~ ye land
Also annot Watkynsonn & hir hosband com~ in-to court and gaf to syr~ John@
Watkynsonn a parcell of hir plase to set a d<ill><....><ill>racot on~ . & scho examynde on~ a
boke at it was hir wyll and noght a-gayn~ hir~ will . ; . <blank space equivalent to 3-4 blank lines>
Bot now syr~ new costom~ es yis yat a Man~ schall gif lygand on~ his bede
als well a bastard os another~ man~ . Willam Wybet & alis Walkar~ &
John@ Chambyrlan@ & sir~ John@ Douson@ & Willam Esyngwald gaf vp yer costom~
and yer tenementes be ye New Custom~ a-gayen~ ye ald custom~ And John@
bankester gaf vp his landes & his tenamentes a-gayen~ ye ald custom~ Richard
of Menthorpe gaf vp his land and tenamentes a-gayen~ ye ald custom . ; .