<County: Yorkshire East Riding>
<Code: L1133b>
<MS reference: Kingston-upon-Hull, Corporation Archives: Bench Book 2>
<Text: Award>

<fol. 243>¶ Yis es ye award of willam Chiry Maire and his Felaghs agayn willam Asselby and his felaghs
Be-cause of grete diuers and orrible tripas yat yai haue done to Maire ballifs and comalte of ye ton~
of hull als wele to ye Fraunchis als to yair persones . Jlkane of ye trispassours sal say and do
on yis maner . J submit me mekly to ye grace of forsaid Maire ballis and comalte praiand
yam of mercy and forgifnes als J yat nou3t has in gode ne powar of body to make satisfaccon@
of my trespas bot wilfully J knaw my trespas and put me haly in your grace
¶ Also yat yai sall ga barehede & barefote nakid of body in serk and in breke befor procession~
ye Friday in ye fest of Natinte of oure lady ilkane with a serge in his hand of iij lb wax
birnand in+his hand about ye kirk of ye trinite And swa sal he hald ye serge brennand
in his hand in ye chauncell fra begynnyng~ of ye mess vnto tyme of offering~ And
yan sal yai offre yair serge vp whilk sall duell yare to bryn on halidais whils yai
wil last in remembraunce in partie of satisfaccoune of yair forsaide trespas
¶ Also ilkan of yame sal come in+propre persone in ye come hall befor Mair ballif3 and burges
and comalte in propre persone and yare yeld vp all maner of wapens defensables whilk yai had
yat+tyme yat yai did ye trespas mekly praiand and kneland grace mercy and forgifnes
of yair misdedes . And yai sall find sufficiant seurte of yair gode bering~ again Mair ballif3
burges and comalte . So at what tyme yt any of yam be funden trespassand in tyme comyng~
agayn Maire ballif Burges of comalte he sall pay to ye kepers of werk of ye for-said kirk of trinite
yat sall be for ye tyme . C . s~ and to ye chamberlains of ye forsaid ton~ of hull yat sall be for
ye tyme to sustentacon~ and reparacoune of ye walles of ye same toune x li and at yai sall
do na thing agayne yis present award of payne to pay to ye Maire ballifs and comalte for-said
ilkan of yam . xl li . And yis ere ye names of ye trespassours
¶ william Asselby~ <gap> John@ of wod <gap> Nicholaus wright
¶ Johon~ Rose <gap> John~ Swayne <gap> Radulfus Couper
¶ John~ Robinson~ <gap> will Bron~ Skynner <gap> John Swayne
¶ John~ Sharp of Bernacastel <gap> John Couper <gap> Ric~ Spark
John Smert