<County: Herefordshire>
<Code: L7481>
<MS reference: Oxford, Bodleian Library, Rawlinson B 173, Hand A>
<Text: Prose Brut>

<fol. 138r>Kynges men the scottes escaped harmles ¶ And on
the morou~ when the kyng hytt wyste that the scot
tes were escaped in-to her owne contre he was
wondre sory and wept full sore with his yonge
yene ¶ And yitt wiste he not who had done hym
that treson~ . but that fals treson~ was full weele
knowen a goode while aftre-ward as the story
telleth ¶ Than kyng Edward come a-yeyne to
yorke full sorowfully and ther~ his oste departed
and every mon went home vnto his own~ contre
with full hevy and morenyng semblance ¶ And
the henaudes toke her leve and went in-to her~
owne contrey . and the kyng for her trauayle plen
tuosly hem rewarded . and bi-cawse of that viage
the kyng had dispended meche of his tresur~ and
wasted ¶ And in that tyme were seyn two mones
in the firmament . that on wes clere . and that
other was derk as men myght then se throgh
oute all the worlde ¶ And a grete debate was
that same tyme betwene the emperour & pope John
the . xxii . after seynte peter And the emperour~ of
almayne that made hym emperour ayenste the popes
wyll that tho helde the see at avyon~ wherfore
the emperour made his cry at Rome and ordeyned
an other~ pope that hight Nicholas and was a
freere Menour~ and that wes ayenst the ryght
of holy chirche ¶ wherfore he was accurssed
<fol. 138v>¶ And the power~ of that other pope sone wes leyde . for
bi-cause that suche mervelles were seyen And men
seyde that the worlde was nyghe at an ende <gap equivalent to 2-3 lines follows>
And now go we a-yeyne vnto sir Edward of
Carnarvan that was some-tyme kyng of
englond and was put a-downe of his dignite / / And
for his tribulacion~ & sorow that hym befell throgh
fals councell that he loued and trusted vppon~ hem to
mekle that aftreward were destroyed throgh her fals
nes as god wolde ¶ And this Edward of carnaruan
that was in the castell of berkle vnder the kepyng of
sir Moris of bercle and sir John mawtrivers and to hem
he made his compleynte of his sorow & of his diseese
¶ And often he asked of his wardeynes what he had
trespassed ayens dame Jsabell his wyfe and sir edward
his son that newe was made kynge that they wolde
not visytt hym ¶ Tho onswerd one of his wardeyns
and seyde Mi worthy lorde displese yow not that y
schall to yow tell ¶ The cause is for hitt is done hem
to vnderstonde that yif my lady youre wyfe come
eny thyng nere yow ; that ye wolde her strangle &
kyll . and also that ye wolde do to my lorde your son~
the same ¶ Tho onsuerde he with semple cheere
and seyde ¶ Allas allas : Am not y in prison & all att
youre owne wyll . and god hytt wotte y thoght hytt
never~ And now y wolde that y were deed so wolde
god that y were . for than were all my sorow gon
and passed ¶ hytt wes not longe aftre that the
kyng throgh councell of the mortymer~ graunted
the warde & the kepyng of sir edward his fader to
sir Thomas toiourney and the forseyde mawtrevers
throgh the kynges lettre and put oute holiche the
forseyde sir Moris of the warde of the kyng ¶ And
they toke and lad the kyng vnto the castell of corffe
the whiche castell the kyng hated as eny deth . and
they put hym ther~ sauely tyll hytt come vnto seynt
Mathew day in septembr~ ¶ And in the yeer~ of grace
a . m . CCC . xxviiti . the forseyde sir Thomas mortymer~
sent the maner of deth . how and in whatt wyse he
schulde be done vnto the deth ¶ And anon as the for-
seyde Thomas & John~ had seyen the lettre and com-
maundement they made kyng Edward of carnaruan
goode cheere & grete solace as they myght att that
tyme at souper~ . and no thyng the kyng wyste of
her traytorsnesse ¶ And whan tyme was for to go
to bedde . the kyng went in-to his bedde & lay & slept
faste ¶ And as the kyng lay & slept ; the traytoures
falssely forsworen ayenste her homage and feawte
come priuely in-to the kynges chambre and her com-
pany with hem . and leyde an houge table vppon~
his wombe and with that men pressed and helde
hym faste a-downe by the . iiij . corners of the table
<fol. 139v>vppon his body . Wher~-with the goode man awoke
and was wondre sore a-dradde to be deed ther~ &
slayne ; & turned his body vp-so-down~ ¶ Tho toke
the fals traytour as a wode tyrant an horn~ and put
in his fundement as deepe as he myght . and toke
a spete of copre brennyng hote and put hitt throgh
the horn~ in-to his body and oft-tymes rolled ther~
with his bowelles . and so they kylled her lorde that
no-thyng wes perceved ¶ And aftre he was entered
at Glowcetre
And aftre cristesmas next swyng sir John of
henaude broght with hym phelip his bro
ther doghter that was erle of henaude and his nece
in-to englond and kyng Edward spowsed her att
yorke with mekle honour ¶ And sir John of hothom~
byschoppe of Ely and sir william of melton~ Archebischop
of yorke songe the masses the sonday in the eve of the
conuersion of seynt poule . and in the yeer~ of grace . a
ml . CCC . xxvij . ¶ But for be-cause that the kyng wes
but yonge and tender of ayge whan~ he was crow
ned . and mony wronges were done whiles his fader
leved for by cause that he trusted his counsel that
was fals aboute hym that counceled hym to do other~
wyse then reson~ wolde . hytt wes ordeyned att the
kynges crownyng that the kyng for tendernes of
his ayge schulde be gouerned by . xij . grete lordes of eng
<fol. 140r>lond . with-oute the which no-thing schulde be done
¶ That is for-to sey the Archebischoppe of caunnturbery
¶ the archebischoppe of york ¶ the Bischoppe of wynchestr~
and ¶ the Bischoppe of hereford ¶ The erle of lancastre
¶ the erle Marchall ¶ and the erle of kent . that were the
kynges vncles ¶ and the Erle of Garreyne ¶ Sir thomas
wake ¶ Sir henry percy ¶ Sir Olyver~ of yngham ¶ and sir
John of Roose Barons ¶ And al thees were sworen~
truly for-to counsayle the kyng . as they schuld onswer~
euery yeere in the parlement of that schulde be done
in the tyme of that gouernayle . but that ordenaunce
was sone done . and that was mekle losse & harme to
all englond ¶ For the kyng and all the lordes that
schuld gouerne hym . were gouerned and ruled after
the kynges moder~ dame Jsabell and by sir Roger Mor
tymer~ And as they wolde all thyng was done bothe
amonge hye and lowe ¶ And they toke to hem townes
londes and rentes to grete harmyng & losse to the
crowne & of the kynges estate also oute of mesure .
The kyng Edwarde at wyttsontyde the . ij .
yeere of his regne throgh councell of hys
moder and of sir Roger Mortymer~ ordeyned a parle
ment at Northehampton~ ¶ Att the which parlement
the kyng throgh her councell toke other of the londe
and with yn ayge graunted to ben acorde with the
<fol. 140v>scottes in this maner that all the feautees & homages
that the scottes schulde do vnto the crowne of englond
he foryafe hem vnto the scottes for-ever-more bi his
chartre ensealed ¶ And forthermore an endentur~ wes
made of the scottes vnto the kyng Edward that was
kyng henries son . the whiche endentur~ they called
the Ragmon~ . in the whiche endentur~ wer~ conteyned all
the homages and feautees . Fyrste of the kyng of scot
land and of the prelates . erles and barons of the reame
of scotland . with her seales sett ther-on And other char
tres and remembraunces that kyng Edward and hys
Barons hadden of her right in the reame of scottland
¶ Al this wes fory[e]ve hem a-yeyn holyche . and also wt
the blak crosse of scottland the which the goode kyng
Edward had conquered in scottland oute of the Abbey
of Stone the whiche is a full precious relyke ¶ And also
forthermore he relessed and foryafe all the londes that
the barons of englond had in scottland by olde conqueste
¶ And this pees for-to do holde and laste ; the scottes
were bounden vnto the kyng in . xxx . thousand . <measure> . of
selver to be payed with-in thre yeere . that is to sey .
every yeere . x . thousand . <measure> . by even~ porcions ¶ And
forthermor~ over al this . they speken~ betwene the par
tyes above-seyde . that dauid drytanantyer~ that was
Robert the Bruce son~ a fals tiraunt and a traytor~
and fals forsworn~ ayens his othe . that rose a-yens
his liege lorde the noble kyng Edward and falssely
<fol. 141r>made hym-self kyng of scotlond as hytt is seyde
beforn . And his son schulde be kyng of scotlond that
was of ayge but . xv . yeere ¶ And so throgh his cur
sed councell this dauid spoused att Berewike Dame
Johan att Towre that was kyng Edwardes sustre
as the geeste tel<l?e>th vppon Mary Maudelynes day
the yeere of grace . ml . CCC. xxviij . to grete harme &
enpeyryng to all the kynges blode wher~-of the gen
tyll lady come ¶ Alas the tyme for wonder meche
wes that feyre mayden disparged seth that sche was
maried ayenst all the comon assent of all the lordes
of englond ¶ And fro the tyme that brute had conque
red albyon & named the londe aftre his owne name
that is to sey Brutayne that now ys called englond
after the name of Engiste ; was the reame of scotlond
holden of the reame of englond and of the crowne bi
feaute & homage For Brute conquered that londe
and gafe hytt to Albanak his secounde son And he
called that londe Albany after his owne name ¶ So
that the heyres that come after hym helden~ of
Brute and of his eyres the kynges of Brutayne bi
feaute and homage ¶ And fro that tyme vnto kyng
Edward the reame of scotland was holden by feau
tees & seruises aboue-seyde as the cronicles of eng
lond & scotland bereth wyttenes more plenerli ¶ And
accurssed be that tyme that ever this parlement was
holde at Northampton . for ther~ throgh fals councell<?>
<fol. 141v>the kyng was falsly dishereted . and yitt he was wt
yn ayge ¶ And whan kyng Edward of carnavan@
wes putt a-down~ of his ryalte of englond yit men
putt hym not oute of the feautees and seruises of
the reame of scotland ¶ And neuerthelese the grete lor-
des of englond weren ayenst to conferme the pees
and the trues aboue-seyde . save only the qwene ysa
bell that was kyng Edwardes moder and the Byschop
of Ely and the lorde Mortymer ¶ But reson~ & lawe wold
not that a fynall pees schulde be made with-oute the
comen assent betwene hem & the lordes of englond <gap equivalent to 3-4 lines follows>
Whan the forseyde dauid had spoused dame
Johan at Toure in the towne of berewyke
as is before seyde . the scottes in dispyte of englisch
men called dame Johan . Make pees . for the cowardise
pees that wes ordeyned . ¶ But the kynges person~
bare the wyte and the blame of the makyng of that
acorde & yitt all wes done throgh the qwene and sir
Roger Mortymer~ ¶ And hytt wes not longe after~
that qwene Jsabell ne toke in-to her owne honde
all the lordeschipp of pounfrett and al-moste al the
londes that were of valwe that perteyned vnto the
crown~ of englond . so that the kyng had noght for
dispend<?> ; but of his vsis & his escheker~ ¶ For the
<fol. 142r>qwene Jsabell and the Mortymer~ had grete meyne
at their~ retynwe and folowed ever-more the kynges
courte . and toke all thyng at the kynges price for her
penyworthes at gode chepe . wherfor~ the contre that
they come yn weren full sor~ a-dradde & almoste distroi
ed ¶ Tho began the comialte of englond for-to haate
Jsabell the qwene that so meche loved her when sche
come ayeyn~ for-to pursue the fals traytors the spencers
fro fraunce ¶ And that same tyme that fals traytor
Robert of holond that betrayed his lorde sir Thomas
of lancastre . was delyvered oute of prison~ and was
wonder prive with the qwene ysabell . and also wt the
Mortymer . but that availed hym but litell . For he
was take at Mighalmesse that next come after as
he rode towarde qwene ysabell to london~ ¶ And sir thomas
whither smote of his hed besides the town~ of seynt
Albones ¶ And this sir thomas tho dwelled wt sir henri
Erle of lancastre . and he putt hym in hidyng for drede
of the quene . for sche loued hym wonder mekle . and
prayed vn-to the kyng that the sayde thomas most
be exiled oute of englond ¶ And the noble Erle sir
henri of lancastre had oft-tymes herd the comyn@
clamour of the englisch men of the mekle diseses that
wer~ done in englond . and also dyvers wronges
that were done among the comen~ peple of the which
the kyng bare the blame . and all wronge for he was
but full yong & tender~ of ayge and thoght as a gode
<fol. 142v>man and thoght for to do awey and slake the sclan
der of the kynges person~ yif that he might in eny
maner wyse . in so meche as the kyng ther-of was no
thyng gylty . wher-of he was in perell of lyfe and
lyme ¶ And so he assemled all his retenauntes & went
and spake vnto hem of the kynges honour and also for
to amende his estate ¶ And sir thomas of brotherton~
Erle Marchall ¶ and sir Edmond of woddestok that
weren the kynges vncles . and also men~ of london@
maden@ her othe hym for to maynteyne in the same
quarell ¶ And her cause was thus that the kyng~
schulde holde his housholde & his meyne as pertey
neth to a kyng for-to holde and haue all his rialte
And that the qwene ysabell schulde delyver oute of
her honde in-to the kynges honde all maner lordeschippes
rentes townes and castelles that perteyned vnto the
crowne of englond ¶ And that sche schulde leve wt
the thrid parte of the rentes of englond as other~
qwenes had done bifore her and with non other~
thyng And also that sir Roger Mortymer schulde dwell
vppon@ his owne londes ¶ For the which~ londes he had
holp for-to disheret meche peple so that the comen pe
ple were nere distroyed throgh her wrongfull takyng
¶ And also to enquere how and by whom the kyng
wes betrayed and falsly disseyved at stanhope And
throgh whose councell that the scottes went a-wey by
nyght fro the kyng ¶ And also how & throgh whos
<fol. 143r>councell the ordynaunce that was made at the coro
nacion~ of kyng Edward was putt a-down~ . that is to sey
that the kyng for amendement & helpyng of the reame
and in honoure of hym schulde be ruled & gouerned
by . xij . the grettest and wysest lordes of the reame and
with-outen hem schulde no thyng be graunted ne done
as bifore is seyde the whiche gouernaunce maliciously
wes put a-wey fro <ill><.....></ill> kyng ¶ Wherfore mony schames
harmes and repreves han fall vnto the kyng and hys
reame And that to vnderstonde for as meche as Edward
som-tyme kyng of englond was ordeyned by assent of
the comialte in playne parlement for to be vnder the
warde of and gouernaunce of sir henry Erle of lancas-
tre his cosyn~ for saluacion~ of his body . and he taken
oute of the castell of kenelworth there that he was
in warde and throgh colour~ of qwene ysabell & the
Mortymer~ with-oute consent of eny parlement they
toke and ladde hym ther~ that never-after none of his
kynred myght with hym speke ne see ¶ And after~
traytorsly hym toke and mordred . for whos deth a
foule sclaunder arose throgh-oute all cristendom when
hytt wes done ¶ And also of the tresour <exp>of</exp>[<that>] sir Edward of
carnaruan had laft in mony places of englond and
of walys that weren wasted and bore a-wey with-oute
the wyll of kyng Edward his son in distruccion of hym
& of his peple ¶ Also throgh whos councell that the
kyng yaf vp the kyngdome of scotland . for the whych
<fol. 143v>reame the kynges auncetres had full sore trauayled
and so did mony a noble man for her right ¶ And
ther~ was delyuered vnto dauid that wes Robert
the bruce son~ al the right the which had no right
vnto the reame as all the worlde hytt wiste ¶ And
also by whom the chartres and the remembraunce that
they had of the right of scotland that were taken~
oute of the tresory and delyvered vnto the scottes
the kynges enemyes to destruccion@ of hem . hym . &
his successors . and grete harme to his liegees and
grete reprefe to englische men~ for-ever-more also .
¶ Wherfore dame Johan of the toure the kynges
sustre Edward was so disparged & maried vnto da
uid that was Robert the brucis son that was a
fals traytour and an enemy vnto englond . & throgh
whos councell sche was take in-to her enemyes hon
des oute of the reame of englond ¶ And the meene
tyme whiles the goode erle of lancastre & his com
pany toke councell how thes poyntes above-seyde
myght be amended vnto the worschip & profytt of
the kyng and to the profytte also of his liegees ; anon
the qwene ysabell throgh coniectyng & sotelte of the
mortymer~ lett ordeyne a parlement at salusbery
and at the same parlement the mortymer was
made Erle of the Marche ayenst all the barons will
of englond in preiudice of the kyng & of his crowne
¶ And sir John of Elthame the kynges brother~ was