<County: Northumberland>
<Code: L0334>
<MS reference: Gosforth, Northumberland Record Office, ZSW 2/51>
<Text: Agreement>

Thys indenture made the fourt day of Appryll the yere of oure lorde Kyng henry the sext the fourt beres wytnes that
sir Robert of Ogle knyght hase put the safgarde of the Castell of Berwyk <rbd><3 words></rbd> to sir willam of Swynburn@
knyght safely to kepe wt the perey Toure vn-to the fest of all halow<smudge possibly concealing a letter> next to comme eftyr the date of thys present
and the said sir Robert of Ogle sall paie or make to be paiet to the said sir willam of Swynburn@ or hys Attourne for euer
ilk threttene wekys of the said terme fyfe & twenty ponde of Jnglyse mone lawefull Jn wytnesse of the whilk
to thyr Jndentures the forsaid sir Robert & willam thayre seals enterchaungeable to thyr Jndentures hase sett
Made day & yere forsaide