<County: Northumberland>
<Code: L0390a>
<MS reference: Durham, Prior's Kitchen, Dean and Chapter Muniments, Locellus V.45 dorse>
<Text: Memorandum>

Jt is to hafe in mynd that on@ thorsday in witson@weik the yer of kyng henry the sext efter the conquest nynte in presence of my ryght wirshipfull lorde3
my lord of Doresme & my lord of Northumbrland at the Neucastell apon@ tyne it is acordit be Robert Vmframvile knyght & Jsabell at was the wyf
of willam heron@ swyer dede for thaym & for the childr~ of the sayd willam on@ A part And John@ Maners the elder John Maners the yonger & all
other persouns partie to the nommperage of the Priours of Doresme & of Tynmouth nommpers named forto decre & determyn@ all debates as it is on@
the tother side of this sedull endentit wretyn@ . onn the tother part . that all payment3 of the ccl mark be the sayd nommpers awardit to the
said ser Robert & Jsabell sall be payd to thaym or to thayr Attourne3 at the tovn@ of Neucastell on@ tyne in the kirk of seynt Nicholace at our
lady Alter in presence of the Mayr of the same tovn@ for the tyme beand if he will be present And if the Mayr~ beforsaid will noght be present
then@ the paymentes beforsayd sall be payd at the Alter beforsayd in presence of other notable3 person3 of the sayd tovn@ . the sayd ser Robert &
Jsabell or their Attourne3 delyueryng to the sayd John@ Maners the Elder or to hys Attourne suffisant acquitance of ilk payment