<County: Northumberland>
<Code: L0390c>
<MS reference: Durham, Prior's Kitchen, Dean and Chapter Muniments, Locellus V.52>
<Text: Award>

<part 1>this present wrytyng be makes record & bers wytnes þat John@ Priour of Duresme And Thomas Priour of Tynmouth vmpers named
& choson@ ˆ [wt John@ Priour of gisburgh vnder condicon@ that [what thyng] twa of thaym rewardet suld be halden ferme & stabell] be þe ryght wirshipfull sers ser Robert vmframvile lord of kyme and ser willam Enre Chr~ for the party of Jsabell heron@ the wyf
of willam heron@ deed And other cosyns & frendes of þe sayd willam heron@ And be ser Robert Ogle & be John~ Maners for tham & other
of thayr Cosyns & frendes in cause o forto ˆ [mak] reward decre & termyn@ efter god & thayr discrecon~ in the cause of Appell gre hevynes
that is hynggand has been~ lang hynggand betwen~ the forsayd partyes for the dede of willam heron~ whas saull god Assoyll . Made thayr
reward & decre in the forsayd mater at the Newe Castell Apon@ Tyne . in th Seynt Nicholace kirk the wedynsday next befor the fest of
Michelmes the yeer of our lord Ml cccc xxx in the fourme that sues
First noght gaynstandyng that Als fer as the forsayd vmpers has ˆ [<ill><1 word></ill>] knawlegyng ˆ [that the sayd] John Maners nowther slewe nor willyng was to the
slayng of the sayd willam heron@ yit [for the relevyng
of the saull of the sayd willam heron@ &]
fortill have gode lordship & Maysterschip of the forsayd ser Robert vmframvile . ser willam Enre & ser willam
Tempest & gode love & frenship of the sonnes the wyfe Cosyns & frendes of willam heron@ at is deed & gode ryst & fynall peace to be
had & h all hevynes to be put away be-twyx the partyes beforsayd and all thayr inherauntes<?> als fer as in thaym~ is . that the forsayd
John@ Maners sall ˆ [trewely] pay or make to be payed to the forsayd party of willam heron@ CC marc~ wyth-in the terme of <gap> yers that is
to say ilk yer xx at Festes of the Natyuyte of our Lord & the Natyuyte of seynt John~ baptist be even@ porcouns And forto make
MlCCC+messe [of requiem] for to be sayd wyth-in the space of Ane twelmoneth next cammand efter the Date of this present wrytyng for the relevyng
of the saule of the sayd willam heron@ And thyes forsayd paymente & messe forto be done sa that sulk sufficiaunt suerte & sekirnes
be made to John@ Maners [and his frendes] for all the fred the frendes of willam heron~ as the forsayd vmpers wt slyk sulk counsell as thay will take
till thayme ˆ [be thayr discrecon~] will deem@ resonable lawefull & behouefull in this case wyth-in the yeer next tuurnyng
<part 2>The [this is the] reward of John~ Priour of Doresme & Th~ Priour of tynmouth wyth the consent of John@ Priour of gisburgh is this that John~ Maners
forto have gode lordship & Maystership of the hyer estates & gode love & Frenship of the lawe estates of the kyn@ Alyance & frendes
of willam heron~ swyer dede sall mak forto be sayd . d . messe specialy for the relevyng of the saule of willam heron@wt-in
A yeer next suand And alsa at the metyng of the kyn@ & frendes of the forsayd willam heron@ And of John~ Maners hys kyn@
& his frendes in the presence of the forsayd Vmpers . the sayd John@ Maners sall say & doo ˆ [& shewe] sulk lawenes & mekenes ˆ [in worde & dede] as the
forsayd vmpers at that tyme sall thynk forto be done ˆ [efter thayr discrecon@] And alsa at the forsayd John@ Maners sall paye or make to be
payed wyth-in the terme of viij [sewen@] yeer next suand CC V marc~ that is to say seven of the first yeres yerly . xx . li & in the [at the metyng forsayd . xx . li And at the fest of the]
natiuite of our lord next then@ next this
suyng xx . li & sa fra yeer to yeer at the same fest whill the sayd summe be payeed
<ill><6 words></ill> And forto fulfill this wyth-outyn@ mare speciall grace or remission@ of the sayd frendes of willam heron@
that sall ˆ <mrg>alsa the forsayde <?> vmpers rewards that sulk</mrg> [frendship & love be made be-twen@ the partyes forsayd & Alsa sulk sufficiant suerte & sekernes be funne] sufficiaunt suerte be made to John@ Maners & his frendes <?> be the kyn@ & frendes of willam heron@ as the sayd vmpers
be gode Avyce of wyse cunsell & thayre awen@ consyence & discrecon@ sall deem@ behofull resonable & lawefull before the fest of
the natiuite of seynt John baptist next .