<County: Northumberland>
<Code: L1216>
<MS reference: Gosforth, Northumberland Record Office, SANT-GUI-NCL-06-01-01>
<Text: Ordinance>

To the worship of god & in Sustentacon@ of the procession@ & corpus christi play Jn the town~ of the New
Castell on~ Tyne eftir~ the lawdabyll & the Auncient Custom~ of the sayd town~ & in eschewyng of discen
con@ & discord . that now late has bene ymong diuers Craftis of the forsayd town~ . Jt is now ordaynet
& assentyd be the Mair~ Shirref Aldermen~ Justic~ of Pese be auctorite of the Comon~ Gyld of the
forsaid town~ the sext day of Marce Jn the 3er~ of our~ lord Ml . CCCCme lix . And in the 3er~ of ye Regn@
of kyng henri the sext eftir~ the conquest of Jngland xxxviij . That all the Sadlers now duellyng
or in tyme to come repayryng~ for to duell in the sayd town@ . Sall amyabli 3erly at the fest of Corpus christi go
to-gedir~ in procession@ in a lyueray . And play to-gedir~ thair~ play at thair~ allers costage3 eftir~ the ordenaunce
of thair~ wardeyns 3erly of thaym~ be thair~ comon~ assent to be Chosen~ And at euery+man~ of the forsayd Craft
sall be at the procession~ <ill><5-6 words></ill> ye forsayd wardeyns o+payn~ to pay xl d to ye said wardeyns
& Craft . And at thay sall not take no scottisman <crease>n to apprentic~ nor put none <ill><1 word></ill> to werke <ill><2 words></ill> now
thir~ wt-in the town~ nor wt-oute o+payn~ to pay for ilk swylk defaut duely & lawfulli proued xx d & yef ye
tone halfe to the comon~ Courte & ye tothir~ half<crease> to ye Craft . And also yat jlk+man~ of ye sayd Craft when thay
er~ warned be any of the sayd wardeyns . sall come to semble & to commonnyng wt ye sayd Craft to do assent
& to fulfyll jlkon~ in his party as it happyns thar to be ordaynet of the most party of thaym~ lawfully o+payn~
to pay to the sayd craft a pound of wax . bot if <crease>e hafe cause resonable fonndyn~ be discrecon~ of the sayd
wardenns Also it is assentyd be the sayd Craft that thar~ sall no felowe of the sayd Craft take none apprentice .
vndir~ vij 3er~ o+payn~ of vj s~ viij d to be payed to ye sayd Craft Also that none of the sayd Craft at thair~
commonnyng when~ thay ar~ to-gedir~ no bustus<?> spech<?> on~ tyll a-n+othir of his felows to ley hym~ violently
o+payn~ of xl d to the Craft . And also yat thar~ sall no felowe of the sayd Craft covet nor dissir~ none of his
felows seruandes befor he be fre lowse fra his Maister~ nor by no thyng~ of ye sayd seruand pertenyng~ to ye .
sayd Craft of none of his felows gudes wetandly getyn~ wrangfully . o+payn~ of xl d to the sayd Craft . And
<crease><ill><2-3 words></ill> felow of the sayd Craft sall ler~ nor make knawen~ to no man~ bot tyll his prentic~ how he sall
make lethir~ of hunngr~ be no way o+payn of <ill><2 words></ill> and yarof the half to the comon~ Courte . & ye toyer halfe
to the Crafte . And Also yt none set vpp~ shop~ of ye sayd craft befor he hafe fondyn surte to the sayd wardeyns~
& craft that he sall be made Fre+man~ & burges~ wt-in ye same 3er~ o+payn~ of xx s~ . the tone half to ye common~
Courte & ye toyer halfe to ye steward~ & Craft Also it is assentyd be ye sayd craft that if a man~ a+foreyn~ comme
to this town~ that is of ye sayd Crafte . that no felowe of ye sayd Craft sall sett hym~ of werk wt-outyn~
Assent of ye stuardes <ill><4 words></ill> a-pon payn off xl d Also it is assentyd be ye sayd Craft yt yer sall
none wirk apon ye halyday nor of postyll Evyn bodyn~ be haly+kirk halow at none . bot if it be in tyme of
nede o+payn of a pond of wax . to ye Crafte Also that none of the sayd Craft set vpp~ shopp~ nor occupy none
of ye sayd crafte befor he be acordyt wt ye sayd wardeyns~ & crafte lyke as we hafe done & other~ Craftes vsis for
to <ill><1 word></ill> . And Also yt we swer to do & fulfyll this ordenance Aboue written~ for so er we sworne<?> for~ to do & if any wyll
<ill><1 word></ill> & wyll not pay his payne vnto the sayd wardeyns~ Than~ it sall be lefull to the Mair~ & shirref for tyme
beyng to cor+apel thaym~ & rayse the payn~ as it is aforsayd And also to pay the sergeaunt feys for his disobeysaunce
and ase<?> to be <ill><1 word></ill> be censurs of haly+kirk for his periuri if he be convict . And it is assentyd that
<ill><most of the line illegible></ill>
Folowyng has sette our~ sealls And made <ill><6 words></ill> to hald & fulfyll jlk article forseyd
<ca 40 names follow, most as signatures in different hands>