<County: Northumberland>
<Code: L1225>
<MS reference: Gosforth, Northumberland Record Office, ZSW 2/70>
<Text: Enfeoffment>

This indentur~ mayde the fe<crease>st daye of Junij in the xxti 3heyr of ye reing~ of kyn<crease> henr~ the vijt Be-twex Robart Belyngham of Bradford
wt-in the Cownte of North<crease>merland Gentylman~ of the ton party & John Fen<crease>ke of the fawnys Gentylman of the tothyr party witneses
at the forsayde Robart Belyngham hays Gyffeyn~ & Grantyt & be this <crease>sent indentur confirmyt to the forsayde John Fenwyke his
heres & Assign~ all the la<crease>ys & tenamentes wt ye pertin~ at J hayff wt-in the t<crease>n & felde of Gowth medylton wt-in the Cownte of Northumerland
to hayff & to halde al<crease> the forsayde landys tenamentes wt the pertin~ to <crease>e forsayde John Fenwyke his heres & Assign~ for-euermor~ for~ his
sutt & seruis dowyng~ t<crease>he cheff lorde euerlastyngly Neueryeles the forsayd Johnn Fenwyke hays Grantyt & be this present indentur
confirmyt at qwat <crease><ill><2 letters></ill> as<crease> the forsayde Robart Belyngham his heres or <crease>sign~ pays or makys to be payde x li of lawfull mone of yngland
all on on~ daye to th<crease> forsayde Johnn Fenwyke or to his Assign~ than it s<crease>all be lefull to the forsayde Robart Belyngham or~ his Assign~
to enter to all the sayde landys tenamentes wt ye pertin~ & the forsayde Jo<crease>n Fenwyke or his Assign~ to be deschargyt & this indentur~
to stande in No wal<crease> & J the forsayde Robart Belyngham my heres & Assign~ bendys vs be the fayth in our~ bodys at we nor no nothyr
man in our nay<crease> shall neuer make tytell nor claym to non of ye forsayde lande nor to no parcell thayr-of ondyr the payn~ of
xx li to be payde to <hole> Johnn Fenwyke or to his Assign~ vn-to seche tym~ as the forsayde Johnn Fenwyke or his Assign~ be
fully satysfyet & paye of x<ill><1 letter></ill> of lawfull mone of yngland all on on~ daye This pament mayde Acordyng to this indentur~ than the forsayde
Robirt Belyngham to enter wt-oute intrepcion~ And the forsayde Johnn Fenwyke to late & sett at his plesor~ all the forsayde landys & tenes
wt-ovt intrepcon~ of ony <crease><ill><1 letter></ill> son~ And J the forsayde Robart Belyngham my her~ & Assign~ all the forsayde landys & tenes wt all
the pertin~ perteiyng thayrto To the forsayde Johnn Fenwyke his heres & Assign~ in the form befor-sayde Agans all pepyll schall
warand & defende euerla<crease>yngly Jn witneses heyrof hathyr party to the parttes of thes indentur~ hays set+to thayr selles wt thes
witneses syr Robart watr<crease>n~ vecar~ of qwelpengton~ Nicholes Eryngton~ of bengfeld willam Eryngton~ of wallekgrang~
Thomas Armstrang~ of hex<crease>am & Thomas Tallor~ of hexham wt many othyr written~ at hexh the daye & the 3heyr~ Abon~-sayde & c~