<County: Norfolk>
<Code: L4627>
<MS reference: London, BL Harley 1747. Hand of fols 39r-42r>
<Text: Alchemical treatise>

<fol. 39r>Tak . j . quarter <pound symbol> of ye son~ . & dim <pound symbol> . of the
mon~ purgyd . And mak of both yes so
tyl <exp>powder</exp> lymal . Than tak . j . <pound symbol> & dim of mercer
& put to ye lymal aforseyd . Tha~ tak .v . or .vj .
sponful of vynegre & salt half an handful . &
grynd all ye maters to-gedre in a treen dyshe
tyl ye son~ ye mon~ & ye qwyksyluer be wel
takyn togedyr . Tha~ tak water mydyl hot
& wasch away clen ye salt & ye vynegre tyl all
be freshe tastyng at 3our tong . & yan dry ye ma
ter wt a sponge or wt a cloth . & wen yt ys dry
put it in-to 3our vessell os ye know & stoppe
it wel yt no eyr~ go [in] ne owt the qwych myth
be confusion~ to 3our werk . Tha~ set it in 3our
furneys makyng fyir vnder os 3e know . Thes
be sygnis yt wyl shewyn in 3our werk . Fyrst
it wyll congel in-to an hard gobet . Then yt
wyl wast vnder in-to powder a lytyl & a lytyl
tyl all ye substawnse be wastyd in-to powder
The qwych powder wt contynwal fyryng wyl
twrn in-to mercury kouerd wt blaknes lyk to pych .
The qwych blaknes lyk os he con~ owt of ye
<fol. 39v>body he wyl go in ageyn in to ye same body
and os ye blaknes passyth ye wytnes shew
yth . and than be sekyr 3our werk ys done os
to ye whyth . For ye wyld wyl neuer be tam
but in whyth . But be-twyn blak & whyt
many colowrs xal shewe . wer of takyth
no eyd . for blak & whyt beth endles co
lowrs for yer nys no colour but he tak
mor or les of on of thes tweyn . Yerfor
wha~ he ys whyt shynyng cler~ in thys ma
ner xal 3e gouern hym . Tak 3our vessel and
bery hym in 3our forneys leying sond aboue
ye thyknes of an vnche & mak fyir a
boue wt a twrfe or tweyn . & vndyr in ye
furneys be ye <exp>same</exp> space of .iij . dayes tyl
al ye whyck yt cleuyt[h] be ye sydys twrn
ye body yat he came fro and all be on
sbstawns . than wete 3e wel yf he be shy
nyng whyt ; all ye whyck ys ded . & than
ys all ye trauelle done . Thus xal 3e asay
weder ye spyryt ys dede or nat . tak .j . part
of ye body ye whygt of . j . wete corn . &
<fol. 40r>weyg it . then tak an yrn & het yt tyl yt
be rede hote . & lete thys whete corn wygt
lye yer vpon ye space of half a pater noster whyl . &
yf yt hold hes whygt yan yt ys wel . & yf he
do nowt . 3eld hym ageyn to ye fyir tyl he hold
whygt . Qwan he holdyth whygt thus xal
3e do . Tak of ye whyt in ye glas .j . quarter & kepp
ye oder .iij . quarters to ye red werk . Than tak yis
quarter of ye whyt and put in-to a balaunce than
tak os mych qwyksyluer & put in-to ye todyr
balaunce so that both sydes be of euyn whygt .
than tak .j . part of ye qwyk-syluer & grynd wt ye
part of ye whyt ston . yan put in-to a glas
th<?> shape & stop yt abone & put yt in 3our fur
neys makyng vndurneth fyir os 3e know . and
be ye space of .iiij . howres yt wyl twrn in-to
the vertue of ye ston . And than lyk os 3e haue
<mrg>done</mrg> wt yis part . so do wt odyr .iij . partes of ye qwyk
syluer . tyl yt 3eld yt to lygt meltyng os wax
asaying in yis maner . Tak a+corne wygt of ye
stone & ley yt vpon an hote yryn & leye
os myche wex yer-by . & yf ye ston melt os lyght
<fol. 40v>ly os ye wax . tha~ he ys redy to multyplye For
ye philosofyr seyth . jn os myche os mercury ys lyght
of fleyng he nedyth a medycyn that may sodeyn
ly ioyne hym or he fle . for ye medicyn mwst be
os lyght of meltyng os ye toder is lyght of fleyng
or ellys 3e xal nat fynd yt 3e seyk . Ferther
mor~ in yis maner 3e shal <exp>mak</exp> compowne Tak of
ye ston .j . peny wyght & .v . peny wyght of mer
cwry & put all yis in-to a crusyble in embyr
or ellys vpon colys so yt be nat to hotte & wt
in lesse tym yan a pater noster wyghl yt wyl twrn
in-to ye kynd of ye ston . and lokyth euermore
3e haue fyre of clene kolys nowt to strong
for euermor~ afor ye meltyng he ys elixer & aftyr
ye meltyng he ys metall . Tha~ tak . j . peny wyhgt
therof & put to ye ston . & than ys ye ston neuerye
lesse . Than tak ye .x . peny wyght aforseyd
& depart hym in .x . partes and cast euyrych . j . part
vpon .x . of mercer . & than 3e han .C . Than depart
ye forseyd .C . in-to .x . partes . and cast eueryche part
vpon .C . and than 3e haue .M . Than depart yis
.M . in-to .x . partes & cast eueryche part vpon .M . and
<fol. 41r>than 3e haue .C .M . And so depart and procede in-to
infinyte . For he ys os fyr~ among wode . os
mwsk among electwaryis . os rennet cruddyth
mylk in-to chese & os sowrdowgh ys to paste .
Tha take yis congelyd mater aforseyd & tak yer
of . j . pownd & cast it vpon . x . li . and depart
thes powndes lyk os 3e dyd afor ye peny wygh
tys fro on in-to .x . Fro .x . in-to .C . Fro .C . in-to
.M . Fro .M . in-to .C .M . and so in-to infynit os a
forseyd . For the +mor~ yis forseyd ordyr ys re
hersyd & traveyld yemor~ ys [hes] bonyte of perfec
cyoun yncresyd & myche mor~ turnyth & perfy
tyht . Tha~ tak a cruselet & put yer in . j .
li or .ij . of ye mater afor~seyd & sette 3our crus
let in a fayr fyr~ of kolys & let yt stond tyl
ye potte be red hot . than blow yerto tyl it be
molte . and yer all vppe . Amen .
Now haue 3e leryd der~ frend forto make
wyhgt . therfor yt ys nedefwlle & profyta
for to mak red . But vndyrstandyth yt no
man may con~ fro ye fyrst to ye thryd but
be ye secund for but 3e mak trwe wyghte
<fol. 41v>rede may 3e nat mak For 3e may nat conn fro
blak to cytryne but be wyght . nor fro wyght
to red . but be cytrine For wan he ys wyght
cristalyne ye rede ys hyd wtin hym lyk os
blode ys hyd in man . Of qwyche rednes
yer ys none oder drawyng owt but only wt
incresyng of ye fyre . For ye fyrst dyges
tyoun of ye stomak kyndly wyghtyth The
secund of ye lyuur redyth . For 3e know wele
yt ye sperme ys nat gendyrd tyl he be wele
decoct in ye lyuur so yt he haue takyn yer hes
inwardly rednes . for but he wer~ inward
ly [rede] yer shuld no thyng gender of hym . Ryth so
our wyght medycyn . but yf he wer sodyn
in ye fyre he shuld nat be rede . werfore
3e nede to sethe hym wele in ye fyir wt owt
dred or puttyng yer to ony thyng tyl he
be clerr~ rede For wt waxyng fyr~ aftyr
wyght comyth rede . hafe betwyn wyght
& rede cytryne wyl shew hym . ye qwyche is
nat stabylle for aftyr hym rednesse dwel
lyth nat long . at whos komyng beth se
<fol. 42r>kyr 3our werk ys done and ye reder~ he ys ye
better he ys . for ye caws of red ys only fully
dygestyon~ . Than shal 3e tak owt 3our rede
medycine & dothe to hym in all maner of de
gr~ lyk os 3e dyd to ye wyght tyl he 3eld
hym to lygth fusyoun os wax . And compown ye
rede wt mercer lyk os 3e dyd to ye wyght & so
procede in-to infynite . Now haue 3e fulfyl
lyd 3our medycine in hot & colde moyst & drye
euyn a tempyr~ & kyndly adeqwat . werfor~
that yt 3e put to hym of hes owyn kynde
shal be of ye sam complexioun . yt he ys of And
thys is ye caws yt he may be multiplyed
in-to infinyte . for he ys os fyr~ among wode
mwske among electwaryse . and os renell
of mylk ys to chese & os ferment ys to
paste . and ye mor~ yt he ys trauelyde ye mor~
he ys incresyd . Now j haue declaryd on
to 3u the praktyse of yis worthy scyence
os clerly os god of hes heygh godenese
hath 3eue me grace . j kanne no mor~ but he
yt made both 3u & me bryng vs to ye blys of hes
¶ maieste .
Explicit .