<County: Staffordshire>
<Code: L1140>
<MS reference: Göttingen University Library, Cod. MS Jurid. 822/1/5>
<Text: Attestation>

Be hyt knowen@ to all men@ that thys present writynge shal come to that y John@ knyght sumtyme seruant to John@ Meverell Squyer~
was with my seyd Mastyr at Stapeley in Chestyr-Shyre in the house of John@ Rope Squyer~ and ther~ my seyd Mastyr was so
viseted wt goddys visitacion@ that he was in poynte of deth / / at wheche tyme the seyd John@ Rope take fro my seyd ˆ [Mastyr] in hys sekenes
hys purse in the wheche purse was the Seal of my Mastyrs Armes / the wheche purse and Seal when@ that my Mastyr was
reuerted / was broughte to hym a-geyn@ by the seyd John@ Rope and the Seal was enbrowed wt reed wax as they had seled ther~
wt / / and more-over~ y herd my seyd Mastyr sey in hys good lyve as y shal onswere by-fore god & man@ mony tymes and ofte / that
he neuer~ seled dede ny non odyr thynge to the seyd John@ Rope / save only an endentur~ made betwen@ hem terme of yeres / /
Jnto witnes her-of y the seyd John@ knyght~ haue put to my Seal wreton@ at wolun~ehampton@ the thursday in the fest of
seynt Edward the yere of the Reigne of kynge harry the vjte xxvti . / .