<County: Staffordshire>
<Code: L1141>
<MS reference: Göttingen University Library, Cod. MS Jurid. 822/1/3>
<Text: Attestation>

Knowen@ be hit to all men@ that for as meche as one John@ Roppe off chestr~-Shir~ gentelman@ pretendith to haue a ryght tytle and astate by John@ meuerell off woluernehampton@ Squyer~ of parcell off the
Maner of Stapley in the said Countee . of Chestr~ wherfore we willam leueson~ and James leueson@ Squyers willam Salford and Nicholas leueson~ Gentilmen@ Robert lyne and Thom@ Pym~ prestes
Raynald Tolle Nichus Vnderhyll John~ Fyssher~ John~ Newport willam Cook John~ Clerk John~ Skryven~ willam Taylour Henr~ Grasseley and willm~ lorettes say expressely as the said John@
meuerell sayd in his last dayes and [at] all tymes said in his lyue that he neuer enfeffed ne relessched ne sealled no maner~ of wryting~ to the sayd John~ Roope . off no parcell of the said Manere
of Stapeley . saff onely an~ Jndentur~ off the which the said John~ Roope toke parcell of the said John~ Meuerell parte of the said Maner of Stapeley . to terme of yeres as hit apereth by
the Jndentur~ And the said John~ Meuerell said he was neuer holdon~ to hym~ all yff they were Cosyns For his lyuelod off the said Stapeley wes sore distressed wasted and aneyntised
by the menes of the said John~ Roope and his evill will / Jnto the wytnes of this our~ record testymonyall we haue put to our~ sealles wryton~ at wolluernehampton~ on~
Fryday next aftur the Fest of the Natiuite of our~ lady . the yere of our~ souerayne lord the kyng~ henr~ the sext aftur the conquest . xxv .