<County: Staffordshire>
<Code: L1142>
<MS reference: Göttingen University Library, Cod. MS Jurid. 822/1/7>
<Text: Attestation>

Knowen be hyt to alle men that for als meche as on John~ Roope of Chestreshype Gentylman pretendyth to have a ryght tytle and
astate by John~ Meuerell Squyer~ of the Maner~ of Stapeley in the sayde Counte of Chestr~ wherefore we wyllyam leueson~ Squyer~
James leueson~ Squyer~ wyllyam Saltford Gentylman~ Nicholas leueson~ Gentylman~ Robert lyne Prest Thom~ Pym Prest
Reynold Tolle Nicholas vndurhull John~ Fyssher~ John~ Newport wyllyam Cook John~ Clerk John Skryven wyllyam Tayllour henr~
Graseley and wyllyam lorett say expressely to our~ knowlache as the sayde John~ Meuerell in his laste dayes sayde and atte alle
dayes sayde in his lyve that he neuer enfeffed relesed ny seled no maner of wrytyng to the sayde John~ Rope of the Maner of Sta
peley save an endentur~ by the whyche he toke hyt terme for he sayde he was neuer holde to hym al yf they cosyns for his lyuelod
of Stapeley was sore destryed wasted and sore aneyntysed by the menes of the sayde John~ Rope and his euell wylle . Jn-to
wyttnes of this our~ recorde testimonial we haue put to our~ Seales . wryte atte woluernehampton~ the Fryday next aftur~
the Natiuite of our~ lady The yer~ of our~ Souerayne lorde the kyng henr~ the vj aftur~ the conquest xxv . ; .