<County: Surrey>
<Code: L5800>
<MS reference: Oxford, Bodleian Library, Lyell 34>
<Text: Prose Brut>

<fol. 5v><line 10>Whanne þis myschaunce was befalle þe
peple of þe land were ful of sorow and
driven Brut out of þe land and he wente fro
þenne3 in-to grece ¶ and þere he fond vij m. l men~ And
þat were of þe lynage and kynrede of Troye þat
were come of gret blood and were vnder þe thral
dom and bondage of kyng Pandrase of Grece
for þe deth of Achille3 þat was betraid and y
slayn at Troie ¶ Þis Brut was a wonder fair
man and a strong and a worthi and whanne
kyng Pandrase herde telle of his worthynesse
he made him duelle with him . and was with
him wonder prive and welbeloued ¶ And so on a
tyme thay of Troie complayned to Brut of the
bondage and thraldom þat þay were ynne &
so excitid and stirid Brut þat he of þair dis
tresse hadde gret pite and sorow and þorough
<fol. 6r>his wisdom and manhood assemblid all þe peple of
Troie and faught with þe kyng Pandrase and
him discomfited and took and put him in-to prison~
and thanne it was ordeyned and acorded among
thaym þat Brut sholde wedde Jnnogen kyng
Pandrases dou3ter and his heir and so he dede
and hadde with hir meny shippis stuffid with
vitaill and with moche tresour of gold and sil
ver ¶ Þanne sailled he fro thenne3 and cam þe
iijde . day in-to an yle callid loegece and þerynne
he fond an old cite all iwasted and desert and ney
ther man womman~ ne child ne othir creature
duellyng þerynne ¶ And in þe myddil of þat
Cite he fond an old temple and þerynne was
a goddesse callid Diane and to her Brut made
his sacrifi3e . for she was wont to yeue ansuer
of what thyng þat eny man~ praide her-of
and nameli vnto þaym þat her honourid with
sacrifi3e . þanne wente Brut to þat ymage
and þus to her he saide ¶ Diane noble goddesse
lady þat all þyng hast in thy myght and
in thi power wyndis watris wodis feldis
and alle thyngis of þe worlde and alle maner
bestis that þerynne be to you .J . make my pray
er þat ye me counsel and telle where and in
what place J shall haue a couenable duellyng
<fol. 6v>for me and for my peple and there J shall make in
honour of you a wel fair temple wherynne ye
shal euermore be honourid ¶ whanne he hadde
thus maad his praier Diane ansuerde in~ þis
manere ¶ Brut quod she go euene forth thi way
ouer þe se westward toward Fraunce and þere
thou shalt fynde an yle þat is callid Albion and
þat yle is compassed all aboute with þe se and
no+man may come þerynne but be watir and it
is desert saue a fewe geauntes and þat lond is
ordeyned for the and thi peple How Coryne
mette with Brut and becam his man and how
kyng Goffar was discomfitid

Whanne Brut hadde herd þis ansuer of
Diane þe goddesse he saillid forth . xx.
daies and more . and beside a coste of þe se as
he sailled he fond . CCC . men of þe lynage and
kynrede of Troie and þair souereyn and maister
was callid Coryne ¶ and þis Coryne becam Bru
tis man and to him dede feaute and homage &
þanne þay sailled forth fro thenney til þay
cam in-to Gascoigne and þere thay arryued
in þe hauene of liegers and þere abood viij .
daie3 ¶ Thanne cam tidyngis to kyng Goffar
þat was lord of þat lond how þat moche peple
of a straunge nacion were arryued in his
<fol. 7r>lond withoute his leve in þe hauene of liegers
Wherfore þe kyng was wonder wroth and ordey
ned a power to drive þaym out but kyng Goffar
was discomfitid and he and all his peple fledde
in-to Fraunce to seche help and socour ¶ And þat
tyme regned in Fraunce xij kynge3 wherof xj as
semblid a gret power to fi3te with kyng Goffar
ayens Brut and goffar~ duelde in Fraunce half A
yeer and more and in þe mene-tyme Brut destroide
al þe lond of gascoyne. ¶ Þo cam kyng Goffar fro
Fraunce and xj kynge3 with him and broughte
xx ml . men and faught with Brut but Brutt
þorough help of his cosyn Turyne and of Coryne
hadde þe victory and in þis bataille Turyn Brutes
cosyn was slayn and was enterid in a Castell þt
now is callid Towris in Turyne þe whiche Brut
leet make þere aftirward as Omere þe grete clerc
berith witnesse how Brut londid at Totneys in
Deueneshire in þe yle of Albion and of þe wrast
lyng betuene Coryne and gogmagog

BBut aftir þis sailled fro thenne3 and þe
v . day aftir he arryued in þe hauene of
Totneys in þe yle of Albioun and þere he fonde
neither man womman ne childe but only ge
auntis and þay duellid in hilles and in Caves
¶ Whanne Brut saw þe lond fair to his ple
<fol. 7v>saunce he was glad and assemblid vpon a day al his
peple to make a solem sacrifi3e and a gret feste
in honour and reuerence of Diane þe goddesse
¶ And as thay were at mete þer cam yn sodenly
vpon thaym xxx geaunte3 and kilde xxx of
Brutis men but Brut and his mayne slovven
thaym alle saue on that was Maister of thaymm
þat me callid gogmagog þat was lenger and
strenger thanne eny of þe othir geauntis and
Brut kepte hym alive for he wolde se him wrastle
with Coryne for Coryne was of more lengthe
and strengthe thenne eny of Brutis men ¶ Co
ryne and gogmagog wrastlid togedir~ so longe
til þe geaunt brak ij. ribbis in Coryne3 side
¶ Þo was Coryne sore aggreued and took þe ge
aunt in his arme3 and cast him doun vpon A
Rok so þat he brak all in-to pece3 wherfore the
place is callid yit in-to this day þe sawt of
gogmagog ¶ Thanne yaf Brut all þat cuntre
vnto Coryne and he callid it Cornewaille after
his name and his men~ he callid Cornewaille3
and so it is callid in-to þis day hovv Brut ma
de london~ and callid this lond Britayne and of
his . iij . sones and of his deth

Aftir this Brut made þe Cite of london~
and callid it newe troie in mynde and
<fol. 8r>Remembraunce of olde troie . fro whenne3 his lynage
was y-come and callid þis lond Britayne and his
men britons . and he gat on his wif Jnnogen . iij .
sones ¶ þe firste was callid locryne . ¶ þe secunde
Albanact ¶ and . þe iij . Camber And whanne
Brut sholde die he yaf to his firste sone locryne
al þe lond of Britayne þe whiche he callid
loegers ¶ To his secunde sone albanact he yaff
þe cuntre þat novv is callid Scotland þe whi
che he callid albanie aftir his name ¶ To his
iijde sone Camber he yaf þe cuntre of walis and
þat he callid Cambria ¶ and whanne Brutt
hadde regned . xx . yeer he deide and was buried
at Newe troie ¶ Not longe aftir hit be-fill þt
þe kyng of huneland callid humber arryued
with a gret power in Albanye and wolde haue
conquerid þe land and warrid vp-on Albanact
and him kilde in bataille ¶ Whanne Albanact
was slayn þe peple of þe land fledde to loryne+his
brothir þat was kyng of Britayne for help and
socour and anon locryne and his brothir Camber
assemblid þair peple and mette with kyng hum
ber beside a River and droof hym in-to þe water
and þerynne he was drounde aftir whom the
said River is callid humber in-to this day becavse
þat þe kyng humber was therynne y-dround
<fol. 8v>Whanne þis was ydo Looryne wente to serche
kyng humbers shippe3 and in thaym he fond
of gold and siluer grt plente and a fair damy
sel þat was kyng humbers doughter~ þat was
callid Estrilde ¶ And whanne locryne saw her
so fair he wolde haue weddid hir but he durste
not for Coryne for he hadde maad feith and pro
mys to wedde Coryne3 dou3tir~ and so he dede þat
was callid Guendolene nathele3 he held prive
ly Estrilde to his paramour and gat on her A
dou3tir callid habrenn ¶ Sone aftir Coryne deide
and anon as he was ded locryne forsook guendo
lene Coryne3 doughtir and weddid Estrild and
made her quene ¶ Þo was guendolene wonder
wroth and ordeyned a gret power out of Corne
waille to be vengid on hir husbond locryne and
faught with him and him kilde in bataille þe
v. yr of his regne ¶ Þanne guendolene leet
take Estrilde and habren her dou3tir~ and bond
handes and ft and cast thaym in-to a River and
þerynne þay were y-drounde wherfore guendo
lene commaunded þat þe River sholde be callid ha

aftir Estrildis dou3tir for as+moche as her
husbond locryne hadde gote her~ þe whiche Ri
ver is now callid Severne but þe walssh men
calle yt habren in-to this day ¶ aftir þis guendolene
<fol. 9r>regned xv yeer ¶ and whanne Maddan hir sone þat
locryne hadde gote on hir was xxti yeer of age . she leet
croune him kyng and held her-self content with
Cornewaille all her lif-tyme of kyng Maddan
and of Memprice and Mawlyn his sones

WHanne Maddan hadde regned . xx . yeer~ in
pee3 he deide and was buried at new troie
¶ And he hadde . ij. sone3 wherof on was callid Mem
price and þat oþir Mawlyn and thise . ij . brethe
ryn aftir þair fader deth striven for þe lond for Mem
price because he was elder wolde haue had all þe
lond but Mawlyn wolde not suffre him and so þay
took a day of trete and of acorde ¶ And at þat day
price leet sle his brothir þorou3 tresoun and þanne
he held all þe land and regned and becam a cursid
man and a wickid and so lecherous þat he forsook
his wiff and vsid þe synne of sodomye ¶ Wher
fore sone aftirward god took of him vengeaunce
¶ For on a day as he wente in a wode on huntyng
he loste alle his men~ and wente alone vp . and
doun cryyng aftir þaymm and þere cam wolvis
and him deuourid whanne he hadde regned xxiiij
yr Of kyng Ebrane þat was Memprice sone
how he conquerid Fraunce and gat xx sones and
xxiij. dou3tri3

Ebrane regned aftir his fa
der Memprice . lxx . yeer a strong man~
<fol. 9v>and a myghty and he conquerid al Fraunce and gat
þere so+moche gold and siluer þat whanne he cam
hoom agayn in-to þis land he made an noble Cite
and callid it Ebrac aftir his name þat now is
callid york ¶ and he made also þe toun of Edyn
burgh ¶ Þis kyng Ebrac hadde . xx sone3 and
xxiij . doughtris goten on dyuers wommen
¶ Þe sone3 were callid þus as ye shall here
¶ Brut Greuesheld . Margand . Seisill . Morgh
with . Flengham . Bladud . Jakyn . Kymbar . Ro
celyn . Spadogh . Godeherll . Thorumay . Eldaugh .
Jorkanhut . haibor . ketynn . Rother . kayer and as
sarath . And þe doughtris were callid . in þis
wise ¶ Elgyne Jnnogen . Oghdas . Guenbran
Guardiche . Augurel . Guenthold Tannustell
Gorthon Michel Medhann . Maylour . Ondour~
Cambredaun . Ragann . Ruthely . Neest . Phen
hem . Skadud . Gladis . herberyn . Abalaghe &
Blandann . ¶ Þise were þe name3 of þe xxiij
doughtris . and þe bretheryn becam gode kny3tes
and worthi in dyuers cuntree3
Brut grenesheld þe firste sone of Ebranc
regned aftir his fader . xxx . yeer and
wel and nobly gouerned þe land and þan
ne he deide and was buried at york
Aftir Brut grenesheld regned his sone
<fol. 10r>Leill . xij yeer and he made þe toun of Caerleyl and
callid it so aftir his name and þanne he deide and
was buried at Caerleyll
RVthundibras regned aftir leill his fader
and he made þe cite of Cauntirbury and þe
cite of wynchestre and he regned xiij yeer and
lith at Wynchestre
Bladud regned aftir ruthudibras his fader
and þis Bladud was a gret nygromancer
and he made þe toun of Bathe and made þerynne
þe hote Bath and he regned xxj yeer and deide
and lith at newe troie Of kyng leyr and off
þe ansuer of his . iij . doughtris

Leyr regned aftir his fader Bladud and
þis leyr made þe toun of leycestre and he
hadde iij doughtris ¶ þe firste was callid gono
rille ¶ Þe secunde Regan ¶ Þe . iij. Cordeille and
þis Cordeille was fairest and best of condicions
¶ Þe kyng þair fader becam an old man and
wolde marie his doughtris er he deide. but first
he thou3te to assaie which of þaym loued him
best for she sholde be best maried ¶ and he axed
of his firste dou3tir how moche she loued hym
and she ansuerd and saide bettir thanne her owen
lif certis saide her fader þat is a gret loue ¶ Þo
axed he of þe secunde doughtir how moche she
<fol. 10v>loued hym and she saide passyng alle othir creatu
ris . J . may no+more axe saide her fader ¶ þanne ax
ed he of his iijde doughtir~ how moche she loued
him . Certis fader saide she my sustris haue glosid
you with flateryng worde3 . but J loue you as mo
che as me oweth to loue my fader and for þe cer
taynte of loue as+moche as ye be worth so+moche
shal ye be beloued ¶ Þe kyng her fader was wroth
with her and saide she sholde nevir haue good of
hym but his othir dou3tris he maried worthily
on-to þe kyng of Scotland and anothir to þe erll
of Cornewaille and aftir þair fader deth thay
sholde departe þe Reme betuene thaym ¶ Cordeill
þe yongest Doughter hadde no part of þe land
but for her beaute and gode condicions she was
maried to þe kyng of Fraunce how kyng leyr
was drive out of his lond and how cordeylle his
yongest doughter helpt hym in his nede &c~

Thus it befill aftirward þat þe ij . eldiste .
doughtris wolde not abide til leyr þair~
fader were ded but warrid on him while3 he
livid and took from hym hoolly þe Reme and
ordeyned þat on of thaym sholde haue kyng
leyr to soiourne all his lif-tyme with xl kny3tes
and thair squyers . and so þe kyng of scotland
hadde him to soiourne in þe same wise and
<fol. 11r>er half yr were y-past his dou3tir was so wery of
him þat her husbonde and she made kyng leyr voi
de half his seruauntes ¶ Thanne made he moche
sorou and wente in-to Cornewaille to Regan his
othir thoughtir and þere he duelde with . xxxti
kny3tis and squiers . and er . xij . monethis wer~
past thay compellid him to put away alle his
men save . v. ¶ Þo retourned leyr with moche
sorou vnto his firste Doughtir and she saide he
sholde but on knyght haue yf he wolde abide
þere ¶ Þanne began leyr . to wepe and with
gret lamentacioun as a+man despeirid he wente
in-to Fraunce to his yongest dou3tir and tolde
hir in-to what mysery and wrecchidnesse he was
falle and how her sustris hadde him serued
and þere he was receyued aftir his astat and
worship ¶ And withynne short tyme þe kyng
of Fraunce her husbonde ordeyned a gret power
and cam in-to þis land restorid leyr vnto his
kyngdom and dignite and leir livid aftirward
iij. yr and thanne he deide and was buried at
leycestre how Morgan and Cunedage that
were Cordeille3 sustris sones warrid vpon hir
and put hir in-to prisoun

Whanne leyr was ded . Cordeille his dou3ter
held þe land . v . yeer and in þe menetyme
<fol. 11v>deide her lord þe kyng of Fraunce ¶ An thanne cam
Morgann and Cunedage that were Cordeilles sustri3
sone3 and hadde scornn and indignacion for+to be suget
and obedient to a wommann and warrid on hir and
took hir and put hir in-to prisoun and þerynne she
deide for sorou and thanne Morgan and Cuneda
ge departid þe lond betuene thaymm and held it . xij .
yeer ¶ And whanne xij . yeer were y-past þer+be
gan betuene thaym a grt debaat so þat ech of
thaym warrid vpon othir for Morgan wolde ha
ue had all þe lond and brou3t an ost ayens his broþer
but he was slayn and thanne regned Cunedage
xxxiij . yeer . and deide and lith at newe Troye of
Reynold that was Cunedages sone

Reynold þe sone of Cunedage regned aftir
his fader a wise knyght and an hardy &
welbeloued ¶ And in his tyme it raynde blood
iij daie3 and iij nyghtis and sone aftir cam gret
deth of peple and þis Reynold regned . xxij yer~
and deide and lith at york of Gorbodian and of
his ij . sones

Aftir this Reynold regned
Gorbodian his sone pesibly . xv . yeer and
thanne he deide and lith at york / And this gorbodian
hadde ij sone3 þat on was callid Ferreux . and þat
othir Porreux and thay warrid togedir for þe
land for Ferreux wolde had all þe lond but his .
<fol. 12r>brothir wolde not suffre him ¶ This Ferreux hadde
a fel herte and thoughte thorough treson to sle his
brothir but whanne his brothir it perceyued he
wente priveli in-to Fraunce and there abood with
þe kyng . and sone aftir he cam agayn with . an
ost of peple and faught with his brothir . but
he was first slayn as it happid ¶ Whanne þair
moder wiste þat Porreux was ded she made mo
che sorow for she loued him best and thoughte
to be vengid . and cam priveli with her maidens
be ny3te to her sone Ferreux as he slepte and þere
she kilde him and kutte his body in-to smale pe
cys how . iiij . kyngis regned pesibly in Britayne
Whanne thise ij . bretheryn were ded in this
wise withoute heiris þer was greet de
baat and warre among þe peple who sholde .