<County: Surrey>
<Code: L5820>
<MS reference: Oxford, Bodleian Library, Rawlinson Poet. 14>
<Text: Partonope of Blois>

<fol. 8r><ill><1 word></ill> þis noyse & þis cryinge
<ill><1 word></ill> his meyne he armede hym faste
And to þe yate he hyede in haste
When he to þe barres come
His stede freshly þer he nome
He wende to haue hade issue fre
But of his purpose let was he
The kynge of france let was he
The kynge of fraunce at þt reyse
And partonope þe erle of bloysse
And þer wt all þe kynges oste
Partonope hade þer at his coste
Fyve þousonde armede well
jn armore bright made of stell
That shet þe barres anone right
That þe hethyn hade no myght
Out of þe castell forþer to goo
There yede strokes manye þo
The frenche wt þe hethyn dede fight
Till vppon fill dyrke nyght
That none of hem myght oþer se
The kynge comondyth his men let be
All þis skyrmyshe & all þis stryfe
And toke þe wey to pountyfe
The hethyn take sernogoure
Her kynge & streight to þe toure
For it was nyght þey hym lede
All þey counsell hym & rede
To kepe þe castell in safe garde
To pountyfe is rede þe kynge
And partonope bothe lusty & yonge
jn þis jorney hathe grete name
That þorwe fraunce þey proclame
His grete manhode & his worthynes
There-of þey spoke bothe more & lesse
For he helde soyche oppyn housolde
That welcome was þt come wolde
Grete gyftes gafe he & ofte
<fol. 8v>Of clothis of golde velwet softe
And þer-to lovely eke was he
Not only to lordes but to all degre
That euery man of hym hade joye
They lekenede hym to ectore of troye
Thus is he spokyn of jn fraunce
That of his wyte & his gouernaunce
Come neuer soyche jn þt contre
The pepill desyrethe hym gretly to se
And drewe to hym fro euery syde
Knyght squyre will not abyde
And all þt come he dyde wt-holde
To plese hem all he dothe his myght
His worchipe to saue & þe right
Of fraunce & his lege lorde
From many partes of þe worde
Moche pepill come to hymwarde
Bothe be þousonde & by honderde
Of france was he a stronge poste
Day be day encreseth his oste
Ore þen a+month was all paste
Chevalry to hem drewe faste
That þer were nomberde jn þe felde
An honderde wt spere & shelde
The rerewarde of kynge sernogour~
Ys nowe come <rbd><1 word></rbd> where-jn þe flour~
Ys herberwyde of chevallrye
Wher~-fore anone he made do crye
That þey shulde all armede be
The nexte day þt he myght se
What pepill he hade jn þe felde
Wheche were nomberde of spere & shelde
An . c . þousonde wt-out arblastes
Wt-out gildenes & archeres
Where-of þe nombir þey couthe not tell
Sernogour~ þe kynge þt was fell
When all þis pepill he dyde se
The kynge of france manassede he
And seyde proudly j will not faill
<fol. 9r>To holde þe felde & gyf bataill
Partonope be spyes heryth all þis
And to hem sodenly come is
Moche pepill of loryn & of fryslonde
Wtout letter or~ ony sonde
The perres þe aungoyoyes þe gascoynes
The frenche þe almaynes þe bruttons
Moche pepill þer come of pavy
And also out of lombardy
Be-twene þis kynges samfaill
Ys set þe day of þer bataill
Wyth ordenance wtout nay
Shulde holde vpon þe thursday
Whiche jn olde tyme not for to lye
The day of bataill to sygnefye
The kynge of fraunce comondyth be wryte
And bysshoppus & clergye truly byte
To goo on pressession for~ his chevalrye
To do his comondement faste þey hye
At charse shall nowe þis bataill be
He þt hathe þe worse moste nedes fle
This heigh kynge sernogoure
Wt þe worthy ser agysoure
Vnder þe shawe of appill trees
Here counsell helde wt all degres
Of þer lordes & of þer knyghthode
An honderde knyghtes þt of manhode
Were highly accountyde þey hade þer
That couthe well dele wt shelde & spere
Kynge sernogoure hem faste behelde
Lordynges he seyde to-morwe þe felde
We moste holde & gyfe bataill
To þe frenche þis f may not faill
Ye be all bothe ware & wyse
Let iche man~ sey his avyse
To set our bataill jn ordenaunce
And se who shall haue þe gouernaunce
Of our wynges & oure archerye
<fol. 9v>Firste spake kynge loemers wordes hye
Of norwey he h was lorde & kynge
The Norweyes are at his bydyd bydynge
Sir he seyde it may not faill
To-morwe we shall haue bataill
And wt goddes grace þe victorye
Of þe frenche but hir chevalrye
Encreseth faste & also j sey
Moche pepill to him gynnyth to obey
The frenche are jn þer owne toure contre
And wt hem is on partonope
That to seke þe worlde ngh & ferre
A worthyer~ is not prevyde no-where
Of all þe frenche j vnderstonde
He is þe beste j dar~ vnderfonge
All þis pepill ayenste hym vs come
They ben more strenger þen þey were wone
They haue more better þe degre
Afore þis þe kynge hath made grete profre
Two honderde to fell of oure coffere
Wt golde & syluer & grete Rychesse
Of mvlis of spayne a þousonde no lesse
A þousonde hors & xxti lyouns
And a+þousonde gosshawkes and faucouns
And oþer þt be of oure counsaill
Shulde also be rewardyde well
Wt coppus of syluer & golde fyne
Vppon þis condicion þt we willyne
jn-to oure contre faste retorne
And jn france no lenger sojorne
And yet þis ye haue mowe
j counsell you for~ your~ crowne nowe
Ye stryfe no more let hym it haue
This is my rede so god me save
When he hade seyde stell he satte
A ryght grete while ore ony mate
Out wolde shewe ore more declare
Then~ kynge baburris wolde not spare
To tell his wyte & his avyse
He was Right symly & also wyse
And kynge he was of glytlonde
<fol. 10r>Many A jorney he toke on honde
Sir he seyde my broþer loemeres
jn armes is bothe myghty & fers
And well hathe seyde toychynge your~ warre
But well ye wot we come fro ferre
The crowne of his londe for~ to haue
More þer-for so god me saue
Youre oste to-morwe redy be
jn þe felde & þer may ye see
That þey be set jn ordenaunce
What euer sall hape ore chaunce
For we are ferre out of oure contre
Amonge our~ enemys þis knowe ye
Beter were vs manly to dye
Then jn tretyse truste þer courtesye
His wyte hathe seyde kynge fabrus
Then answerde kynge markenes
Kynge he is & lorde of orkenye
j will not spare qd he to sey
My full reson & myn avyse
Kynge loemeres is manly & wyse
His counsell may vs meche availl
Ye knowe we haue moche travaill
And ferre out of oure contre
The frenche jn castell restede be
And beter are lernede of þe warre
Then we þt come so ferre
And euery day þey wex more stronge
They haue þe right & we þe wronge
To esschewe fightynge ore soych dysstres
j counsell we take þt Rychesse
And leue hem þer contre & no mor~ warre
Sethe we may not hem conquerr~
Nowe is þis kynge holde right wyse
He hight sursyn kynge of surre londe
Many a vyage hathe take on honde
Seynge kynge markenes hathe well seyde
Safe of o+thynge j holde me payde
For~ þough myne+heyeres be wex whyte
<fol. 10v>j will truly yet me aquyte
jn þis maner for ye seyde o+thynge
That wysly hathe loemeres þe kynge
Of þt wysdom can j no skill
Yonge men adayes nowe iche well
Take vppon~ hem to yeve counsell
And sey þt men~ wt whyte heres
Dothe & wot not what þey mene
But in þe ende it will be sene
And so to yonge þe olde are lothe
j wot neuer howe þis counsell gothe
When þe kynge was jn his contre
jn pese & well at eyse was he
Ye couthe not suffer hym abyde þere
He moste gon out algate to conquere
And nowe ye counsell hym to gon
And say he shall haue grete wone
Of hors of golde & of ryches
The kynge of france myght none oþer do þen
For he hade no pour~ of men~
Nowe his alyance & all his kyne
Wt grete poure to hym come bene
They be strenger of knyghthode þen we
For all his joye & comfort is partonope
Nowe he will not make soyche proferes
j trowe he will not on of his cofferes
Oppyn to gyffe vs of his goode
Me thynke he were þen worse þen wode
Of my reson j will make fyne
But good wysdome seyde kynge fabryne
He seyde we were jn þe wronge
There-for be reson þe lesse stronge
<fol. 11r>Yet shall ye make oppyn his coffere
Better is to worke þe charme
Then to leue & haue more harme
Thus playnly marras coinsellyth eche dell
Hereto þe hethyn acorde Right well
Safe kynge fabrus & kynge sursyne
Thorwe his counsell & his engyne
When sernogour~ herde þis counsell
Of marras þe justyse it was not well
Plesynge to hym ne to his entente
Yet for þe tyme he dyde consente
<fol. 11v>To marras counsell for~ his corage
To lorde knyght yeman ne page
He nolde dyscouer wt-out lesse
He seyde serten he wolde haue pesse
Wt all france & make a+fyne
Of his ware & þen þe wyne
He askyth & drynketh wt hem anone
He comondyth his lordes ichon~
On~ þe morwe þt þey ne faill
Hem to array to gyfe bataill
Vnto þe frenche on þe playne
Afore charse what euer we seyne
And þt oure batailles in good array
Be set jn ordenance jn goo you praye
Then be we redy wt þem to fight
Yef nede be & þen good nyght
He bade his counsell euerychone
For he wolde to his reste gon
He yede to bede to haue his reste
But yet to slepe lytill hym lyste
For~ when he was on bede alone
Allas he seyde what may j done
j am shamede þis is no lese
And all þorwe counsell of marras
And of his false cowardye
He hathe made all my meyne
Wt-drawe þer hertes & lothe to fight
Thus lyth þe kynge all þis nyght
Waltrynge & makynge moche mone
My worchipe for~-euer is gon
He seyde & nowe j wot right well
j haue hade harme þorwe his counsell
There-after to worke j haue ben glade
Of a Ryght poure man j hym made
My chefe justyce & eke an erle
But sethe of a churle j turnede þe name
jn-to an erle no wonder þough shame
jn þe ende be my rewarde
<fol. 12r>Sethe he is soyche a false cowarde
Provyde & also a traytur~ fell
Fro þis day furthe of my counsell
Shall he neuer be ne of þt esstate
No man haue wonder þough my men me hate
For what þt heuer he wolde me haue do
Though it were do it shulde be so
j sufferde hem myne men to presone
And of a+trewe man to make a+felonde
That he+dyde me þought it lawe
There-for men seyth an olde sawe
He to whom a+man dothe truste
Euer-more may defende hym beste
The bonde kenrede he made fre
And set hem all jn hye degre
Gafe hym castelles & cettes
And made chef of my prevetes
Wt no gentill men toke he no hede
But all to make my jentilles so mate
And so wery þey be of þer lyfe
That þey be euer jn care & stryfe
Firste þey louyde me as þer kynge
Nowe þey hate me aboue all thynge
j may se well be þer chere
Though þey kepe it jn preve manere
For be þey payde well of þer wage
For~ to fight haue þey no corage
They loue more to syte jn pese
Than myne honour~ þt hath marras
Made wt his highmes & wt his pryde
God yef me grace oo day to abyde
To saue my worchipe & þis vyage
j shall quyte hem all hir wage
That all my knyghthode þer-wt shall plese
And all þer hertes sette jn eyse
Nowe lyth he still & seyth no mor~
jn his herte he is wonder sor~
He sighede & sorwyde full tenderly
<fol. 12v>Allas he seyde howe may j
Beste jn þis case my honour saue
Wt me is þer noþer knyght ne knave
That jn my quarell lyste to fight
They sey playnly j haue no right
This wordes to me full harde
For & j fight not a+veryer~ cowarde
This frenche for~-euer will me holde
j hade leuer a þousonde-folde
For~ to dye þen be shamyde
For~ þough j sey it j haue be namyde
The worthyeste þt nowe is on lyve
And he anone þer-wt as blyve
Sent after a clerke of his counsell
That he louyde & trustede well
My frende he seyde haste þou not herde
Howe marris wt myne oste ferde
And howe falsly he hathe me be-trayede
And all my pour~ myghtly dysmayde
Sir seyde þis clerke you not dyssplese
Of þt j shall sey it is no lese
All þe worlde so god me saue
Grete mervell hathe þt þus a+knawe
That was þe sone of an erle chirle
ye haue enhancede & made an erle
For~ þis is sothe wt-out nay
He lovyde you neuer þe oure of on day
Though he to you be deboneur~
He wayth to haue tyme & leyser~
His maister to do som dysspyte
His kendenes so will he quyte
Thus hathe marras quyte hym to you
And j shall truly tell you howe
He dothe your~ knyghthode vnderstonde
Hit is youre will þey voyde þe londe
Wt þe frenche þey will not bataill
And þt jn you manhode dothe faill
Loo sir what love jn hym j fynde
When he purposeth to do false thynge
Soyche frendes were goode to leue behynde
<fol. 13r>This is þe wordes þus will þe kynge
All þe faute he putteth jn you
That hathe he playnle provyde nowe
Thus he hathe you be-trayede
Wt his wordes he hathe dyssmayde
All your~ knyghthode & your~ oste
And be his doynge is all youre coste
Loste as tochynge þis vyage
For euery knawe & euery page
Sparyth not to speke & seyth þt ye
Dare not do but right as he
Will you counsell & forþer-more
They seyn þt ye haue here be-fore
Seyde þis londe ye wolde conquere
And cowardly nowe will ende your warre
To hem grete harme & you shame
His will is to put you jn blame
And wt þt worde þe clerke gan wepe
So tenderly he couthe not lettee
Of a+grete while till þt þe kynge
Bade hym be pese for~ of o+thynge
He hym be-þought & right þo
My frende he seyde þou shall goo
On my erende to þe kynge
Of fraunce & sey my pleseynge
Wheþer nowe yef þt he wolde
That ij knyghtes fight shulde
For~ our~ right jn þis bataill
For~ well j wot j myght not faill
And iche of vs brynge our~ oste
Many a good knyght þer shall be loste
Wher~-fore my will wer~ fully þis
That he wolde ordeyne a knygh of his
Be he jentill-man~ oon or~ oþere
And my-selfe will be þter
Yef j be slayne jn þt fight
Ther~ is noþer kynge squyr~ ne knyght
<fol. 13v>jn my oste but þt þey shull do
To hym omage or~ þen j goo
On þis condicion þt þey haue leue
This londe to passe wt-out greue
And vnder his condyte þt þey be
Till þey be passede all þis contre
And j shall make hem swere also
Heþer to sende my son to do
Homage to hym jn þe same degre
And also yef it happe me
To sle his champyon wt my honde
That he shall holde all his londe
Of me by omage and by seruyse
As j myselfe will devyse
Myn owne mene to hym to do
The same to me he moste do also
Go wryte a+leter of þis mater
And to þe kynge faste it bere
Sir seyde þe clerke j shall goo wryte
All the mater & it endyte
And to þe kynge of france it bere
A god mercy in grete fere
May stonde your~ pepill and namly
Tho þt be lordes of þe gre truly
That soyche a+bataill on you will take
Youre manly hert all þis doth make
And wt þt worde þe clerke dyde turne
And went his wey for lenger sojorne
Wt þe kynge wolde þen not he
Sethe it myght no better be
He wrote þis letter & went his wey
He come to pountyfe be þe day
Was dawyde þt he myght see
All aboute & streight yede he
To þe kynge and faste dyde call
The porter let þe bryge downe fall
He askede anone what he myght be
The clerke seyde a+mesengere he
That nedes moste speke wt þe kynge
<fol. 14r>For~ letteris of credence j hym brynge
The porter let hym jn anone
To-geder jn-to þe hall þey gon
Ther~ þey fonde þe kynges stewarde
A+knyght he semyde & no cowarde
To hym anone seyde þe porter
Sir come is a+mesyngere
And seyth he moste for~ ony+thynge
Speke wt our~ lorde þe kynge
The stewarde seyde he was welcome
And be þe honde he hathe hym nome
And to þe chambir~ dore hym lede
Then was þe kynge jn his bede
jn-to þe chambir~ þe stewarde yede
The mesengere no+fo[r]þer he lede
Gode morwe he seyde to þe kynge
Sir j hope Right good tydynge
And ye will ryse ye shall here
For her~ is come a+mesenger~
Fro oon of þe hethyn kynges
Letteris he hathe wt newe tydynges
j hope to god þt þey be goode
Ser seyde þe kynge be þe rode
They be welcome what-euer þey be