<County: Westmorland>
<Code: L1147>
<MS reference: Carlisle, Cumbria Record Office, DLons/L5/1/3/82>
<Text: Award>

This Jndentur made at 3hanwyth the fourth day of May in the yher of the Reygn~ of kyng Edward the iiijth afti[r] the
conquest of yngland xvij wytnes yt wher certen~ wariance and dyscord of lang tym~e has beyn~ mevyd & had
be-twyx Thomas of Sandfourd of askom~ squeheur his brether frendis tenandes and seruant apon~ the ton~ partye &
John~ of Salkeld of Golber squeher late desseset his brether his sonnes frendes tenand and seruant appon~ the todyr
parte for the whilke wariance and al other mevet be-twyx the parteis a-for-sayde fro the begynnyg of the ward to ye
Daye of this present wrytyng exceptyng for a plase Jn mesande<?> that standes jn variance betwyx the sayde Thomas
of Sandfourd and anne the wyfe of the sayd John~ of Salkeld and howe of Salkeld hyr son~ for the ryght and
the clame of the whylke plase the parteis a-for-sayd er bowndyn~ to a-byd the ordenance dome and award of
ser launslot Threlkeld knyght the sayd parteys hase fundyn~ suffisant surte by ther seueral obligaciouns of C li@ to
abyd the ordinance Dome & awarde of vs ser launslot Threlkeld knyght Recherd hoton~ of lynton~ <?>ufs and
willam of loncaster of Emotbryghe
Jentylmen~ qwerapon~ we the sayd ser launslot Richard & willam has cald
a-for vs bothe the sayd parteis and wel consavyd & onderstand ther complantis answars & excusacouns the whylk
by vs wel consayvyd herd and onderstand ordanys demys and awardes Jn the furme that after folowis that
is to saye that yt parteis afforsayd and ilkon~ of tham~ be trow and fule frendes for al maters of grewans An@
a-for the date her-of also we award the sayd Thomas of Sandfurd clerly to be dischargyd of al maner of
paymentes beˆ [for] to hym~ awardit to paye afor the dayte of this present wrytyg<g written over n~ or the other way around> to the sayd John~ of Salkeld or
to any of his frendes tenandes or seruantes Also we award the sayd Thomas of Sandfourd to content & satifye
apon~ <hole in document> awn~ proper coste as it plese hym~ al his frendis tenand & seruant or oder hym~ belongyng for any
hurt or hurttes as wel dede of men~ mayns or other Don vnto theym~ be the sayde John~ of Salkeld or
any other of his parte for his makis Also we award Anne the wyfe of the sayd John~ of Salkeld his
Brether his sonnes his tenandes and seruantes to content and satisfye of ther awne proper coste as it plese
them~ al ther frendes tenandes and seruantes or odyr them~ belongyng for any hurte or hurtys don to them
as wel mens dede manys or oder by the sayd Thomas of Sandfourd and his parte for his matter and
for so mekyl we onderstand diuerse & gret hurtys Done vnto the sayd Thomas of Sandfurd and to his parte by
the sayd John~ of Salkeld of Golber & his parte the whylke was neuer as yet corectit ne amendit by the
sayd John~ ne ne-n+other on~ his parte ne hym~ belongyng . ther-for we orden~ deym~ and awarde
anne his wyfe his Brether his sonnes his tenand and seruantes to paye or make to be payt vnto
the sayd Thomas of Sandfourd or to his assyngies<?> x li@ of lawful monay of yngland that is to
saye at our~ lady day ye assumpcoun next commyng+after the date her-of v marke and at ye gret tewsday nex folowyng
+ v marke and at the Assumpcoun of our~ lady then~ nexte folowyng v marke in full contentacon@ and
satisfaccon@ of al hurtes and grewance done a-for Gevyn~ vnder our selys day & yere abown~-sayd