<County: Worcestershire>
<Code: L7600>
<MS reference: London, BL Harley 4733>
<Text: Burgh's Cato, Titus and Vespasian>

<Tranche 1>

<fol. 13r>3if thu aspye and se a forfeture
a theff a shrew of gret mysgovernaunce
Trust well sum tyme þat þer shall com a our~
Whan for his dede he shall suffer penannce
Cursed dede asketh wreche & . vengeaunce
they3 wykkednes for tyme be kepte secre
3it at the last will hit deskeueryd be
Though that sum tyme natur~ hath ben~ vnkynde
And 3eue a man to be of small statur~
3it my child remembre & haue in mynde
þat þu neuer despyse þat creatur~
For god may sende hym fortune & good vre
And ofte they ben with good conceyle allyed
To whom that natur~ hath gret strengh denyed
Whan the happeth travers or haue a-do
wyth hym thu knowyst not egall to thy myght
Thyn vtterest power~ shew not such on to
lest þat efte sone he haue the in lyke plyght
For hit is sene in tornement & in fyght
Fortune changeth ofte with-yn an hour~
And he is scomfyte þat 3er~ was victour~
<fol. 13v>Off brondes smale buth made these fyres grete
Withdraw the brondes the fyr~ shall dystres
a-3ene the know the eyr~ loke thu not bete
With wordys fele for worde disturbyth pees
the mann is wyse þat can~ of wordys sees
For this is soth as god 3af the ˆ [thy] lyff
Wordys smale bredeth full muchell stryff
Dele not with sorcery ne with syrquydrye
Jn goddys hande ys all thy sorte & fate
be not a-boute to kalke thy destenye
3if thu mysvrous or fortunate
let god a-lone in hym is all thyn astate
And that hym lyst of the to purpose
With-outen~ the can he full well dyspose
be warr~ of Envye with heor~ tecchys fell
with-Jn thyn hert loke þat sheo not rest
For hit is onn of the peynes of hell
whan sheo soiornethe in a mannys brest
than brenneth fenyx ry3t in his own~ nest
And though she may non~ other man~ myscheve
3it Ethna cesyth not heor~-self to greve
<fol. 14r>Enforce thyn herte with manly sufferance
Though þat wrang Jugement a-3eynys the procede
be not a-basshyd in worde ne contynance
For ofte the oppressur~ fals may rule & lede
The lawe but trust me well with-oute drede
long to reioysen acchewyth hit natte
Which my menys vntrew his goodys gatte
Wrath of old þat shuld be out of mynde
be not a-boute to make efte on~ lyve
but the Envyous hath ay the tecche of kynde
Suche malyce my child loke þu not revyve
For such yr~ of old maketh a new stryve
And who þat remembreth old enmyte
A wykked man my child for-soth is he
Thy-self all-so loke þat þu not preyse
Ne despyse but let other men~ a-lon~
All-wey after prudence thy wordys peyse
For thyn a-vaunte honour~ shalt thu gete non~
but haue a mokke as fast as thu art gon~
A man to preyse hym-self as seyth the scole
or dispreyse muche is token~ of a fole
<fol. 14v>When hit is tyme of cost & gret expence
be warr~ of wast & spende ay by mesure
Who that to kepe or spende no dyfference
Maketh his goodys may not long endur~
The old saw seyth mesure is tresure
For in short tyme the good may slyppe a-way
þat was geten~ in many a sundry day
hit is not wysdom~ all-way to be sage
but summ tyme to seme nyce & feyn~ foly
Who that hath thys fete shall fynde a-vauntage
Whan tyme & thyng desyreth that aspye
& than dissimule this is polycye
Sum tyme to ben~ vnwyse in apparence
A-mong the wyse is clepyd full hye prudence
The felthy flesch in mevyng bestyall
þat fy3teth ay a-3eyns the soule with-Jn~
be force of heor~ Entysement sensuall
Eschew my child & kepe the from heor~ gynne
that acte & grace ben sett full ferr~ at twynne
And flee of auaryce the wykked fame
These too hit beth that causeth euyll name
<fol. 15r>Beleve not in euery wyghtys sawe
for som reporte thyngys all other wyse
Than hit was don or any man~ hit saw
And sum haue hit of custom~ And of gyse
to fede folke with flateryng & lyse
3eue lytell trust ther-fore to suche spekyng
For mony folke speketh many thyng
3if thu surfete in drynke for-3ete not that
A-vyse the efte thu com not in that snar~
With-draw þyn hond fede not thy throte so fatt
Drynk þat suffyceth the And ellys spar~
to muche drynk maketh men~ of wytt full bar~
And 3it the wyn~ ther~-of is not to blame
But þat the drynker maketh hym-self lame
To thy trusty frende þat is secre
shew thy conseyle tyll hym thyn hert be wrye
a trusty frende is cheste of pryvyte
but hit is hard such frendys to aspye
Try out on~ a-mong a companye
And of thy bodye be-take thu the cur~
to such a leche as ys trusty And sur~
<fol. 15v>With-yn thy-self a-greue the nat to sore
Though thyng amysse sum tyme the mys be-tyde
Dismay the not in besy wyse ther~-fore
thyn auentur~ nedys thu muste a-byde
Fortune may not all-way be on thy syde
With harmes to greve in a-wayte lyth she
To reven men Welth & prosperite
Jn thy-seluen~ compas a-boute by-fore
thyng to perceyve þat after~ shall be-fall
hit noyth not ner~ grevyth half so sore
that is for sayne As other thynges shall
Sethen chanses deseseth most of all
hit hurtheth lasse & ys in better plyght
Wher~-of a man can haue a-for-syght
When diuerse thynges trauerse thyn~ entente
And thu art wrappyd in aduersite
Weyte for wanhope þu be not shente
lete not despeyr~ thy wytt be-reven~ the
A-byde the tyme that the shall better be
hope is she that shall make the aseth
hope leuyth not a man~ þau3 ma~ leue þe breth
<fol. 16r>Whan men profer hit is tyme to resceyue
Take thyngys whylys they ben~ in seson~
They profer now þat efte wyll 3iftys weyve
plente now will after-ward be geson~
Take in tyme for so comaundeth reson~
The balled hed whylom~ full of herys
Now is bar~ with-outen~ rasour~ or sherys
Prouyde thy-self and haue delyuerance
be lykkely coniectur~ what may be-tyde
Aduertyse my child in thy remembrance
a-fore a-boute on euery syde
Folow þat god & let hym be thy gyde
that hath all thyng in hys govern~ement
Futur~ & past & that þat is present
hit is teeth of a devowryng hounde
To resceyue superflue And don~ excesse
Tyll hys resceyte a-geyn~ from hym rebounde
Content þy natur~ And fle gredynes
Foule lustys ay kepe vnder and repres
Fede not thy lyst with all þat sheo wyll crave
3if that in helth the lyst thy body save
<fol. 16v>Whan a multitude hath 3eue a decre
Or concluded aught a-3eyns thyn~ entent
travers not 3it a-3eyn~ the comynte
For 3if thu do þu shalt lyghtely be shente
dyspyse not a-lone the peplys Jugemente
Jn a-ventur~ thu plese not of hem~ on~
Whylys thu wylt Jmpugne hem~ Euerchon~
Take good hede vn-to thyn own~ astate
to rewle thy body well with good dyete
but loke with tyme thu be not at debate
though through thyn own~ mysrewle & ssurfete
Sekenes or sorow haue 3eue the an~ hete
The tyme ys good And no dysmale ther~ ys
but men hit make for þat þey don a-mys
Drede no dremes so seyth deutronomye
though þey be caused of complexion~
Or ellys of eny nysed fantesye
oft of a superflue replecion~
For dremes beth but fals illusion~
When~ men~ ben wakyn~g they desyr~ & thynke
Vp-on þat thynk they dremen~ whan they wynke
<fol. 17r>Loo<?> what wyght þat byst for to rede
Jn thys my dytee sumwhat shall he fynde
Wher~ with his sowle he may foster & fede
With vertu And hit fro vice vnbynde
Com ner~ my child & haue in mynde
Such doctrine to ber~ a-way & ler~
As to thy lyff shall be leff & der~
The soule resembleth a new pleyn~ table
In which as 3it apperyth no pycture
The philosopher~ seyth with-out fable
So is the soule but a dedly fygur~
Tyl tyme she be reclimed with the lur~
Of doctrine And so gete heor~ a good habyte
to ben experte Jn kunyng And parfyte
Emprente my techyng in thy soule stedfaste
And full profytable thu shalt hit fynde
For-sake hit not ne from thyn hert hit caste
Fo 3if that þu exclude out off thy mynde
this lesson thu art full bareyn~ & blynde
From vertu And ther~-of a-wyte not me
Seth the defaute my son~ ys than in the
<fol. 17v>3if thu lyve iustely kepynge the vpry3t
Neuer declynyng for mede or favour~
than stondest thu in full holsu~ plyght
Thaugh men~ malygne with wordys of rygour~
3if thu lyve thus thy good lyff is thy tour~
We may not let the pepull gawr~ & crye
but do well 3if they 3if they sey mysse þey lye
yf thu be clepyd the soth to testyfye
Ay savynge thy wurshippe And honeste
thy frendes trespas Ay be a-boute to wrye
Wher~-as no shame may ther-of grow to the
thys requireth ay frendlynesse parde
Jn wele & wo be trew benyuolence
by-twyx folke is frendeshippe in existence
Make besy wach & kepe thy soule all-gate
be-hold a-bowte a-spye the couerte treyne
Whan that fals fauell knokke at the gate
he meneth gyle though out-warde feyr~ he feyne
he cann enoynte softely þynn erys tweyn~
With oyle of plesaunce in full good foison~
But vnder that kepe the from hys poyson~

<Tranche 2>

<fol. 53r>And out of Syn clene that 3e 3ew kepe
For the dome shall come with gret yre
As a thef that stelyth or as a wyld fyr~
And all they shull to Joy wende
That truly hem kepyth in-to the ende
And ther~-for~ by tokenus þat ben~ sen~ be-fore
Dredeth that that ys to com~ the more
For heven~ & erth shall passe bothe
but my wordys shull not passe for-sothe
And when thus was sayd then~ to þe town~ þey drowh
And ther~ he wrathyd sum of hem~ J-nowh
For in the tempull he by-gan~ to be-holde
how the Juwys they boughten~ & Solde
And wux wroth then full 3are
For they sold ther~ heor~ chaffare
As oxen & kyn~ & other store
with-yn the tempull with muche stor~
And gold & seluer ther~ they sold
to all men~ that byggen~ hit wold
And for vsery to make to make chaunce
to men~ that comen~ out of Fraunce
Netheles they solden~ non~ othyr thyng
but that shuld goo vn-to offeryng
As to pylgrymus sechyng that Cyte
that come thyder from dyvers contre
And Jhesuc thou3t hit was a grete dyspayr~
Jn holy church to make a fayr~
A chepyng place he seyd is nou3t to be thus
For an hows of prayer~ hit shuld ben~ J-wys
A pece of a rope þen sone he founde
With mony knottys hit toke hit in his hounde
<fol. 53v>He droff out all that ther~ stode
And they flowen for drede as þey wer~ wode
For hem thought his lokyng was as fyr~
& thus he seyd to hem with yr~
ye maketh of thys hous a thevys den~
That furst was ordeyned for cristen~ men~
And an hous of preyour~ dyght hit ys
And non other J woll þat hit be J-wys
And the bestys from hym by-gan~ to fle
And fellen a-down~ the bordys with the mone
And other thynges þat stodyn~ ther~ to syll
Ther~ durst þey byde no lengor~ to dwell
& ther~ full feyr~ he hem techyd
And seth well offten~ he hem prechyd
vn-tyll they token to hym~ envye
And speken his deth with felonye
And aftur that þey hym toke
& as we fynde wryten~ in boke
and fyfty kny3tys þen~ with Judas came~
With heor~ meynye when~ they hym name
& much for the cause þat he hem~ vchon~
Out of the tempull droff a-non~
Netheles when they hym toke
For his wordys So sore the quoke
That þey fellen~ all A-down~
as they had be all in a sown~
And then he raysed hem vp As the hende
for his passyon most be brou3t to the ende
As for to saven~ monkynde
As we Jn prophecyes hit J-fynde
And good men~ vnderstondeth now
J shall sikerly tellen hit to 3ew
<fol. 54r>Of the Juwys that deden~ Jhesuc to the ded
Throw febull consell & fals rede
They weren in so grett comberaunce
And also eke in so gret grevaunce
That of that he had be-foren~ hem hyght
Euer-mor~ they token~ hit full lyght
And Seth hit fell all in heor~ nekke
For by-cause þey wold not þer~-of rekke
And 3it fourty 3er~ he 3aff hem space
to loke where they wold seke grace
For And they wolden~ hem~ haue mendyd
On hem he nold not haue ben~ vengyd
And thre thynges then ther~ wer~ in ysraell
What þey wor~ J woll 3ew tell
As we in story rede & fynde
That be-fellen~ ther~ of the Juwys kynde
The furst was called pylgrimage
the seconde thraldam~ & servage
And dispercion~ the thryd was told
& that ys to-dreuyng~ of 3onge & old
Ans thus by-gane heor~ pylgrimage
when Jacob went went with his lynage
Jn-to Egypt for mykell nede
And lyved there long in gret drede
And when Jacob most no lengor ther~ lyven
hys kynd was out of that lond dryven~
Even throw the reed see as 3e han~ hard
For kyng pharao & his folk for ferd
and Moyses was heor~ ledar þan
Jn-to the londe of chanaan~
And in-to þat <gap> lond he hem hyght
<fol. 54v>Ther~ as he kepte hem well a-ply3t
And with Angelus mete he fed hem
And heor~ clothys laste euur with-outen~ wem~
And that fourty wyntur ther~ in that desert
And there he shewed hem myraclys a-pert
And 3it for all his curtasye
they gruy3ten~ a-3ene hym with foly
For they maden~ hem goddys of Metall
and honowred hem with gret reverens at all
And thus 3elden~ they Jhesuc for his goodnes
Full mykell & gret vnkyndens
And now wull J tell of heor~ seruage
þat euur shall last all the worldys Age
they shull neuur dwellen in twon~
with-outen~ truage or raunsom~
And in babyloyn~ furst this thraldam~
On heor~ forn~-faders furst hit cam~
For there they dwellyd fyfty 3er~
Or they must gon~ quyte & sker~
The fyftyth 3ere was all heor~ solas
that was for hem the 3er~ of grace
For they were then~ let out of preson~
And so is the 3er~ of oure gret pardon~
That is J-graunted at the court of rome
to all maner men~ of cristendom~
And dispersion~ was the thryd thyng~
Of Jewys kynd the dreuyng
And that by-fell all in thys cas
throw vaspasyan~ & tytus þat was
As Jhesu by-fore throw prophecye
J shall delyver hem for heor~ Envye
<fol. 55r>To ben vnder lordship And such honde
That they shull dwell J vnderstonde
With-outen scapyng out of preson~
For gold or Fer or any raunson~
ne they shull not quyte for mersy wende
hethen vn-to the worldys ende
For mesure nor mersy was non~ wt hem
& such shall ben~ on heor~ barnteem~
And also for they mary sone for-soke
that was ry3t eyr~ as seyth the boke
For mary come of that lynage
So that he shold ber~ the herytage
And of this case was spoken & founde
Or then hit by-fell a long stonde
And the nobull clerk mayster Josephus
A-mong the Juwys he seyd thus
The day woll com this town~ woll fall
And the Jewys ben~ confounded all
And this Cyte shall ben~ ouer-throw
And the hye palys shall ben~ full low
For Messyas shall send 3ew a-mong
Sorow & shame & werr~ stronge
From Rome shall com prynsys two
bothen the fader & the son~ all-so
that shull dystruy all that they fynde
this town~ with all the Juwys kynde
And this shall fall for heor~ cursyd werkys
Take they neuer so well heor~ merkys
For they slowen Jhesu crist J-wys
þat bothen goddys sone & maryes ys
And this ys ry3tful Jugement
<fol. 55v>But yf they com to A-mendement
And thylke princes shull her~ geten~ gret honour~
And that on~ shall of Rome ben~ Emperour~
And a-nother tyme thys wytnesse 3e
When that 3e her~-of doth see
And thus wrotte he Jn the Juwys boke
That they my3t hit all-wey loke
And aftur Jhesuc deth ther~ fellen~ wondyrs thykke
bothe feyr~ & foule goode & wykke
And sethen~ they slowen~ the 3ong seynt Jame
For þat he prechyd in cristus name
And Seven 3ere aftur that Jhesuc was dede
dyed Seynt Jamys all in that stede
For whos deth god was wroth all-so
For hem to a-mend he was sent too
With concell of prechyng bedys & of prechyng
All in token of the furst warnyng
To a-mende hem þat maden~ Jhesuc dye
And thus me thynketh was a gret curtasye
For hit was the hyest trespas
that euer in erth J-don~ was
ther~-fore hit ys not skylle rou3th to haue
Of hem þat nold not hem-selff saue
But euer maden~ murth Joy & game
tyll hem by-fell sorow & shame
Now Jhesuc þat is so full of my3t & of mercy
graunt þe synful grace to be war~ her~-by
And þus god send Jamys vn-to Jerusalem
as J seyd 3er for to prechen~ hem
3if they wold repent of heor~ syn~
That þey wer~ all a-combred yn~
<fol. 56r>And So he dede prechen all-wey
And Spared not the Soth to sey
And he wox so gret of renoun~
They made hym Byshop of the town~
But he was a man of gret penawnce
And dede his body full gret grevaunce
he wered neuer wollen~ ne lynyn~ cloth
ny ete bryd ne flesh ne fysch that goth
ner~ vsed bathyng nere washyng
bot a gown~ of herr~ to hys clothyng~
he knelyd so to god all-way
For the pepyll both ny3t & day
with his knes hard a-pon~ the bar~ ston~
þat þe hyde was hardende hem~ on~
That hit semyd his knes by-forn~
As Camels knes þat ben~ of horn~
And thus com hym of full hy charyte
3if they my3t euer the bettur have be
but wykked they weren~ ay & wykked than~
And that kydden~ they aftur on~ þat good man~
hit fell a-pon a 3estur-day
The Juwys weren~ gedered in gret a-ray
And Seyden~ thus to seynt Jame
All with 3ernest and with no game
Oute of this contre fayr~ & hende
Mykell pepull with the wull wende
For to heren of thy prechyng
And we bydden~ the speke no thyng
A-geynus our~ lawe with Jhesuc
3if thu wolt haue thonk of vs
For 3if þat pepull aftur thy sawe