<County: Lancashire>
<Code: L0442>
<MS reference: London, Public Record Office E40/5631>
<Text: Assignment>

This endentur~ made be-twene william Danyell of dersbury onn þe tonn side & John of stanley knyght onn þe tother side beres witnes þt
þe forsaid william has geue & grantet to þe forsaid Johnn þe ward & þe kepyng~ of all þe londes & tenement3 wt her appurtynaunce
þe quich wer~ sum tyme Nicholas þe Norres of halsnade þe quich londes & tenement3 he held in chefe of þe forsaid William in halsnade wt-Jn
þe parechn of prestecote And þe quich after þe dethe of þe said Nicholas be resoun of tender age of Thomas þe sonn of Thomas of Wetherby cosyn
& heyr~ to þe forsaid Nicholas þt is to wete sonn to Jonet suster to Nicholas fell to þe handes of þe forsaid . William to haue & to hold þe forsaid
ward & kepyng wt her appurtynaunce vn-to þe full age of þe forsaid Thomas wt þe mariage of þe forsaid Thomas wtouten <ill><2 words></ill>
or anny other wast makyng in londes & tenement3 and also þe forsaid Johnn schall pay 3erly to þe forsaid william hes heyres or hes assignes
deurant þe nownage of þe forsaid Thomas þe chefe rent of halsnade þt is to wete vj d ob~ at þe termes be-for~ this tymes vsuelis
and in case þt þe forsaid Thomas dey wt-Jn age þe forsaid William grauntes to þe forsaid Johnn & his heires þe ward & þe mariage
of his heir~ if anny be wt-Jn age & so fro heir~ to heir~ till one heir~ be at full elde And aur~ þt þe forsaid Johnn grauntes onn his partie
to pay for þe forsaid ward & mariage to þe forsaid william his heires his assectures or his Assignes x li of syluer þt is to wete
iiij marke in hond iiij marke at þe fest of 3ole next seuyng~ þe date . of these .iiij mark at þe fest of sayent Johnn þe Baptist then next
seuyng & xl s~ at þe fest of 3ole then next seuyng~ after þe effecte & þe purporte of sertayn obligaciouns or statute marchandes
oppoun thes endentures & payment3 made in þe quich þe forsaid Johnn & sufficiant frendes of his schuld be bounden fo þe said
payment3 & conandes trewly to be halden Jn witnes of queche thyng~ to thes conandes on bothe þe sides to be halden & parfourmet
þe said parties to þe parties of thes endentures haue set to her seall made in presens of herry norres knyght william off
Jrlond Henr~ Blundell Richard Trauers Johnn of Fasakyrley Richard of þe Crosse & other þe Thursday next after þe fest of
þe Natyuyte of Sayent Johnn þe Baptist þe 3er~ of þe regne of kyng henr~ þe fift after þe conquest þe xe & if so be þt þer be any thyng
to be amendet wtJn these endentures þt longes to trauthe or~ consienns hit for to be amendit be þe auyse & þe ordynaunce of
Johnn Sauage knyght be assent of bothe þe parties .