<County: Lincolnshire>
<Code: L0287>
<MS reference: London, BL Add. 34888>
<Text: Letter>

Right~ honorabull and my right~ wurshipfull Lord J recomaund me Vnto your gode lordship with all my seruice euermore desereng
to+here of your prosperite and welfare the which J pray god encres / and contynue to his plesur and after your ovne hertes desire .
thankyng you of the gode lordship þt ye haue shewid me at all tymes beseching you . alway of gode contynuance plesid
your gode lordship to be remembred . how afore this tyme hugh Wythom~ hath said he wold be in~ rest & peese wt me
& not to maligne agayn~ me . oþer-wise þan~ lawe and right wold / / that notwithstandyng vpon~ Munday last past he
and iij men . wt him come into a seruuant hous of myn~ in~ boston~ cald Willia~ Shirref and þer as he sete at his werke .
stroke him . vpon the hede & in~ the body with a dagger & wondet him . sore . & Pulled him out of his hous & set him
in~ preson~ wtout any cause resonabull or wtout writ or any oþer processe shewid vnto him & þt me semes longes not for him
to do bot as he sais he is endited . & as your gode lordship knawes well J and all my seruantes are in~ like wise bot & any
man shuld haue done hit it longes other to the shirreff or to your baliff as J conceyve . and oþer cause he had non .
to him as fer as J kan knawe . bot alonly for the malissiousnes / þt he hath Vnto me . ne J kan think non oþer bot
it is so and now . yistre nyght . my lord Welles come to boston~ wt iiijxx horses & ˆ [in~] þe mornyng foloyng toke hym out
of preson~ sayng afore all peple . fals thefe þu shall be hanget & as mony of thy maistre men as may be goten
as your seruant John~ Abbot kan report vnto your gode lordship & hath taken him away with him to Tatessall
what to do wt him J kan not say bot as J suppose to haue him to lincoln@ Castell Wherfore J besech your gode
lordship in~ þis mater to be my gode lord and at it please your gode lordship to write a+letter to the Kepere of the Castell
of lincoln~ þt it liked him to deliuer him out of preson~ Vndre a sufficient Seurety had for . him for and thai~ may
kepe him . still be þis meyne þai~ may take all the seruantes þt J haue . & so J may do agayn~ in~ like wise . And also .
as J am enfourmed wtout he be had out of preson in~ hast it will be right grevewis to him to heile of his hurt
he is so sore streken~ and if þer be any seruice þt þour gode lordship will comaund me to do . in~ any cuntre . plesid you
to send me word and it shal be done to my power wt the grace of god which haue you my right~ honorabull and
wurshipfull lord alway in~ his blessid Kopyng Writen~ at Kyme . Vpon~ wednesday next after our~ ladi~ day the
Assumpcion~ / <gap> Also plesie your gode lordship to wit after þis letter was made þer come a man fro Tatessall into .
my fenne which ogh me gode will . and be-cause he wold not be holden enspeit<?> he speke wt wemen which
were mylkand Kye . and bad þeme goo to a preest of myn~ to Dokdike . and bid him fast goo gif me warnyng
how þt my lord Wilughby my lord Cromwell and my lord welles Purposid þeme to set a sessions and hang
þe said Willia~ shirreff . & þai~ myght~ bryng þer entent abowte . & so . as J & your seruant John~ Abbot stode to-geder
þe prest come & gaf me warnyng herof Which J trist for my worship your gode lordship wold not shuld
happen for it were to me the grettest shame . þt myght falle . bot & it plese your gode lordship to write to
all your seruantes in~ þis sh cuntr~ . þat þai~ will be redy Vpon a day warnyng to come when J send þeme .
word J trist to god þai~ shal not hang him agayn~ the lawe . bot J wt help of your gode lorship shall
be abull to let hit
By your seruant
Willia~ Tailboys