<County: Northumberland>
<Code: L0338>
<MS reference: Durham, Prior's Kitchen, Dean and Chapter Muniments, Locellus V.49>
<Text: Letter>

Right wirchipfull & reuerent lord j recomawnd me to 3ow alse lawly as j am~ and ase 3owr awne seruand
beseking god of his grace yt he will thank 3ow yer<?> as j am notht worthy of all ye gud lordchip & kyndnes
yt 3e hafe chewit to me be-fore yis tyme besekand 3ow alway of gud contenwaunse right wirchipfull
lord lyk+it 3ow to wett yt j haf onderstand 3owr~ wirchipfwll lettire gyfyn~ to me be Thom~ of Rodford
on tyseday att ewyn~ late ye whilk makes mensyon~ yt 3e haf had mesage fra ser Robertt Wmfrawile and
writing onder ye sele of his Armmes efter ye tenowr~ of a cedule closit wt-in 3owr~ lettir~ ye whilk makis mension~
yt ye sayd ser Robartt Wmfrawill is asenttit to take of me and my frendes for ye dett of ser willam heron~
and willam heron~ cccc marc~ so yt suffesiand surte may be made yar~-fore slike as ye frendes of ye forsayd
willm~ will asent to right wirchipfull lord lik+it 3ow to wett yt J May notht be awistt wt-owtyn
comonyng of my frendes wt-in sa schortt tymme to sertefy 3ow ye full ententt of my hartt in ye forsayd
mater for ye sowme is so grett & in-portubill to me yt j may notht ber~ itt wt-owtyn~ supportasion~ of
my lordis & grett help of my frendis wharfore gife itt likit to 3owr~ lordchip & to ye sayd ser Robart
wmfrawill j wald comon~ wt my frendis & hafe yar~ awise as j yt mon haf help of yai~ & be at
3ow ˆ [my-selfe] att dorham~ ye <exp>the</exp><?> Friday ye . xii . day of aprill & yar~ sall j chew 3ow ye awyse of my frendis and
myne awne ententt wt ye grace of gode beseking 3ow of 3owr~ lordchip yt 3e wald gif faythefull
credense to my son~ Robert . Forster ye bringer~ of yis lettir~ of yt at he sall chew 3ow be mowthe
of my behalwe right wirchipfull lord ye blisitt trenyte hafe 3ow in his haly keping body & sawle
writtyn~ att etayle ye wednysday ye vj day of aprill
3owre awne seruand
John Maners