<County: Yorkshire North Riding>
<Code: L0331>
<MS reference: Northallerton, North Yorkshire County Record Office, ZAZ.Z>
<Text: Declaration>

Be it knawen till all maner of men yat we the abbot And ye Couent of saynte Agac3 berys witnes by this
present writyng . yt whare Thomas siggeswyk noyse vs yt we suld haue A tenement & land gyfenn by johnn of
Ellirtonn in walburn~ till our vse & our power~ . we answer~ playnely & sais yt nowthir~ we nor nane for vs had neuer
slike possessionn & slike tenement nor land gyfenn till vs . And yt we tak witnes & recorde to ye fefys yat is
to say Cristofyr~ Con3ers Sqwyer~ and to ye executures of ye othir~ fefys yat was feoffed with hym~ . And
if Any mann parauentur~ wald say yat we haue takenn Afor~ tymes Any profet of ye saide tenement or
land we graunte wele yt we tuke it by ye Assigment of ye feffes aforsaide for det yat ye sayde of johnn
Ellirtonn egth vs of ye whilk det party is awand 3hit till vs for als mykill as james Metcalf entred
As he saide for Ayre ; whare-fore we suppose vs behoues to sew hymm for the partye of ye det yt 3hit
is Awand till vs & vn~-payede to this tyme . Jnto witnes of whilk we haue set oure comon~ seall
to yis present scripture . Writenn at saynte Agace in ye feste of purificacionn of oure lady . ye 3ere of our lorde
a thovsand foure hundreth fourety & sex .