<County: Yorkshire North Riding>
<Code: L0350>
<MS reference: Northallerton, North Yorkshire County Record Office, ZFL 29>
<Text: Lease>

This endenture made ye xij . daye ofe Nouembre ye 3ere ofe kyng~ henry sexte ye . ix . be-twene John~ Salkoke one the ta partie ande Thomas lambton~ one ye todir~
partie bers+wytnesse . yat ye saide John Salkoke has grauntyde & be this present3 endenturs lettyne to ferme ye Manere ofe Salkoke wt alle ye Appurtenaunce one-to ye
sayde Thomas lambton~ . to haue & to halde to hime ˆ [his heyrs & his assigne] fra ye daye ofe makyng~ ofe this endenturs one-to ye terme ofe ˆ [ye] life ofe ye forsaide John@ Salkoke 3eldyng 3erely
be 3ere . viij . Marke ofe lele mone ofe Jngland on-to ye forsayde John@ at ye Festes ofe wytsondaye & ofe Martynmes be onele porcions . ye firste terme ˆ [ofe payement] begynnyg<?>
At ye Feste of wytsondaye ye quylke salle falle in ye 3ere ofe oure lorde a thousande foure hundreth & twa and thirty . Ande ife it befalle ye forsayde
rente to be behinde noght payede at any ofe ye Festes beforsayde . yat . thane it be laufulle on-to ye forsaide John@ in ye Manere beforsayde fore to distrene & ye distres
driue awey & wthalde on-to tyme ye saide John@ be payede & Agreide ofe his ferme so beynge behinde . Als so it is acordyde be-twene ye forsayde John@ & Thomas
yt ye saide Thomas salle paye in+partie ofe paiement ofe ye witsonday ferme . xxvi s viij d thre Monethes before ye Feste ofe wytsonday beforesayde & yei remaynant
at ye sayde feste of wytsonday . ˆ [Ande in defaute ofe paiement ofe xxvi s viij d in ye fourme beforesaide be it laufull . on-to ye saide John@ to entre]<caret placed under the p of paiement on previous line> & in like fourme salle he paye his ferme ofe ye terme of Martynmes & so 3erly enduryng ye life ofe ye sayde John@ Ande ye sayde
John@ salle haue fre entre & issu wt his catell & corne in ye Manere beforsaide on-to Michellmes nexto folowynge eftre ye dat~ ofe this endenturs Jn wytnessynge
ofe ye quylke thinge to this partie ofe ye Endenture towerde ye forsaide Thomas remeynynge ye forsaide John@ Salkoke has set to his seale . writyne the
daye & ye 3ere beforsaide .