<County: Yorkshire North Riding>
<Code: L1115>
<MS reference: Durham, Durham County Record Office, DSt/D1/2/12>
<Text: Declaration>

Be it knawn to All men yt this present writynge sees or~ heres ser John Eppilby Parson of the kirk of Saynte Rumald gretynge in hele in our
lord god wytte 3e yt ser Thomas Sovrale Prest and J was sesyd be attournay be the wyll of herr~ of heydlam som-tyme was lorde of
lortyngton of all the landes & tenn yt the sayd herr~ hade in the tovne of Staynton in the kerres besyde Bernard+castell to ye intente
to Fullfyll hys wyll For-soth yis was hys wyll yt it suld be sellyd & disposid for his saule & hys wyfes saule this writon@ Abovne
present willam wolbourfosse esquier~ ser rob~ Appilby Prest & other~ yt J tak it on my saule As J wyll Avnswar~ to-for god & be my presthed this
Abowne wretenn is trew & his laste wyll to the whilk J sett my sele wretenn At the kirk of Saynt Rumald in Tesdall the xxvij day
of Marce the 3er~ of kynge herr~ sexte xxvij